PSP Firmware 6.31 coming, to Patch Expliots? *Updated*


Update: PSP Firmware 6.31 has been released, and it looks like it patches doesn’t patch Half Byte Loader for 6.30 which is being ported…Half Byte Loader being ported to OFW 6.30!

Sony have just posted PSP Firmware 6.31 is pending. Nothing special is mentioned, no new features or rumored emulator support. Sony mentions only system software stability improvements. Which normally to me means they have patched an exploit or two…Hmmm maybe Mamosuke’s exploits?

Its due by the end on this month. So in a few days.

In addition to this PS3 update, the next PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v.6.31) will be coming as well. This is a minor update, and system software stability during use of some PSP format software titles has been improved.

Source: Playstation Blog

Download: PSP Firmware 6.31
(PSP Firmware 6.31 - 30.2 MiB - 15,122 Hits)

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  1. Gamble_STARS says:

    C’MON Sony, give us some GOOD updates, exactly why Nintendo just laughs at you all. Exactly why the PSP will be a puppet to the 3DS.

    • crisiscorex says:

      I have to agree with you on that one stars, the psp scene is dying im just devastated atm because of the PSP Go i bought. I managed to find someone selling it for 100$ so i was happy i was going to get it and install the patapon exploit and run some homebrew, but turned out the guy had updated to 6.20 F#$% KISS MY ARSE WITH THESE MEANINGLESS UPDATES SONY THE PATAPON EXPLOIT WASNT DAMAGING YOUR SALES!!!!! THATS WHY THE 3DS IS GOING TO PWN THE PSP AND MOST LIKELY YOUR OVERPRICED PSP2 (if their even is one in developement)

      • crisiscorex says:

        from 6.20 to 6.30*

      • xsKiitz says:

        I have to disagree on one point.. I believe the exploits ARE damaging their sales.
        Tbh, I probably would’ve bought a game or two if I couldn’t play Pokemon on my Go :)

    • Paulmax029223 says:

      no…… i did a but load of reserch and found a but load of stuff about the n3ds and turns out it is about even to the psp but theres a posibillity it might be bettter or even wors than its sopost to be…….. so all in all the psp wont be a puppet to the 3ds but might be better or wors than the n3ds so no one knows yet but i have to agree with you sonys updates suck my balls but ther game systems forever rest in gods busms =]

  2. hacker del dia says:

    trading a psp go or a psp 3000 for a psp 2000 the 3000 has 5.03 and the psp go has 6.10

    • skylinekid17 says:

      No PSP 3000’s been out with OFW 6.20. My cousin got a brand new 3000 about 4 months ago and he wanted pokemon and other gba games. I gave him my hacked 2000 till I see him again. I miss my PSP 2000 =( But I got my 1000 haha. So the 3000’s out there that are factory new come now with 6.20 and I was freaking pissed about that.

  3. hacker del dia says:

    i mean the psp go has 6.20

  4. Jtotheb1 says:

    Sony is really stupid if anything the HBL was making Psp sales better. the PSP is dieing out and Nintendo will be once again in the lead of the hand held bussiness

  5. noobhacker101 says:

    Amen to that……

  6. Gamble_STARS says:

    Im glad i have 2 CFW psp’s, probaly going to trade my psp 3000 in at gamestop, its ridiculous we pay money for a system that only gets full support from people like us who make nifty homebrew, and Sony is going to make a security update? C’Mon, now if it blocks hackers on FTB3 for a short time, then i’m happy, or can limit pirating for a short time too, than im happy as well. I’d love to have my PSN friends list on my XMB.

    • Fasih says:

      who knows, sony mite allow homebrews in this security patch :D

      to the hackers: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease release some ISO loader for ofw 6.20 (if there is any) now tht the fw is goin at 6.31 all will prolly get patched anyways

      • Rageman says:

        Do you people ever stop? Honestly, Fasih, you’re braindead. People are working on the loaders and progress is being made, but you’re the prime example of the cancer that’s killing the scene.
        You can’t just demand things to be handed to you… Dumb kid. What the hell happened to the PSP scene? We used to have thankful members of the scene who were happy to get anything! Lord..

  7. Gamble_STARS says:

    I hate ISO, unless you actually own the game its no problem. But pirating is the exact reason why we don’t see better quality games. game Devs aren’t going to invest money into the psp if they know they will lose it because of pirating. Be honest and buy them suckas.

  8. SuperstarX64 says:

    Just as I stated in other post… This is a cycle… I’m dying to see, when this update be released, who will be the next “scener” that’ll will pop out with an exploit that not even himself believe it to work… Posts a nonsense video on Youtube and then disappears until the following firmware update to says that his exploit has been patched…

    …This is exactly, just exactly the way Sony wants it to be…

  9. tn gamisame to 6.30 says:

    dont upset guys if SONY doesnt know the exploit how do you expect to patch it????????

    • Fasih says:

      coz it is SONY just like the hackers they can also have a dedicated team looking for exploits, and now that they know that such exploits exist, obviously they are looking for it, and they can find it too, so its just an assumption that SONY doesnt know yet…

      if they dont know then what can they be doing in the security patch? maybe its some other possible exploit that the hackers dont knw of either :P

  10. RivasJonathan775 says:

    I’m going to show you guy’s how to update and downgrade, but PSP-3000 can’t downgrade, next time I’ll prove it to you it doesn’t work, I’ll update ofw 6.31 on my PSP-3000 I don’t even care I’m stuck with that firmware I know it can’t downgrade I just need something on my PSN store :P

  11. Fasih says:

    u dont necessarily have to downgrade to play ISO
    if they find something like Chickhen on 5.03 u can very well stay on 6.20 and get ISOs
    but anyways, i already updated to 6.30 i dont think anybody can make any such thing for 6.20, if they could make any such thing, they wud have done so by now. so no point in missing the PSN demos

  12. tn gamisame to 6.30 says:

    is all the exploits on umds?????

    • hacker del dia says:

      well most of the times it will be found in demos very rare for umds or full games i guess but the demo is for sure

  13. thebigheaven says:

    watch half byte load on psp OFWW 5.51

    Please create a new CFW!!!! ;)

    • Rageman says:

      Good god you people are a horrible plague.
      HBL is USERMODE.
      Besides, even if there was a new CFW, all you’d do was pirate. Ungrateful little bastard.

  14. ronelpriela says:

    YOW!!!!!THEY JUST RELEASED THE 6.31 DONT UPDATE GUYS DONT UPDATE!!!!!6.30 WALOLO IS OUR HOPE!!they released it too early to block walolo`s exploit

  15. someone24680 says:


  16. hakimiz says:

    i hear nintendo laughing and yelling at Sony….

  17. Fasih says:

    haha, nice… a hack is patched even before it was releases…

    wat i hear is the sony team laughing and yelling at the hackers :p

  18. IIIBlood says:

    I have found a bug in the psp web browser (maybe an exploit?). My PSP fw is 6.20 and i don’t know if sony patched it (maybe not?).

    -its a .swf file
    -i can play it, but it freeze after a few seconds…

    i will upload a video to my youtube account:

  19. tn gamisame to 6.30 says:

    6.31 is out.the exploits are gonna be realised now or in the end of the augaust?????

  20. dimy93 says:

    it seems hlb on 6.30 still works:P

  21. psp attic says:

    what sony they all ways try to out do us

  22. crisiscorex says:

    just as long as it works on 6.30 im happy im just going to use media go to install my games

  23. javigo102 says:

    they just released it, this mornin i tried goin on the psn and the asked me to download the update

  24. crisiscorex says:

    actually they released it around 10:30 last night i was trying to acces the psn at the time and it prompted me for an update =\

    • javigo102 says:

      so how are we supposed to download the game of the psn if we dont have access to it

  25. crisiscorex says:

    use media go

  26. rocktherollercoaster says:

    what if you download it on your ps3 and then copy it to the psp?

  27. SuperstarX64 says:

    Nowadays, Sony doesn’t realease a firmware for nothing… maybe they found exploits before others do…

  28. crisiscorex says:

    man i cant wait to know what game it is i have some money on the side that im going to put in the bank tomorrow and set some aside to my psn acount. if the game is more than 9.99 im not getting it unless i really like that game, and going to play it from time to time but other than that nothing over 9.99 lol its not worth it xD what do ya think

    whats the most ya will spend to get the exploit?

    i wonder how long its going to take


  29. tn gamisame to 6.30 says:

    lol the exploit still works on 6.31 psp go users still got hopes

  30. crisiscorex says:

    so whats the most you guys will pay for the game?

  31. RivasJonathan775 says:

    Here’s my video of update and downgrade :P

    Update ofw 6.31

    Downgrade ofw 6.31 to cfw 5.00 M33-4 with download links :P
    of PSP-2000 and PSP-3000, PSP-3000 doesn’t work to downgrade :( to prove it

  32. RivasJonathan775 says:

    My PSP-3000 has ofw 6.31 :D I don’t care I can’t downgrade :P

  33. zack87 says:

    Hi all,

    this time i’m very needed your help.. at this time i’ve buy psp 3006 with has update to ofw 6.31 so that why i’m very sad.. coz i can’t downgrade this firmware and impossible for me to play games chickhen hack.

    maybe the master hacker here can giving hacking solution to our psp with ofw 6.31

    big thanks to helper
    ok i’m waiting feedback from you :)

    – thanks a’lot all –
    [email protected]