PSP Firmware 6.30 game exploit. Hello World 6.30



Seems not all exploits are patched up in PSP Firmware 6.30, Mamosuke has posted an apparent Hello World for 6.30. Its said to be based off a PSN game and run in game and exploited. Of course *if* the game is named the PSN download will be pulled, so its pretty much useless to us all. A demo exploit is whats really needed. Here’s the video proof.

No its not a fake…

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  1. desertflame says:

    wow…. good job um mamosuke

  2. timboy67678 says:

    well done mamasouke

  3. hacktester says:

    I just saw a lot of people saying its fake but whatever…If manosuke will release it,I’m sure HBL will use this exploit :) Too bad its pretty easy to patch an exploit like this…Its still intresting that the exploit is launching after the PSP logo…

  4. hacker del dia says:

    hope is true but im still going to be in 6.20 lol

  5. Wolfdawg says:

    Nice, but I bet Sony doesn’t care enough to patch a hello world
    that or this guy is really good, 6.20 hello world took so ******* long!

    • hacktester says:

      If it is a hello world,soon will be an homebrew loader.This is just how HBL started…I think Sony tried to patch as many exploits as they can at the same time,that’s why they holded so much the new FW.

      • Tyler says:

        Maybe the current HBL for 6.20 will work on 6.30 aswell. It will be perfect if it works on both.

      • hacktester says:

        That’s sure.It says that on wololo’s blog,so if only one exploit is released(RELESAED!Not descovered),HBL will move on 6.30 too,and it will work using two exploits.

  6. someone24680 says:


  7. samirpc says:

    We need something like the Papaton Demo that can be uploaded to the net to download so Sony can only patch the psn link but not the uploaded link.

  8. Tye says:

    Looks pretty legit. If only it were usable, at least if this title stays hidden for long enough 6.30 users might have some hope if they were dumb enough to upgrade and complain already lol grats Mamosuke KEEP THE TITLE TO YOURSELF…

  9. mapc_92 says:

    wow that was fast gr8 job mamosuke i’ll b waiting 4 more progress b4 i upgrade tho

  10. yukinaze says:

    nice job japanese boy….

  11. Tyler says:

    And the game of cat and mouse continues :P

  12. skylinekid17 says:

    This video seems very legit. I watched it a few times. Notice the white cloth he placed his PSP on. The ripples seemed to stay as is until he picked up his PSP. Well so good call not to reveal the name of the game because on youtube “anyone can view it” including Sony themselves. That was pretty fast though. Now I really want to learn programming. Starting off with Java for now. PSP’s are cool just about everything except on the road wifi =( But that makes hotspots even cooler =) Good Job with that. Pretty cool.

  13. alien783 says:

    guys i hav updated my psp to 6.3 can i use this

    • hacker del dia says:

      no one even knows if its real or not lol hope it is cuz if not ure screwd

  14. KloWn says:

    I agree keep the name to yourself manosuke… But we all know where this is gonna lead.. Someone will find out what the game is and like a dumbass they will tell their friends and their friends will tell their friends and so forth…. If people would learn when to keep their mouth’s shut there would be no need for the ‘ cat and mouse ” games .. just my opinion though ;) Excellent job though manosuke ;)


  15. Pendragoon says:

    Is it wrong that I fell out of my chair laughing when I read this topic?

    I mean it has been less than a week and 6.30 has already been cracked.

    • hacktester says:

      @ Pendragoon The question is: Did mamosuke alredy had an exploit which didn’t release,or is Sony that stupid?

      • someone says:

        It’s not about stupidity, software can always have bugs – unless it’s trivially small, or ridiculously expensive (I mean NASA-class expensive).

      • hacktester says:

        Yeah but this one was just too easy to find.The bugs are supposed to be hided.

      • Papison says:

        Sony never knew about this one.
        Coz at the info above sayz:”Seems not all exploits are patched up in PSP Firmware 6.30″
        this was hiden. Sony is not that stupid to release an update that still has an unpatched exploit.
        Sony would most likely to patch any exploit that has been named publicly.

  16. alien783 says:

    hacktester can i use this one for playin iso or cso
    how wil i know which frimware is suitable for me to play iso or cso or both

    • Cas9968 says:

      No, this is not used for playing isos, this is just a low level homebrew…Just be patient on cfw or cfwe, because it isnt coming for a while, so kindly quit asking about isos or csos for 6.30 or custom firmware 6.30.

  17. alien783 says:

    hacktester can i use this one for playin iso or cso
    how wil i know which frimware is suitable for me to play iso or cso or both
    i dont understand any of the things u guys r talking about i am trying to learn those terms

    • hacktester says:

      @ alien783 First of all,it does not say anything about any release date,so mamosuke could release it or not.Then this exploit may be user mode or kernel mode,but kernel exploits are really rare,so don’t hope so much.How will you know which exploit and firmware will be ok for you to play ISO/CSO?When an article with the title,,KERNEL EXPLOIT FOUNDED ON FIRMWARE X.YZ” will be on the news page.

      • alien783 says:

        Thanq dude
        i think will have to wait
        and i will not be able to play anything till its released
        its boring

      • Papison says:

        An exploit is a bug or a flaw a vulnerability in the system that enables us to inject any address codes that we intend to let the PSP act in a certain way (performing a different function than it normally does), like a modified savegame that loads an h.bin in the memorystick and displays “Hello World”

        A “Hen” also known as “Homebrew Enabler” capable of removing Sony’s Signature checks in launch applications and non official Sony games Known as Homebrew.
        Like ChickHEN R2 via Tiff Exploit.

        A CFW is a non official firmware made by Devs or Developers that does not have a Contract in SonyComputerEntertainment . CFW is based on a Official Firmware that has has been modified and added a few new modules or files that is capable of loading isos or backups and ripping psp games, changing CPU speed , loading unsigned codes and etc…

        CFWs are designed to enhance or open the PSP handheld device with it’s hidden capabilities.

        “The main Concern is PIRACY”

  18. pain_akeron says:

    nehhhh.. its fake… bullshit!

  19. Avishekh says:

    Great absolutely awesome….
    Well done mamosuke..
    Hope this will be out soon coz am fed up with my psp go having 6.3 installed in it….pffffff

  20. newneku says:

    looks real to me. anyway, even if it is a fake, we cant really do anything about it, not until we get a hold of it. good job on this one, thats pretty fast. 6.30 was just release for about a week ago.

  21. ggctuk says:

    SONY will probably find out what the game is and if they can’t fix the game they’ll probably end up releasing 6.40. Swings and roundabouts, really.

  22. Keyblade Spirit says:

    Wow! That was fast! It’s really funny how just when we thought there was no hope, we get some new exploit or something of that nature. What we need is some sort of code that only us hackers and hack-users can figure out.. That way we could talk about our exploits without anyone from Sony figuring us out. Unfortunately, that would require way too much work, but there’s got to be a way. Meh, I won’t worry about it just yet. If and when I figure it out, I’ll post it somewhere.

  23. Inuyasha9712 says:

    does any 1 know when the next patch is coming out or any new developments with hacking the psp go??

  24. Papison says:

    If it was a Demo, our hopes are high.
    This exploit still uses a buffer overflow like Lumines Exploit.
    Never the less chances are low.

    • Keyblade Spirit says:

      Wait, how do you know? Are you working on it or something?

      • Papison says:

        As soon as he starts the game he just left it alone and wait for it to exploit, similar to the Lumines Exploit “Buffer Overflow”

  25. francis says:

    just like in the 6.20 firmware. hello world hello bla bla full of exploits but still no cfw..

  26. innocentgee says:

    hi am prince and i jus bought my new psp go with FW 5.70 wht CFW is availabe for me?
    am feeling boring and even regreting on buying this psp because i dnt knw how to install games apps themes and other stuffs but according to your blog u said i can do it unless i have install CFW on it.
    pls can anyone give me a complete turtorials on all this things where to download the CFW and how to install it.
    any one with any answer can reply me via [email protected]

    • Wolfdawg says:

      anything over 5.50 is screwed, but not useless. Your options are HBL and maybe Koen’s loader
      HBL, most homebrew, gb, gba, nin 64, atari, nes, snes, ect… emulators

      Koen’s loader, A iso loader but does Nothing yet. The latest release is R4

  27. Wolfshound says:

    um is this Hello world finished or are they still working on it?

    • Keyblade Spirit says:

      If it wasn’t finished there wouldn’t be a Hello World in the first place.

  28. MrBean says:

    Without CFW, this is just Bull Shit !

  29. tsouk says:

    Right , all we have 4 now is some exploits n nothing else. If is true about a 6.20 CFW y not release it? What’s the problem. Sony has already moved to OFW 6.30 so there is nothing to worry about 6.20. If not is better to sell our PSPs n buy a refrigarator….:)

  30. innocentgee says:

    thanks everyone for your reply so how do i install the HBL and maybe Koen’s loader on my psp go????

  31. Peppa00Jack says:

    wow this is fake. watch it in full screen then look at the top of the hello world screen thingy. it says version 6.20. nice try

    • Keyblade Spirit says:

      How do you know they didn’t just use the same Hello World program from the 6.20 exploit? It’s only to show that there is an exploit for 6.30.

    • Papison says:

      It is true that is sayz 6.20 but it does not mean that the exploit does not work with 6.30. This exploit has not been released and named, the Hello World message is intended for 6.20 firmware not 6.30 but hey who would have thought that this exploit works and it hasn’t been patched. At the top says:”Seems not all exploits are patched up in PSP Firmware 6.30″
      You could have a 6.30 firmware but the Hello World sayz 1.50 exploit.
      The point is that the string “6.20” is just part of the Hello World and does not argue with the exploited firmware.

      • Papison says:

        comment on top is intended for Peppa00Jack just to clear things up.
        And you are right Keyblade Spirit.

  32. pureskull123 says:


    I want ISO loader had this piece of junk for over a year PSP 3000 with ofw 5.5 and still nothing.

    Im still stuck with a brick.

    • Keyblade Spirit says:

      Hey. You. Yeah, the idiot in the back row.

      Without a way to run homebrew there will never be an ISO loader. Are you really too stupid to see that you need a way to run the ISO loader before you can run the ISO loader? That’s what this is. So shut up and wait for this exploit and eventually Koen’s Loader to be released so you can surf the seven webs as Geekbeard the Pirate.

  33. Side Scoop says:

    Just so you all know, this exploit was using a FULL game that can be purcased on the PSN or at retail stores as a UMD. Sorry guys! :(

  34. Parma says:

    Hey .
    I have an psp 2000 with new motherboard and unfortunately i have installed a 6.3 firmware on it now i have a real need to the homebrew loader .
    If it has released please notify me …!
    Thanks …

  35. hacktester says:

    I was on holydays for a week.Now I’m back and all I see are the same stupid sentences and questions :| Really,really sad…
    @Parma If a nice exploit is released for FW 6.30,HBL will move to that exploit and it will work on 6.20 and 6.30 too,but until then you’ll have to wait.
    I remember doing the same mistake after updating from 5.03 MHU to 6.20 OFW.This is my PSP’s story xD

  36. Parma says:

    You know I had a 5.03 firmware with no problem and i hacked it with the chicken hen every day .
    i didn’t know that it won’t work on newer firmwares and one day i decided to update my firmware and ….
    excuse me because of my week english language .
    with a lot of thankssssssssss………………..

  37. Parma says:

    would you please help me to downgrade my psp to an earlier version ?

    • hacktester says:

      I would,but I cant.Only old 2000 models can be downgraded.I’m just a guy which know a bit more about PSP than the others,I’m not GOD to make miracles.

  38. Parma says:

    Do you have any news from mamosuke ?
    Doesn’t him released that ?

    • hacktester says:

      Nope….And I doubt it will ever release it.There’s a small chance to release it on FW 6.40…On 6.30,there’s no chance.
      You can calm down,anyway…If you will wait too much,you will see that the time will pass slower.I know this from my own experience.Unti I started to play homebrews with HBL,some mounths have passed since I had 5.03 M33-6,but I thought I waited for more than a year…I thought I waited for 14 mounths but I waited just for 6 xD

  39. noobhacker101 says:

    ImA goNNa cRY i got 3 psp 1001,3000 and om psp go…. so im stuck to play my home brew on 1000 and pspgo and my iso’s on 1000… it aint fun no more i want cfw 6.2 for my psp 1000 and some cfw for my psp 3000 and pspgo… ive been waiting long time….

    • hacktester says:

      Lol dont be a baby…You just won a CFW for PSP 1000 and its still not ok for you?Do you even know what a long time is?I dont think so.I waited a lot for CFW 5.03,just to use it for about 2 months and then I started waiting again until HBL showed up.I want to have all the Play Station consoles. So what? We’re in the middle of the summer,its not Christmas time when Santa bring us everything we want…(I dont really want all theese consoles,its just an example :P ).You should be also grateful for the homebrews on PSP Go and 3000.ISOs are the same boring PSP games for me,they have nothing special,you put them on the Memory stick just to delete them,but you can do everything you want with homebrews.You could even load plugins with a homebrew(yeah,but you can do that only until you exist the homebrew).You can use a bluetooth for PSP with homebrews if you want,you can transform your PSP into a joystick if you want.Everything…

  40. dragonkiller1121 says:

    fake well fake… i bet its just two psps