PSP Firmware 6.20 Released


PSP Firmware 6.20 is live, now available over the network update and also downloadable below. We now have a new comic reader built into the firmware and a new TV bar in the XMB.

Here’s the changelog, taken from the Playstation Blog:

  • Digital Comics ReaderPlayStation Network Digital Comics is a new service launching in December. It will allow you to download hundreds of classic and new comics from the PlayStation Store and read them page by page or frame by frame on your PSP system. Firmware update (v6.20) includes the Digital Comics reader application, which you’ll find under a new section called “Extras” on the XMB. Please note, the comic reader is an additional download; once you’ve loaded (v6.20) onto your system, simply click on the comic reader icon under “Extras” to download it to your PSP. In addition, you’ll be able to try out a free digital comic sample from the service soon. Visit for more information.
  • Export video/photo playlists – This is a new feature that allows you to export your video and photo playlists from your PC to your PSP system through Media Go. Download the latest version of Media Go (v1.3) for this and a few additional enhancements.

I’m going to check it out on my PSP-2000 TA-85 and then Pandora myself back to 5.50 GEN-D2. However I won’t be doing this on my PSP Go or if you have a PSP-3000 / TA-088v3. We don’t know if they have patched the FreePlay Save game Exploit or Team Typhoons HEN (If ever released!)

So hold off on updating for now, unless you can just flash back to CFW goodness later.

Download: PSP Firmware 6.20 (For NON PSP GO systems)
(PSP Firmware 6.20 (For NON PSP GO systems) - 27.6 MiB - 920,999 Hits)

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  • tanmaypa

    Wow good feature but cost is more

  • tanmaypa

    speed fast upload the ofw

    • tanmaypa

      fast fast

  • PSPFan

    Its up, using a mirror to begin with unfortunately since we have be using insane amounts of bandwitdh as of late. A highspeed direct server DL for registered users will be uploaded shortly.

    • Angelo

      Nice! :)

    • Foxhound1234

      Hey PSPFan, thanks for posting this. But…how would you downgrade back to OFW 6.00? or any firmware that is able to put CFW on? How to you pandora yourself back ? or flash back?

      • mad

        o well the method is simple preforming it and making needed materiel is the hard part first u need 2 modify a psp battery and a psp memory stick and put them in a bricked psp (psp with ofw or some times when puting cfw the psp freezes ) anyway put them in it should turn on auto maticly n it should have cfw on it.

  • Starfire

    I hope there should be a way to extract these comics and view it on CFW……i know i m evil !!!

  • Angelo

    Everyone wants dax to make 6.20 M33. So go ahead…

    • noidea

      Will you just shut up? Every time there is a new release, I see you make brainless posts. Sure I have 2 posts (?) but I sure do lurk a hell of a lot.
      None of the devs would ever want to make cfw other than fun, and after reading some thing like that, they might think, “oh, now thats not very fun”. You demanding something is like a cat trying to get a fish out of a closed fish tank..

      • darktech

        actually, it’s surprisingly easy to do that since my fish tank has a plastic lid, and my cat just lifts it and eats the goldfish i buy :(

  • liquorice

    I hope that these changes is enough (although its really a massive change update, i think) for Team m33 to release a new firmware for us.

    • S1GM4_EL1T3

      oh of course they will, Since team m33 has been doing nothing at all for a full year. Lets just all wait n prey to them while team GEN works very hard and gets No credit.

      • Born2Golf

        I’m impartial. I don’t care who does it M33 was great while they were active, and GEN had been doing a good job in the void. Either way I’m eager to see an update. I just found that I’m unable to access user created levels for littlebigplanet on PSN, even though I own the game. I’m on GEN-D2 and PSN doesn’t like me :-(

  • Volt7x

    Well, it’s only to be expected that everyone talks about a new CFW when a new OFW is released. :P

  • Omega

    well sony, you’ve just opened a door to the cfw world… more extra stuff means more chances for exploits yay :)

  • Doritoes

    Gen will come up with something good and it might even surpass the m33 team.

    • biglake413

      How do you know that?
      Back up your reason.

      • darktech

        well, some of us are still waiting for GEN to enable the new camera(GRRR),maybe that’s enough?

  • ronelpriela

    one mistake = one CFW

  • imdabom3695

    I used to use m33 cfw since thats what i’ve been using from beginning and lot of people said they ran into trouble when they switch from m33 to GEN or vice versa……but now I think that GEN is the ultimate winner as they are then ones actually providing good service to people……but some ungrateful people still brag on about m33 being better than GEN, whereas the truth is that its not…they are both equal and in more than one way GEN I think is better…….so I would like to say a BIG thank you to the GEN team for their hard work

  • Silver3ice

    eh, thiz update sux ta mii, not rlly all that gud……..but I du expect en update from Gen or m33…..well maybii thay might make en update……most likey from GEN thow….but m33…eh…not rlly…..thay havent made an update in ova in almost a year, su i hardly doubt thay make en update….Lazy Noobz……shoot, Gen hack tha psp 3K but not m33 did not…..i’m pretty sure GEN iz tha Big Dog now……m33 has just lost it drive 2 GEn…wat a shame…>.>…….>_>

    • Volt7x


    • ledbetterp3

      dont type like that, retard! go get fieinds

    • biglake413

      Now translate this into English.
      We don’t speak Retards.

      • Silver3ice

        um, thiz iz not retard…>_>…if u can’t read thiz, then u sux at textin with a fone… technatlly…ur tha retard……at least i’m duin someting with my life…..<_<

      • darktech

        seriously, you got on here with your phone? HOW PATHETIC CAN YOU GET?

    • ledbetterp3

      yea…. that is retard text, not text text…. o and umm, who texts like that? just u? ohhh…..

      btw, your typing, not textin

  • ledbetterp3

    Time for comic piracy lol…. no m jking but if they will make that into a cfw within half a year or less and then im not jking… matter of fact u should update then try the exploit on a 2k or 1k, then pandora back, not just check it iout

  • RivasJonathan775

    last night at Nov, 18 10pm, version 6.10 ofw PSP-3000 ( Silver ( Ratchet & Clank: size matters ) ), I check system update they have been released, and I update 6.20, it was pretty cool, and I update 6.20 on my friend’s PSP-2000 ( Red ( God Of War Chains Of Olympus ) ) my friend like it :)

    • biglake413


      Yet, I haven’t find anything “cool” with this update, since the comic service will be on Dec 2009.
      What do you find so “cool” from this update?

  • psp127

    is that real

    • bjshepp

      dont make stupid posts

  • krystoffer002

    manga reader would be better.. :D

  • vin

    this is retarded. i have been on cfw for weeks and i forgot that it can’t play homebrew. lol sony’s firmware is retarded.
    i have a question, i changed my battery into pandora through psp tool. it works when i needed it but if you dont press L, then it boots as normal… is this normal, i like that but…? is it a multi boot battery?

  • benny27

    hack it for psp 3000…
    im dsprate..
    anyway,u guys r doing a great job…

    • coin3223

      does that have ANYTHING to do with this? when its hacked it will be hacked until then SHUT UP ABOUT IT!!!

      • darktech

        it’s actually kind of sad, a whole section of psp users denied of being released from sony’s evil hands.

  • DeSilverware

    I honestly don’t give a shit about the Digital Comics “extra”. I am actually quite pissed that after upgrading my PSP unknowingly (yes, noob here) I come to find out that there is no way of dowgrading, nor any compatible CFW for my PSP3000 now that I have this damn 6.20. So far, 6.20 just added crap that I will never use. YIPPY!

  • jhedgreat

    any update for psp3001 fw 6.10? is it now hackable or not yet? can u help me to hack my psp3001 fw 6.10?…..

    • RivasJonathan775

      well it’s not hackable yet, but ur stuck ofw 6.10 forever :(

  • jamzl8

    how can i downgrade may psp 2000 slim version 6.20???it have a solution now???please help me…

    • RivasJonathan775

      Pandora Battery & Magic Memory Stick.

  • Creature

    OK so i just bought a hacked fat psp from a friend, i have 5.50 GRN-B (Full), i bought the new mgs peace walker and it wont play the UMD so can anyone help me return it to official firmware please? or tell me what custom firmware would let me play it? im psp hack retarded and know very little about it so any help would be much appreciated

  • eneru

    i hope there will be downgrade or hack for psp 3000 ofw 6.20 :| :'((

    • RivasJonathan775

      Sony says “Never :P” :(

  • dare_devilz94

    when i updated my psp to version 6.20,it doesnt read any games,wt should i do now???has any1 got a solution to this plz??

    • RivasJonathan775

      downgrade by Pandora Battery & Magic Memory Stick

  • dare_devilz94

    when i updated my psp to version 6.20,it doesnt read any games,wt should i do now???has any1 got a solution to this plz??plz reply

  • del


    • RivasJonathan775

      You can’t downgrade PSP-3000, I’ve try it with my Magic Memory Stick and Pandora Battery it doesn’t work, if your friend upgrade Version 6.30 or 6.31 your stuck with that Firmware forever, my PSP-3001 is stuck with the Firmware Version 6.31 forever but I don’t care :P I have PSP-2001

  • del


  • del


    • RivasJonathan775

      with Pandora Battery yes

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  • KevS

    I updated the PSP to version 6.20 and i can’t play nothin of the Mem stick, What should I do, should I risk downgrading it? and will I still be able to play by sony UMDs without having to download the cursed ver. 6.20?

    • RivasJonathan775

      why you update it? don’t you know it’s Official Firmware, you can’t get free games and stuff. Yes you can still playing UMD games “duh!!” If you want to play games on your Memory Stick, get Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick ( it can’t downgrade the PSP-3000 and PSP-Go )

  • Santumang

    is this ofw

  • asshole

    this site is a waste of time

  • Gacayan_safe

    i think no

  • Franzvangelbueno

    this site is bullshit

  • Kejart

    If anyone needs a good working PSP 6.60 firmware that will let you run homebrew, cso, iso, and emulators download it using this link –
    Works on PSP 2000, 3000 for sure, I havent tried it on a PSP 1000. If you have any luck with it on a PSP 1000 post and let everyone know

  • Nightwing49766

    I know my psp has 6.60 FW. I really want to play my PC games through it as a controller but I can’t seem to figure it out though.

  • Ravengahum

    I think this site was good, but we all need an extra procedure please give the additional proceduce how to apply your hint… GOD BLESS this site..

  • hghgsj


  • Mr. Spice

    Please do re upload. The link doesn’t work anymore. :|

  • Manu Sasuke

    damn it kids… link broken.. useless .. ./.