PSP Firmware 5.50 released

PSP Firmware 5.50 Released.

PSP Firmware 5.50 Released.

Sony has released PSP Firmware 5.50. You can update via your PSP’s network update feature or via our download link below. However users looking to take advantage of the TIFF exploit will want to hold off updating.

Key features introduced in PSP Firmware 5.50:

* XMB Information Board similar to the PS3’s
* Unregistered browsing on the PlayStation Store
* Create and access sub-folders for music, videos and photos
* Internet search for games directly from the XMB
* Free trial for two Trend Micro Internet security services

Download: PSP Firmware 5.50
(PSP Firmware 5.50 - unknown - 107,867 Hits)

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  1. lol says:

    I smell a ps2 emulator.

  2. Elemento says:

    wtf,? how random lol

  3. AAA says:

    Crap Features

  4. Bakasaji says:

    Sony is so annoying. Just let us hack the PSP3000, its gonna happen sooner or later anyway………..

  5. gurbz says:

    lol. This is pretty interesting. Considering that you might need 5.05ofw fw for the HEN. I wonder if it might get delayed because of this.

    Nevertheless, a good update, PSP was begging for sub folders for awhile. Looks like a ps3 system software port.

    As for the other features, they’re “meh” to me. More annoying than useful.

  6. gurbz says:

    On a side note, people on every forum I’m visiting, including the Playstation forums are reluctant to update. Most likely because they know of the consequences of updating now.

    Tough choice, because if it were me on my slim I would have just updated to check out the subfolders and downgraded back.

    Oh and a question for HEN, m33 used to connect to alek for statistics when you connect to the playstationstore, are you going to integrate a feature like that? I hope they give us a option for that because of privacy issues though I doubt they will even put that in.

  7. Almed22 says:

    very crappy feature, better not update :))

  8. JustA says:

    They just released this CRAPPP SHITTTT update sooner just to patch TIFF exploit.

  9. PSPFan says:

    PS2 emulator I don’t think so

  10. iam a psp says:

    the sub folders stuff is nice. and it took quite a while for sony to realize that (damn)

  11. Rayos says:

    i hope this update wont interrupt the exploit! i guess not but idk! ~_~

  12. Rayos says:

    YES! the exploit works great on 5.5 version ! nyahahaa!
    im excited for the finished exploit!

  13. KG6ZVP says:

    If I didn’t know about CFW, I would be REALLY, REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS UPDATE!!! Unfortunately for Sony, I’m not going to “upgrade” (huh, it’s more like downgrading losing the features I have with CFW) to check it out until the M33 release comes out.

  14. Finalstar says:

    When will the 5.05m33 be release?

  15. zero says:

    finally it out i was wonder when theyd get around to it cant wait for the cfw to come out

  16. Hummer says:

    Yea right lol the psp would never play ps2 games even if it has the power to do it. The game files are too big for most people (like over 4GB) PS:i know that you were probably just jokeing about that

  17. praful says:

    can it be used on psp1000 series

  18. Chuks says:

    I just upgraded to 5.5 and cant play my games from my memory stick, how do i downgrade??? can anyone help me pls…

  19. HAND says:

    man i have a deepred pspslim with the new mother board in it. the firmware is 4.01. can this be downgradable? or will the pandora battery will work?

  20. Bronxand says:

    I have a question, if i download this, will my psp still be hacked?
    haha sorry, im new to this.

  21. Rhino says:

    i tried to get onton PlayStation store from ma psp (still on 5.03)

    it sez i need to update ma psp to da latelset firmware


    WAT IF WE DONT WANT TO????? :@

  22. spawn says:

    does anyone know how to downgrade version 5.50 without pandora ? plzz help

  23. kass says:

    hey guyz,
    I got a pb with my psp slim, i updated it with the new 5.5 firmware release but now i cant make my copy game work. I always try to copy the game on the memory card into the ISO file but it still not working. How can I make it work, pleaz help me :-(

  24. marvin says:

    can i ask a question why the ver 5.50 doesnt play ISO and CSO format of game !! plss help me i want to play games in my psp

    • Ian says:

      No, they won’t go
      They work good in for example a 5.00 m33-3 (that’s the one i have)

  25. Annonymous says:

    link invalid