PSP Firmware 5.03 Released. Gripshift patch?


Official PSP Firmware 5.03 Released

Sony have released Official PSP Firmware 5.03,well we have no comments on exactly what this does. It seems there are no updates or added features other than to fix a security vulnerability found in the latest PSP system software revision? Hmmm that sounds like they have patched the Gripshift savegame exploit / hack for the PSP-3000. So if I was a PSP-3000 owner I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon and download this.

Its available over the network update on your PSP or the direct link from Sony below:

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  1. CH says:

    But there is a rumour datel blue lite tool puts in service mode slim and it works as normal battery on athree thousand
    so i dont know if to buy it

  2. Faham Afzal says:

    March 27, 2009 at 7:35 am

    i have a psp slim 2000 which was originally 3.71firmware
    i recently updated it to 5.03
    now how do i degrade it back to 3.71

    listen my friend…… 1st to dwn grade your psp you need a pandoras battery and a magic stick, if you want you can search on youtube and see how to make a ms and pb , but if you have ofw (original firmware) 5.03 you cant downgrade. be carefull and NEVER update it 5.03
    hope this help you

  3. Dark_Alex says:

    i appologize for the delay. we have found a way to hack the psp 3001 but it has wrecked 9 out of 10 psp’s so we are trying to modify it so that it is safe for people whom arent true hackers, so bear with me. we are gonna have it ready in about 2 to 4 weeks alright? once again, im srry for the delay. and that pornographic image was NOT my doing, now b patient and it’ll be ready soon

  4. Dragon_zahir says:

    how did they hack psp 3000 in philippines for 500p = 10usd …. well i assume they change the cover of the psp 2000 with psp 3000 as ppl said they din let u watch it and need computer … “need computer” a cover up so … i not to sure this is my own opinion soo ya

  5. pogiakkano says:

    how about psp 2001 5.03ofw.,

  6. pogiakkano says:

    will it run on psp 2001 with a 5.03 ofw.,? ive bin searching how 2 resolve this but i cant find any solution., “psp 2001, system version 5.03 ofw. and i think its a version 3 mobo coz it disables the mms and pandora.,

  7. Kratozid says:

    Huh, Im a Pilipino, so psp 3000 is really hacked here in the Philippines?


    Tagalog: Hirap mag english, nahacked na ang psp 3000 dito sa ating bansa?papaano?
    i owned psp 3000 5.03 OFW
    tagabulacan ako san ako pede magpadowngrade and pahack ung psp 3000 ko??
    mga kababayan ko!!

  8. Dark_Alex says:

    stfu im hacking it right now

  9. Faham Afzal says:

    @ Dark_Alex:
    Hello Boss, can you tell me when i hack my PSP model PSP-2006 Letter G. I have ta-088v3 motherboard PSP. i test my psp when i plug pandora battery into my psp green light on but no display. Now you tell me when i hack this motherboard.

  10. Dark_Alex says:

    umm, im havin no luck downgrading the psp 3001. it will be delayed for roughly 3 to four more months. we actually accidently let out a trojan virus onto this website wile hacking it. we were attempting to crack open the code with the virus, but jonnyblaze from noobs accidently put it in the wrong folder. you are currently at risk of infecting your comp., i strongly suggest virus checking it asap. once again rogue virus, safe check your p.c.

  11. pogiakkano says:

    how bout psp 2001 5.03 ofw…???

  12. Faham Afzal says:

    my psp model number PSP-2006 letter G
    Serial No.HE0760572
    OFW 4.01 can i hack this psp if i hack this psp so tell me how?

  13. ajin says:

    how to get paly iso/cso gameswith 5.03 firmwire?? if possible i wanna downgrade my firmwire but how do ?

  14. yehuda says:

    i have a psp 2001 5.03 is it hackable? it disables pandora

  15. DakonXR says:

    my girlfriend updated my psp to 5.03 firmware. i have a 2000 psp slim. is there anything i can do right now or do i have to pull the waiting game??? i dont mind waiting, but i kinda wana play my backed up games. since i cant buy any PSN cards around where i live….

  16. DakonXR says:

    ok, so i have read every post, and its to my understanding that untill the great one figures out how to do it, ill just have to wait it out. hmmmm no prob. my last post can be disregarded…

  17. dearGOD says:

    keep try dark alex…
    u are my hopeless

  18. robert yu says:

    can you help me decide if i will buy psp3000 or psp2000 can the psp3000 be someday be hack here in the philippines the old psp2000 price has jump up the price because of the incident that the psp3000 can not be hack, ,here is the new price of psp in the philppines, psp2000 hackable 18,000.00 pesos with package12 in 1, psp2000 en psp3000 unhackable 10,000.00pesos no package, i hope you can see my delima please hel me decide what to buy for me of cource i want psp that can download in the internet for my 3 sons , my e-mail [email protected] thank you for helping as your support ……more power

  19. Jay says:

    hack na pi PSP mu 2006 versiion OFw 4.01

  20. tariq says:

    you have only one solution , sell your psp and change your girlfriend as soon as possible

  21. dan says:

    now theres the new tiff exploit to work off of :)

  22. 1linkgb1 says:

    Dark_Alex can you tell me something:
    Are you making the hack for 2000 or 3000 model and it is for 3000 the hack is the custom firmware or the downgrade?

  23. vivek says:

    can anybody tel me when ll 5.03 m33 come ,plzz help me plzzzzz

  24. aakarsh says:

    the version sucks it is so so much bad i now prefer 5.50

  25. aakarsh says:

    you might get it for psp 1000

  26. […] Al-Garni for your kind answer, but I tried to download OFW 5.03 from here and link is broken…(PSP Firmware 5.03 Released. Giftshift patch?, PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks). Any […]

  27. vlackheart says:

    use chickhen