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MediumGauge has just rolled out an update for his awesome PSP Filer application. Looking from the translated changelog we see that various bug fixes have been applied. And some changes to the picture viewer.

This application lets you, dump UMD’s to your memory card in ISO format, extract 7-zip, WinRaR and Zip archives. Plus Copy, Paste, Move files and lots more. A must for any Custom Firmware enabled PSP.

PSP Filer 6.6 Changelog (Translated from Japanese)

version 6.6:
○ filer
· 2G bugs were not properly calculate the directory size exceeds the byte
○ Audio Player
When there is no audio to play, the ↑ Fixed a bug where pressing down.
· UMD Fixed a bug that fell on the drive is started.
Mode, add a background.
Add functionality, display of character code conversion of a string tag.
, Added the ability to display the playback time.
Long tag, to display the ticker.
○ image viewer
· ○ + □ mark image files / added the ability to remove marks.
(Image in the archive is not marked)

(Reprinted from following readme)
Folder.jpg folder if it found the first Without jpg
A file and view it as a cover image.
Background operation mode and the audio player is started,
The following changes in behavior by the state.
1) When the file operation was started from the menu: former player without
2) mp3 or wav files on the file when pushed ○: Play the previous
Yeah it is discarded, the audio file is played under the cursor.
Note: background operation, CPU load increases and audio playback of
May want to pause.

Source: MediumGauge (JP)

Download: PSP Filer 6.6
(PSP Filer 6.6 - 694.5 KiB - 32,485 Hits)

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  1. jeetest says:

    like this application very much……

  2. keane_three says:

    PSP Filer is my favourite app on psp! Thankyou for this app and thanks for translation i think this is amazing. in the future i hope they add so you can move files from memory stick to like Flash 0 vsh module kind of thing. Love the update! Everyone should have

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  4. jetboss says:

    This is a very good app i love it

  5. darktech says:

    this is the most useful app for psp!
    glad to see 6.6, can’t wait for 6.7 :)

  6. DGRTXTREME says:

    off the topic,does anyone have shadow of destiny working for 5.03 gen c;i have it but it stops working after the prologue

  7. PSP-2010 says:

    is this app safe? can it brick a psp, if i dont install it properly?

  8. i love hacking says:

    what can i do with this app? i don´t really understand it =(?

  9. noykulas says:

    hi there! can this be installed safely on a PHA running 5.03 Gen-C? i am a newbie to CFW and homebrew apps.

  10. 3ajay3 says:

    does it work with 6.20

  11. 3ajay3 says:

    can there not be an awesome app for 6.20 cuz all of them dont work, just on cfw, which is mean 2 all the ppl who cant get cfw cuz they are on 6.20 (including me lol)

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  15. UNIT 01 says:

    had an older version of this. lost it when little bro upgraded my psp. found this bad boy and this is epic. u sir are a god. *salutes*. keep up the good work.

  16. Amareal says:

    Will that run even youre on OFW version on psp 3000 without being bricked?

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  18. Someone Noone says:

    Great, long live the PSP scene! :D

  19. Q13E5 says:

    i still use my PSP to this day. :) It’s still pretty cool.

  20. stroll13 says:

    i still love PSP!