PSP Filer 6.3 Released. RAR bug finally fixed

PSP Filer 6.3 Released

PSP Filer 6.3 Released.

Mediumgauge has today released a quick update to PSP Filer, the PSP file management application. This application does it all and you can pretty much open every file you’ll need too for homebrew and applications, WinRaR, Zip, Copy, Paste, Move. Not to mention dump UMD’s in ISO format to your memory stick. No PC required for that..


Fixed the RAR bug still present (PSP Filer 6.1 + 6.2) when extracting RAR files

Source: MediumGauge (JP)

Download: PSP Filer 6.3 - File management application
(PSP Filer 6.3 - File management application - 669.3 KiB - 9,712 Hits)

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  1. PSPFan says:

    Recommend anyone with CFW, should have this application. Its awesome..

  2. GameGuysProjects says:

    How do we extract rar’s or zips with this?

  3. Tom says:

    just go to the file and open it like any other file. just click expand folder.

  4. yamii says:

    yah i think xlora 1.8 is much better and user-friedly specially for noobs.

  5. PSPMadness says:

    What does this toll actully do???

  6. PSPMadness says:

    I mean “Tool”

  7. Hani says:

    wow this is very useful tool

  8. Phoenixorama says:

    I was just wondering, is it safe to run this tool on the PSP3000. I mean does it touch flash0 and stuff, because then I would get a little concerned. Can someone tell me if this app is safe to run on the PSP3000. I’m on 5.03 MHU btw.

    • beejays says:

      i tried it.. i feel its extremely dangerous to run on 3000 & 88v3.. its TOO easy to go to flash.. from there one wrong move and your done

  9. T1M1C0R3 says:

    yes it is so am i only when u exit press start+select xd

  10. jasonkhoo87 says:

    if u dont touch the flash0 then it should be ok then.. since the 1st filer access is ms0. im using it and until now i dont face any prob.. just make sure u didnt change the flash0 files since filer can access content at flash0.

  11. Genocide says:

    First of all, the only way you can change ANYTHING in ANY flash drives is if you enter hacker mode by pressing R on the d-pad and the R trigger, otherwise everything that will change the file says “Cannot Select”. Second what was the bug it fixed exactly?

  12. Doritoes says:

    The IRshell 5.0 is already effective in doing extracting rar, zip, and even 7zip ( seperate plugin), it also comes with compatibility to read pdf files.

  13. Doritoes says:

    I also do not consider this a convenient archive extractor in that only individual files can be extracted a time. However, it makes a great standard file manager.

  14. wetan says:

    to dump ur UMD wudnt u want to use UMDumper by PhonicUK cuse u can dump it to ur memorie stick in iso or cso….?

  15. Abhisekhg says:

    THnxxxxx a lot works gr8