PSP Filer 5.3 Released


Mediumgauge has released an update to his homebrew application PSP Filer. PSP Filer is a file management for the PSP, allowing users to copy, paste and move files. Open rar and zip files, view images and much more.


* putting filer/text/binary [.bmp/.jpg/.png"] in the same folder of Filer, Filer changes background as mode changes.

picture viewer:
* image loading will be done in a separated thread.
* reduced a bug that audio playback was stopped while reading a piture.
* added a feature to read next picture in background. (maximum 7 pictures)

Source: eXophase

Download: PSP Filer 5.3
(PSP Filer 5.3 - 1.0 MiB - 11,740 Hits)

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  • akapu

    Is this works with PSP Slim???

  • 713TEX

    Yes it does and it’s great. You can rip your UMDs straight to your MS.

  • james

    how do u make it come up on da psp from the computer

  • Hakua

    Great =D

    Is it working for VRSION 5.3 ? OR WHAT ? ^_^

  • Jaysonconsolacion

    why corrupted 5.03 if you insert to ISO or GAME folder help pls