N64 Emulator / Nintendo 64


Nintendo 64 (N64) Emulator for PSP | N64 Emulation on the PSP Slim. Alpha Revision 429


DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 429 (26 August 2009)


Latest DaedalusX64 Update. Many improvements and enhancements over the DaedalusX64 Beta 1. Enhanced Media Engine and built-in speed hack detection.

PSP Developers involved in this project: Kreations, Chilly Willy, howard0su, Wally, and StrmnNrmn.

DaedalusX64 BETA Revision 1909 Signed & Unsigned

Developers note:

Upgrade Procedure: Grab the link and unzip it. Delete all *.hle files(in SaveGames) as well as preferences.ini and rom.db from your memory stick. These files (*.hle, rom.db, and preferences.ini) are rebuilt when you use the software and are version specific. Then you can copy it to your current folder on your PSP and overwrite all the old files. Now you are guaranteed to be starting fresh.