PSP Downgrade & Upgrade Ebook


Ebook: PSP Down and Upgrading Guide

Simon Slangen of contacted us about an eBook he made which covers PSP downgrading and upgrading in huge detail. From the old soft downgrading ways and exploits through to various ways to manufacture a Pandora Battery. And of course Dark_aleX’s M33 firmware. He’s asked that we spread this ebook to the PSP Hacks community and well felt obliged to do so. Good work Simon!

In it, I’ve discussed all the soft downgrading ways (such as the tiff and
GTA:LCS exploits) and the various ways to manifacture a Pandora Battery.
There’s also a section about upgrading to custom firmwares, like Dark Alex’
M33 firmwares.

It’s a very comprehensive guide, which assumes no starting knowledge on
these cases at all.

Download: Ebook: Downgrading and Upgrading PSP's
(Ebook: Downgrading and Upgrading PSP's - 2.3 MiB - 16,581 Hits)

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  1. chetlog says:

    Awesome! Very noob friendly guide you have here. Thanks.

  2. Sweet I hope it can downgrade from 5.00m33-6
    to 3.71m33

  3. Bakla si Mark Ryan Ruiz says:

    Hmm.. for some reason, I cannot view the PDF – I always get an error. Is there a way that a zip of it be uploaded? Thanks!

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  5. grifterseb says:

    can i downgrade ou put the m33 if i have a new psp 5.02 slim ?

  6. kitz21 says:

    is this need a pandora battery??

  7. valdez says:

    will it be downgraded from 5.03 back to 3.71 again?
    oooohhhh.. pls reply.

  8. does this programm aplyyyyyyyyyyyy on the psp slim 2000 version 5.03 if it does do answer me fast this willl really help me tankyou??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  10. Ronnmanuel32 says:

    this sucks