PSP DiGi CoMix Reader


Coder DeGenerationX [Dx] has released PSP DiGi CoMix Reader, as the name suggests its a digital comic reader for your PSP. It is a simple homebrew for your psp,by using it you can read your favorite
comics[which you can download on the internet for free] without actually spending anything.FOR thosewho cannot buy comics via psn store FOR the Official Digital Comics like me, a app like this will come handy.

Install instructions:

1.Put “COMICS” folder to the root of the psp memory stick.
2.Put “Digital Comics”folder to the PSP -> GAME floder
3.Put some comics in “COMICS” folder which u copied in step 1.[comic should be.cbr/.cbz format]

Source: Wololo

Download: PSP DiGi CoMix Reader (10.61 MB)

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  • iSWORD

    * an app

  • Prince

    who tried this and how does it works?

    • dimy93

      I did -I now read mickey mouse but for some reason my psp crashes everytime It go to sleed so I need to bookmark often.However ,I belive that is caused by some of my plugins bu I haven’t tried yet-I’ll

  • Shinobi

    Great ap i just put it in my psp and all the comics on pirate bay yami yami,all go download comics on

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  • vinmel

    This is like the pspcomics, i mean, this is a pspcomics, the font just changes.

  • dyosef

    it works awesome…

  • sgrond

    The best way to become blind: read comics in a miniminiminiminimini screen. XD

  • Junior Passos

    This is a MOD of old PSPComics.

    • sad

      I didn’t try this yet but that’s what I thought as soon as I saw this.

  • lolgaxe

    PSPComics that freezes when put on sleep. Went back to PSPComics.

  • The4thdoctor

    Works OK for me folks…reading Groo rite now..

  • reader

    where to download other anime comics ?

  • takaichi

    I cannot make it run. As soon as I start it, it freezes and restarts that psp. I’m using 6.39 LME-9.6. What should I do?? Thx!

    • takaichi

      Anyone can help me out?? I really want to use it, but it freezes on the 1st screen

      • bob

        Im running cfw 6.38 ME-3 and it works perfect on my slim try downgrading

  • LadyAntEater

    This works great on M33-6.

  • Ishmum

    Alright so here’s how it worx:

    Get a comic in .cbr or .cbz format from the internet, drag those files in the COMIC folder, start the app, and your comic will be there.

    Hope it helps

    • takaichi

      I tried doing that, but it freezes on the main screen. I can’t choose any and it shuts down by itself.

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  • pspfreak

    does anyone know a good site where people can direct download comics for this?

  • pinoytechno

    where can i get a free comics for my psp?
    could you give me a site this will help me a lot. :)

  • comicguy

    Nah, this one is a mod of pspcomic. It still suffer from the same error like sdl_image error when cbr or cbz images are too big in terms of image resolution. only thing to do is skip those pages which kinda suck or if u have the time, u can then re-size the images and repack it again which is very tedious. I believe it’s a limitation of the device due to insufficient ram in accommodating certain high quality images.

  • chen

    can you read a manga in that ??

  • kaushik

    awesome…… got it just on my first trial only!!! lolz!!!

  • fensivh

    This not support jpeg res larger then 1000×1000, it will show error & push PSP to restart!!!

  • Adam L

    Shuts down my 2001-PSP running 6.39 LCFW perm. :(

  • Kraft-work

    Very good!  Works fine! Thanks!

  • Spider3

    Thanks works great on phat psp 5.50 gen-d3 :)

  • Shreyas

    why should we download he digicomix reader huh?

  • Ahmed_messi104

    does it work on psp go

  • Mariusnorus

    Does it read .cbr files? or .cbr isn’t comics anyway? :D

    • blah blah

      read the instruction you moron!

  • Mariusnorus

    okay sorry I should check before asking :D but still thx… it’s cool app :d

  • Zuzu

    i am not getting any digital comics??????????

  • Night Rider735

    it’s corrupted!!!!!!!!!

    • blah blah

      blah blah!

  • Frachiny

    does not work on 6.60

    • epura123

      it does


    IT WORKS 4 MY 6.60

  • Earlalcano

    DON’t know if it will work

  • John

    what does put ” COMICS” folder to the root of the memory stick mean ?????

    • Stone Skull

       it means you make a folder called COMICS on your memory card.. the root is the start of the memory card… for example the PSP folder is on the root.. inside the PSP folder are other folders like GAME, but the PSP folder is not inside another folder so this means it’s a root folder.. so make a root folder called COMICS.. you do this by plugging your psp into your computer with the USB cord and browsing it on your computer

  • Vhon Enriquez Page

    where could we download comic files??

    • blah blah


  • BBX

    Where do you download digi comics please tell me

  • shit face

    this comic reader sucks,, noob

    • epura123

      it works well on 6.60

  • ImmortaL

    thank you so much

  • Sayam

    It starts and after a while the screen goes blank and it closes.Can anyone help me??????????????

  • Hi.I´m Mr ___

    Should the comics be in CBR format or something?