PSP Custom Firmware 6.XX PRO-B10 Fix


Hrimfaxi has posted an fix over on the Custom Firmware PRO googlecodes website. Its said to fix the fixed buffer overflow bug. Now I haven’t heard of anyone having this issue or any bricks etc. Maybe its rare, nevertheless if your running PRO-B10 or doing to install it then grab this fix. This is for models that are fully hackable. Your PSP-1000’s and PSP-2000’s before the TA-088v3 motherboards. If your on a PSP-3000 or Go you don’t have to worry about this.

PSP Custom Firmware 6.XX PRO-B10 Fix changelog:

CIPL_installer: fixed buffer overflow bug on pspIplUpdateGetIpl

Depending on which firmware your running or want to run download the below fix.

Download: 6.20 PRO B10 Fix 1
(6.20 PRO B10 Fix 1 - 1.1 MiB - 83,225 Hits)

Download: 6.35 PRO-B10 fix 1
(6.35 PRO-B10 fix 1 - 991.4 KiB - 28,824 Hits)

Download: 6.39 PRO-B10 fix 1
(6.39 PRO-B10 fix 1 - 1.0 MiB - 34,389 Hits)

Download: 6.60 PRO-B10 fix 1
(6.60 PRO-B10 fix 1 - 1.0 MiB - 194,310 Hits)

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  • jimmy

    does this need any chickhen to run?? pls reply fast ._.

    • ThatDude

      @jimmy no, It’s a stand alone customfirmware. Please be reminded that this is LCFW, we haven’t needed chickhen for a year.

      Meaning- Once you downloaded it and put it in the GAMES folder, go on your psp and just select it. And pick start cfw.

      Get the LCFW not the one with a CPL Flasher

  • marl

    is this a permanent patch?

  • ThatDude

    @jimmy no, It’s a stand alone customfirmware. Please be reminded that this is LCFW, we haven’t needed chickhen for a year.

    Meaning- Once you downloaded it and put it in the GAMES folder, go on your psp and just select it. And pick start cfw.

    Get the LCFW not the one with a CPL Flasher

  • DarK_AleX

    Does it use Half-Byte Loader (HBL?)

  • jacob

    helllp it say”this program does not support your fw 0x05050010″ what should i do??

    • Skyline969

      Then you grabbed the wrong one for your firmware. Download the proper one for your firmware.

      • dennis

        i have that problem also. but i have the proper firmware. how to fix this.

  • jacob

    help it say”this program does not support your fw 0x05050010″ what should i do??

  • 2die4

    i have a psp go installed 6.20 and then the B10 and did perm patch works fine

  • Sal

    when i go into recovery mode and got to plugins theres nothing in that directiory, help i need to enable the plugins

  • Bryan

    Hi when I extract the fix, I see the SEplugins folder. What’s that supposed to be?

  • Mohammed Ahmed Kamal

    I am Currently using LCFW Pro B9….without using CIPL Flasher to make it permanent…its working 5n with me but when i switch off all gets rubb off…then i use Fast Recovery Mode and come back to LCFW in 10 secs…

    I am Thinking to install Pro B10 in my …Psp 3003….6.60 OFW…and to make it Permanent…
    But i am Afraid if i would try to make LCW Pro B10 permanent using CIPL Flasher I WOULD BRICK MY PSP…
    and does This Firmware Pro B10 Version allow us to play online ….like in which FUTURE coldbird Pro C would Allow…

    Pls Need Help…Pls Suggest me Recommended Steps what to do….

    Thanx in Advance…

    • Nuckenfutz

      You hold the HOME button when you turn it on and it boots OFW 6.60 and play online like that.

  • brent

    yo guys .. what cxmb works for pro cfw? dont really put one on my psp .. just wanna try now .. hope someone post a link or something .. :D

  • hotline03

    is it permanent??

  • squiggs

    this fix my game quiting problem on my go. the problem was when ever i quit a a game the syste;p made a hard reset, although it did not har reset when i puased a game. what is the highest that has perm patch

  • haxbox

    Just want to ask if we could disable vsh menu on 6.20 Pro-B10.

    • H4X?

      Yes you can. all you gotta do is hold R button when you start XMB . Hope that helped :)

  • dont know

    i have a psp 1000 6.31 ofw can i upgrade to 6.60 ofw and install this one?
    anyone reply pls..

  • shadowX4

    why cant i make my pro b10 permanent. i just installed it trice still failed. please advice. or give me a link on the permanent patch.

  • Aris

    hello i am a newbie and i got Psp E1000 with 6.50 ver
    which custom firmware i should use to make it work??
    thank you

  • brainanda

    this is working well in psp go???

  • dennis

    psp error 80020148 i have this problem having installing the PRO B10. with 6.60 firmware. help.

  • happy

    DJ max portable 3rd is not working on my psp go but on my psp 2000 that has the same version as my psp go
    (6.35pro b-10 fix) in my psp 2000 works fine same settings in recovery menu . can anyone help me??

  • Dennis1293

    does this lcfw let you run iso’s i have 6.6 pro b-10 running with no problems but it doesnt show iso’s in the GAME folder from psp xmb

    • Maui

      i just successful installed cfw6.39 pro b10 on my PSP3000, but now i’m having exactly the same problem. i can’t see no ISO on my GAME’s folder.

      • Nuckenfutz

        You don’t put them in your GAME folder. Make a folder called Iso on the root of the memory stick and place them there.

  • Mantas

    I currently have 6.20 PRO B8 (permanent patch). Can I just update to this version directly?

    • guest

      yes but only 6.21 pro b10

  • remm

    I’m currently on 5.50 GEN D3 and I want to upgrade to 6.60 PRO-B10 but as far as I know this would corrupt my saves, has anyone here done this upgrade and managed to keep the saves?

    • Thrawn

      Yep I did, but I had no corruption in savegames surprisingly :)
      I had corruption when I was upgrading from 5.00 m33-6 to 5.50 gen d3.
      Anyways make a safety copy of your saves on your pc, and keep magic save 1.62 (download is in this forum use the searchfunction) ready. But you might not use it. :)

      • remm

        Actually, I already tried to upgrade, and sure enough some of my saves got corrupted (Phantom Brave) and others kept working fine (Monster Hunter). I tried every methods I found to recover the save but they all failed (the psp freezes) so in panic I found how to downgrade and did so back to 5.50 gen-d3, then I installed Prometheus-4 and everything seems to work. I still want to upgrade but I don’t want to lose these saves.

      • Thrawn

        How did you upgrade? Most savegame corruption comes from damaged flash 0 entries and the gen d3 is known for doing some bad things to flash.
        I did it via the shipped gen d3 installer from yoshihiro, when you launch this installer you have the option to install gen d3, other Firmware or the original 5.50 FW. Try installing the original 5.50, then install 6.39 or 6.60 whatever you want to use, afterwards your flash should be clean again. You can now install pro whatever version you prefer, and then try your games. If they are still failing to load, search for magic save, in the most common corruption cases this one plugin can save your a**. :)

      • Thrawn

        The savegames I had back then on my memstick were:
        Disgaea -> worked afterwards
        Valhalla knights -> worked too
        Lumines 1 and 2 -> both worked
        Wipeout pulse -> worked
        Disgaea 2 -> also worked
        A question, could you upload one of those corrupted savegames to rapidshare? I would like to try out something. It may be that not your save is damaged but the flash 0 entries. Then we would have to do something else like restoring flash 0 ID.

  • JeffLeong

    Hey can i use this on PSP 3002?Lol asking just to comfirm

    • guest

      yes you can

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  • why00

    is there a way to get cwcheat to work on psp go with 6.60 pro b10, and how do i get ps2 games to work? need help please

  • Pokemon7656

    i have been away from the psp scene for a while now and i want to update to
    6.XX PRO-B10 from 5.50 gen d3 how would i go about doing this

    • kev

      dont i fucked my psp now. i formatted the mms. ans now i cant make it a mms on my psp. vsh is messed up. i cant play my games. catorgrys are removed and all my plugins do not work. u have to disable them all to install the cfw then u cant enable um after. i have been trying to get this working for like 2 days now. and my psp is gunna go in the bin if i cant drop my cfw from this crap to go back to 5.50 gen d3 full.  the new pro b10 dont add nothing usefull to the console i dont see the big deal. i also i was away from the psp since gen d3. but now i wish i never bothered. hope this info helps. if some 1 can help me and solve this problem ill love it so much thx

      • Pokemon7656

        i just installed promethus 4 and its helped a lot many new games are now playable
        thanks alot for the advice fyou :)

  • Fyou

    I wouldn’t update to Pro B, I’d just run the Prome4 patch on your 5.5 Gen D3…

    • Pokemon7656

      thanks mann :)
      do you think the cheap psp is worth getting or wait for the vita ?

  • Gabrielgalvan009

    does this work on psp go

  • Gene_simon14

    i have psp it is unhacked its system is 6.30 what will i do 

    • amareal

      update it to at least 6.35.safer and totally no risk of bricking instead of downgrading  it to 6.20.

  • rennsport

    If I am using this LCFW on 6.20 is there a reason to upgrade to 6.60 to use the LCFW? Its a GO

    • amareal

      none at all.6.20 works great on almost all games unlike in 6.60.

      • rennsport

        Ok thanks

    • Pinoytechno

      Do not upgrade to 6.60 you will have a hen this is not a permanent patch to our psp 3000 if you what to use the permanent cfw use 6.20 ok!

  • Laicargam

    is it compatible for PSP 3004 ver. 6.60

    • Pinoytechno

      yes it’s compatible you must download the LCFW ok!

  • Anonymous

    what about the 3000???

  • Analpha Peter

    isnt going to run with my psp 300X data Code 8D :(

  • Ajaydavegun

    is this something where you cannot see the xmb and the system is horribly slow?

  • Manishmanglani1981

    hey i have psp 1004 and the version is 6.50 how can i get it unlock my psp pls guide me :)

    • Pinoytechno

      you must upgrade you firmware to 6.60 to be use the Custom Firmware (CFW) 6.60 ok!
      1. just download the Official Firmware (OFW) 6.60
      2. put the update to your psp folder PSP > GAME > UPDATE
       (if you don’t have a UPDATE Folder make a one to put the update 6.60)
      3. Disconnect your psp to your pc and click update you must have a 80 or 90% of battery, and plug in the adaptor!
      4. just wait and now you have a OFW 6.60
      5. download the CFW 6.60 PRO-B10
      6. put it on your PSP > GAME
      7. click it on the XMB just follow the screen and now you have a CFW 6.60 PRO-B10

      100% WORKING!!!


      • Hahahihi32

        is it work in psp 2000 with 02g?? i have upgrade it to 6.20 pro b-10.. is it can be 6.60 pro b-10, thank you

      • Snails

        Hello, I have a PSP-E1004 CB, with CFW 6.60 PRO-B10 successefully installed, but still after placing the game in directory PSPGAME. The I go to PSP menu GAMEMEMORY STICK and the game is not there as an option to play. Any idea on what is wrongly set?

      • Stvieturner Co Uk

        when u turn psp off and back on its no longer got cfw so u must have pro updater on memory card with your games on install pro updater then go play games

    • Pinoytechno

      upgrade your psp to 6.60 OFW and follow the intruction how to install cfw

  • omar khalid

    Is it work with psp 3003 vesion : 6.60 ???

    • Pinoytechno

      yes sir 100% working.

  • Al_n

    I have a 3004(3g) 5.03. This I successfully upgraded to permanent 6.20 CFW.
    I also have a GO(5g) 6.60, this I successfully downgraded to 6.20 and then installed permanent 6.20 CFW.

    • Stevechavez149

      wat a psp3001 with 4g

  • Mansoorhifzur

    MY PSP 3004  4G  6.60 

    • Noobfriday

      The folder you should place it in : 

      PSP > GAME 

  • Noctis 08

    is this permanent????

    • Pinoytechno

      yes sir!

      • Ibraam Sami

        I installed it and after restarting my PSP, it shows that it needs to be installed again!!!

  • Gaben

    This is for models that are fully hackable. Your PSP-1000′s and PSP-2000′s before the TA-088v3 motherboards. If your on a PSP-3000 or Go you don’t have to worry about this.”

    Does this mean this update is only for the PSP 1000 & 2000 and not the 3000 & GO Models?

  • Ayush52398

    i have cfw 5.50 prome-4 which does not get erased even after i switch off. can i put 6.60 pro b10 directly on it such that it does not get erased even after i switch it off??? pls answer

    • Noobfriday

      This is not a permanent cfw, when you restart your psp you will have to launch the Updater again from the XMB Menu [Game].

  • brad

    I just upgraded from 5.00 m33-6 to this (psp-2000). I’ve noticed that during game play, I randomly see the OS “are you sure you want to quit?” dialog pop up. It just started since I upgraded. Has anyone experienced this?

    • Pinoytechno

      no sir.

  • Raj Dgre8

    i am using 6.35 pro B, and i want to upgrade 6.60, do I will able to install CFW 6.60 pro B10? my system is 3004. and also I do not want permanent CFW.

    • Pinoytechno

      yes sir! upgade 1st the OFW to 6.60.
      i have a PSP 3000 i upgrade to 6.60PRO-B10 (^_^) 100% WORKING!

  • Zezin24

    Could you tell me a site that I can download games for this cfw?

  • Deep

    hii i have a psp 3004 with motherboard model TA-090v2 , M type brite (03g) and running 6.20 ofw. so what can i use lcfw or permanent cfw on it .       plzz answer .

    • Amer

      you go to and search cfw finware 6.20 tn-d

      • Pandorizer

         6.20 Pro C with Permanent Patch should also do the trick.

  • XiAoAcEx3

    Thanks alot. Its working for my psp 3002 version 6.60 :D

    • Jun Puyo90

      hey man how it work?