PSP Custom Firmware 6.XX PRO-B10 Fix


Hrimfaxi has posted an fix over on the Custom Firmware PRO googlecodes website. Its said to fix the fixed buffer overflow bug. Now I haven’t heard of anyone having this issue or any bricks etc. Maybe its rare, nevertheless if your running PRO-B10 or doing to install it then grab this fix. This is for models that are fully hackable. Your PSP-1000’s and PSP-2000’s before the TA-088v3 motherboards. If your on a PSP-3000 or Go you don’t have to worry about this.

PSP Custom Firmware 6.XX PRO-B10 Fix changelog:

CIPL_installer: fixed buffer overflow bug on pspIplUpdateGetIpl

Depending on which firmware your running or want to run download the below fix.

Download: 6.20 PRO B10 Fix 1
(6.20 PRO B10 Fix 1 - 1.1 MiB - 84,852 Hits)

Download: 6.35 PRO-B10 fix 1
(6.35 PRO-B10 fix 1 - 991.4 KiB - 29,589 Hits)

Download: 6.39 PRO-B10 fix 1
(6.39 PRO-B10 fix 1 - 1.0 MiB - 35,099 Hits)

Download: 6.60 PRO-B10 fix 1
(6.60 PRO-B10 fix 1 - 1.0 MiB - 199,670 Hits)

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  1. Forca Barcalona says:


  2. Jake2k says:

    so ive been reading a lot of comparisons lately on what psp model is better im pretty new to the entire hacking process since the last time i hacked a psp was like 4 years ago it was a 1000 im kinda getting overwhelmed by all the info that iv’e missed out on to what i can understand is that all psp from 1000 to go are hackable except for the fact that the CIPL Flash is usless in any psp 3000 or go.and thats my issue my psp 1000 is completely busted from my constant unsuccessful repairs and im planning on buying a new 3000 im not into buying second hand electronics so i just want to know if there is any progress as of now jan 2014 on the release of a permanent cfw for the 3000 or if all attempts on a permanent cfw for psp 3000 or go have been halted.

  3. chima says:

    hello I just got a psp 2003 slim and it came with a 6.60 firmware but for some reason, my psp games are not showing but everything else is showing, please what can I do to solve this problem.