PSP Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9

PSP Custom Firmware 6.39 ME

PSP Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9 Released!

PSP Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9 is released. is the latest PSP Custom Firmware to be release to the homebrew community by PSP Developer Neur0n who has decided to release his latest CFW known as PSP CFW 6.39 ME-9 a few hours ago . This new version of PSP CFW 6.39 includes a few bugs fixes and offer better compatibility and stability the previous version . So if you are using a older version, Then free to download the latest version known as PSP CFW 6.39 ME-9 below in our download section . Don’t forget to read the developer statement below for more information about PSP CFW 6.39 ME-9 and it’s feature . Remember that installing a PSP CFW into your PSP will void your Sony Warranty. Also as with any other PSP CFW installation , There is always a chance of a brick, So make sure to follow instruction carefully to avoid any issue with the installation of PSP CFW 6.39 ME-9 into your PSP System .

Note, that LCFW 6.39 ME-9 now also supports the PSP Go and feature LCFW 6.39 ME versions

LCFW 6.39LME installer for OFW6.39

– What is this? —
This is LCFW installer for OFW6.39.
Only work on 01g ,02g , 03g, 04g, ,05g ,07g and 09g model.

The degree of stability is still unknown.
Please test it on your own and refer to different people’s test reports.

— How to use —
Copy “installer” folder and “launcher” folder at “ms0:/PSP/GAME/”

— Preparation —
First. You need to install LCFW modules in your PSP.

1.Execute “LME Installer for 6.39″ from XMB.
2.You can select these action:
Press x to install LCFW.
Press [] to uninstall LCFW.
Press R to exit.

After the action, PSP will rboot.

— Start LCFW —
1.Execute “LME Launcher for 6.39″ from XMB.
2. enjoy :)

— How to enter RecoveryMenu? —
From XMB :Open VshMenu and select “Enter Recovery ->”
From LCFW:Execute “639 launcher” again.
From OFW :Execute “639 launcher” with hold “R”.

— How to mount UmdVideo? —
0. Enable UmdVideo option at RecoveryMenu->config->Use UmdVideo Patch (Go only).
1. copy Iso file at ms(ef)0:/ISO/VIDEO/ .
2. Open VshMenu and select Iso file name.

— Credit —
some1: For his sceHttpStorageOpen kxploit.
liquidzigong: For his 639kxploit POC.
bbtgp: For his PrxEncrypter.
Draan: For his kirk-engine code.
J416: For his rebootex sample.
BombingBasta: For his translated recovery menu file in french.
N-zaki : For providing PSPGo from him.

— About translating the recovery menu —
To translate the recovery ,create a text file in ms0:/seplugins/xx_recovery.txt or flash1:/xx_recoery.txt.
“xx” is the language code of your language.

es -> spanish
en -> english
fr -> french
de -> german
it -> italian
ja -> japanese
ko -> korean
nl -> netherlands
pt -> portuguese
ru -> russian
ch1 -> chinese simplified
ch2 -> chinese traditional

To use custom font in RecoveryMenu, put font data at ms0:/seplugins/font_recovery.bin.

— Fixed a bug in Official Static ELF loading.
— Fixed a CPU clock in GAME mode.
— Added a patch for 0x80020148 error.
— Fixed a UmdMountPatch (beta4. 05g only)
— Fixed a ISO Parental Level.
— Fixed a bug in OE driver(again).
— Fixed a bug that failed to sleep when you change the CPU clock.
— Added a page controll in RecoveryMenu->Plugin.
— Updated UMD Video mount. Now you can play UMD video/audio without dummy UMD.
— Fixed a crash when useing Dark_AleX’s LEDA.
— Change the iso Parental Level from 5 to 1.
— Increase plugin path character buffer in PluginManager from 32 to 64.
v6 fix2
— Fixed Launcher bug.
v6 fix
— Fixed PSN game bug.
— Added RecoveryMode translate and custom font feature.
— Added Gameboot Skip option.
— Added RecoveryMenu option in vshmenu.
— Fixed a bug in OE driver.
— Fixed a bug when enter suspend with VshMenu opened.
— Fixed MEdriver bug.
— Added BatteryConfig submenu in RecoveryMenu.
— Added Speed up MS option(beta).
— Update 639Launcher. Now you can switch between PRO-B6 and ME-3 :)
— Fixed freeze bug when try to connect to PSN.
— First release.
— Fixed RecoveryMenu text.
— Fixed ExtraMemory bug.
— Changed NetworkUpdates default value.
— Source code optimization.

Source: Neur0n

Download: PSP Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9
(PSP Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9 - 453.9 KiB - 21,106 Hits)

Download: PSP Lite Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9
(PSP Lite Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9 - 859.4 KiB - 13,572 Hits)

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