PSP Custom Firmware 6.20 PRO-B4 & 6.35 PRO-B4. Perm CFW!


It’s what many of you have been waiting for, thanks to coldbrid & Virtuous Flame aka who have just released Custom Firmware 6.20/-B4. With 6.20 PRO-B4 you can permanently patch 6.20 PRO-B4 into your flash memory! Many changes in this custom firmware. To run the first run the PRO B4 update. To make it permanent, run the compatibility check first by running fake vshmain to see everything is ok. This will check to make sure your PSP model is compatible with the perm patcher. It will reboot into PRO-B4, if it doesn’t or it crashes or reboots into OFW. Don’t use the perm patch!

The perm patch is only for 6.20 FW, so if you really want to perm it. Downgrade to 6.20.

Wondering about compatibility? Well here’s the list: 6.20 CFW PRO_B4 works on 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g and 5g models & CFW 6.35 PRO-B4 works on all models upto 9g.
Make sure you read the perm-patch notes below, specially if you manage to brick.

PSP -B4 & 6.35 PRO-B4 changelog

  • Added 6.20 OFW Kernel Support
  • Added 6.20 Type 2 PRX Permanent Bootloader
  • Improved NID Resolver (Including 6.20 <-> 6.35 NIDs)
  • Improved Game Compatiblity via Anti-NBGI Fixes
  • Added Inferno OSS ISO Driver (Improves Compatiblity and Speed)
  • Fixed BGM Playback Bug in Recovery Menu
  • Improved Satellite Permission Detection
  • Fixed Skype Crash Bugs
  • Added Custom PSX Manual Support
  • Added version.txt Display Support
  • Added Parental Level Check for ISO / CSO
  • Some small fixes we probably forgot about…

How to perm patch the CFW.

  • Pressing R while booting loads the recovery.
  • Pressing Select while booting loads OFW.
  • When applying the Permanent Patch, choose X on first question and O on second to install, two times X only tests whether your device is compatible with our Permanent Bootloader.
  • Should you manage to brick yourself, try pressing O+X+Select+Start while turning your PSP on. It will trigger a emergency uninstall.

We flashed and patched 6.20 PRO B4 to our PSP Go 5g without issues...

Source: ColdBird

Download: Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-B5 (21st April fix)
(-B5 (21st April fix) - 1.1 MiB - 73,621 Hits)

Download: Custom Firmware 6.20 PRO-B5 (21st April fix)
(Custom Firmware 6.20 PRO-B5 (21st April fix) - 1.2 MiB - 50,999 Hits)

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  1. Navin says:

    Well It will work for sure. I play quite number of new games in my 6.20Pro-B4. Runs well.just go ahead. Afterall it is reversible.

    • Alex says:

      The problem is when I put the UMD in and press play a screen comes up telling me to update to 6.37 OFW. I’m not playing through an iso

  2. Joy says:

    Hi, I just try 2 install 6.20 pro-b4. but i got some problem, when i run UPDATEpro, it’s install the cmf but i didn’t get the XMb, Psp truned off. I tried 2-3 time but the same problem, I’m using Brite psp 3004(3g) OFw 6.20 and the motherboard type is TA_090v3, Help me plzz….

    • Navin says:

      How u run ur update pro. just run back the Update pro. does you get any kind of error when u install it?
      do know if your run it from 6.20tn-d u have to revert back to OFW6.20 by uninstalling 6.20tn-d. Then only you can run and another thing is Flash0 must be disabled then u run 6.20pro-b4 update.

      • Joy says:

        Hi, When i bought it my OFW was 5.03, i updated it 6.35, after i downgrade it 6.20, now i’m using 6.20 tn-c, when i got this perm cfw, then i try to install it, i run update pro on my ofw, there is no any error msg when i install it but after install , when i press X, psp show black skin and it’s trun off.

    • Rain says:

      @joy: did you try to update it in 6.20? or you bought your psp 3000 and already have a 6.20 firmware?

    • Ted Navalta says:

      men just download 6.35 ofw first and install then try to use update pro then press x
      ive already tested that on my psp 3004

  3. Rain says:

    is it safe that my psp 3000 has a firmware of 5.03 and im going to patch it to 6.20 just to update that perm firmware? thanks for any concern. :D

    • pololololol says:

      yeah, that ok.. use TN-D by the way

      • Rain says:

        can i update it with 6.20 PRO-B4? OFW 6.20–>6.20 PRO-B4?

      • Synthccp says:

        i use both . tn d and update patch only so i can have 2 cfw on one firmware that is ownage , i just disable the aloader and run pro b4 thanks to tn-e its made easy to turn on from tn settings …

      • Rain says:

        so, it cant brick my psp 3000 if i update it 5.03 to 6.20 OFW and run the 6.20 pro-b4 update?

  4. pololololol says:

    is this included in PSPGENesis competition? this DEFINITELY will win!

  5. rick says:

    works perfectly fine on my psp 3006 model…thanksss…

  6. Jamie Simmons says:

    Will it work on my psp go n1003 6.2?

  7. luvitzky says:

    will it work with my psp brite 3000

  8. BobbyB says:

    One question. Has anybody played Chrono Cross all the way through on this cfw? I just wanna be prepared for any errors I may stumble upon, because it’s one of my favorites.

    • RhymeP says:

      i hoped that this cfw will solve problem with cc, but did not, still crashes while dueling the first boss

  9. Alex says:

    Does anyone know how to run a UMD that requires 6.37 OFW on this CFW? Everytime I press play it won’t let me unless i update. Is there anyway to play that game without having to update or turn it into an iso?

    • Navin says:

      Well Alex,

      have you tried inferno driver and plus try to play around with recovery menu. I have no problem at all. My PSP 3006 Brite TA0.93 v3.0 G4 6.20 initially then 6.20tn-d then revert back to 6.20ofw and now best of all 6.20Pro-B4. Well I can play my umds and my iso/cso without any problem even PSX games no problem at all.

      • Alex says:

        I’m pretty sure I can play my old UMDs and iso/cso, I just want to know if I can play the newer umds without having to revert back to ofw

  10. joker says:

    i installed TN E
    but m bot able to run any ISO/ CSO
    PLEASE help

  11. prince of perisa revelations and sims 2 castaway donot run… plz help!!!!

  12. pspandsonic says:

    i got really scared as when the psp restarted after the ofw 6.20 update i got a BLUE SCREEN :O ut luckily it restored back to 6.20 :):):):):):):)

  13. FrancisC. says:

    why 6.35 PRO-B4 doesn’t have permanent????

  14. Dark mc says:

    if u ask from me i say that vf and cb will make a cfw like m33 which will even run on psp3000 and go and will be permanent.
    And i am waiting!!!!!!!!

  15. ichan29ichan says:

    works perfectly well on my 3004 v6.20
    but when i play brave fencer musashi, it crashes!!

  16. DeadEmo says:

    Whats for good about pro ???

  17. anGie says:

    Need HELP Please..
    i have a psp 3001 6.00 when i first got this then update it to 6.20 for me to hack it. i followed the instructions on how to install this correctly. i created an ISO folder at the root and dump dinerdash.cso and worms2.iso at that folder that usually works fine in my brother’s psp 5.03CFW, just to check if its working. i already got 6.20 PRO-B4 in my system and even got the perma patch correctly. but when i check the game it gives me a CORRUPTED file.
    did i do wrong? what should i do to resolve this?i’ve been trying to figure this out for almost a week. i would really appreciate the help..THANKS A LOT!

    • Navin says:

      Hey bro just redownload the game iso from proper website, well did u copy from ur brothers game.. It means it is old CFW patch not the latest one. so u will get corrupted file.

  18. Navin says:

    Greeting Brothers,

    Again I am going to Post the Difference but now it is between 6.20Pro-B4 and 6.20Pro-B5(Both Permanent Patch)

    Well There are quite some differences in 6.20Pro-B4 and 6.20Pro-B5

    1. The most significant is the start up of your PSP from shutdown, It is no longer skip the startup but this time the startup is a CFW startup and it is pretty cool.

    2. Games still runs well and this time whenever you start a game u will see a CFW game boot and damn cool. I really like it.

    3.You don’t have to downgrade to OFW 6.20 again. Well you can directly update to 6.20Pro-B5 by run the ‘Proupdate”(A test for ur PSP is compatible or not) first. Well here again u press X twice when it prompt. When it goes to ur XMB/PSP screen then it is means your PSP is successfully installed a standard 6.20Pro-B5 but not the permanent. Well you might found it will hang and need to restart ur psp. Just don’t worry restart and just go on installed the 6.20Pro-B5 permanent patch and this time as usual Press X and O when it prompt.

    4. Well it is still unable to support the FUSA_SD fullscreen plugins. That means you have to hang on untill they solve this issue.

    5. Games will not start or playable if you using a not supportable plugins.

    6.U will c CFW update enabler. That I am not sure how this function.

    Guys you will enjoy the Eye candy of this 6.20Pro-B5 CFW. I like these. It was release on 20 April 2011.
    My PSP is 3006 Brite v3.0 was OFW6.20-> CFW6.20TN-D->CFW6.20TN-D Permanent Patch->OFW6.20->CFW6.20Pro-B4-> Now CFW6.20Pro-B5 just an hour go.

    Thanks to the Greatest Creator.

  19. Navin says:

    Greetings brothers,

    There is slight changes in 6.20Pro-B5, it is regrading boot game loading and PSP startup is depend on CXMB(custom theme). The theme fully functional when u upgrade to 6,20Pro-B5. Just Update it bros.

  20. abdu says:

    hey man works fine but i cant play my ps1 eboots anymore?! wtf

  21. […] Pressing R while booting loads the recovery. Pressing Select while booting loads OFW. When applying the Permanent Patch, choose X on first question and O on second to install, two times X only tests whether your device is compatible with our Permanent Bootloader. Should you manage to brick yourself, try pressing O+X+Select+Start while turning your PSP on. It will trigger a emergency uninstall. download here […]

  22. NealTA90 says:

    Ei guys i have seen this update but I am anxious to try it. I want to ask if this will work on a psp 3000 with a TA-090 v2 motherboard???? please replay because I don’t want to brick my psp.

    • The_Dcotor says:

      First of all, just use PRO B5, been out for a while. And if you follow the process exactly, if it crashes after doing the test with Perma Patch(x twice), IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE! other than that, it works perfectly on mine, which is also 3g.

    • Navin says:

      hey bro it will works well, Mine TA -093 v3, PSP 3000 4g so just try the proupdate first the the perm patch if ur proupdate is fail then don’t proceed to permanent patch. Good Luck

      • NealTA90 says:

        Ei man how can I install the permanent patch??? Everytime i try its says “this program requires 6.20 PRO-B then a text appears exit how can I fix that?

    • ALBERT says:

      i have psp 3001 sytem 5.03ofw brite 3g with motherboard TA-090 v2 like you .. have you installed the cfw 6.20 prob b4 to your psp permanently because i want also to have that one in my psp system…but im afraid to do it.. is it safe? please help me

  23. NealTA90 says:

    Ei Guys I have Just installed the 6.35 PRO-B5 but the firmware sill got gone when it is put to full shutdown.. how can I fix this?

  24. JustAcommenter says:

    Nice, just downgraded from 6.35 to 6.20, then used that homebrew enabler via patapon 2 savegame exploit to install this CFW. Everything worked out just fine and now my PSPgo can finally take over for my old fat psp which died after serving well for several years.

    NealTA90: You have to apply the permanent patch for the CFW, otherwise your PSP will always boot back into the original firmware after full shutdown…

  25. ZheY says:

    hey guys .. please help me .. im running a 6.20 PRO-B6 .. but when i press reset device .. my firmware will back at 6.20 .. what should i do to make it permanent ?? i already installed the 6.20 permanent patch .. and it back to 6.20 again .. please help .. thanks

  26. markie says:

    Guys nid some help.. i have cfw 6.20 pro-b4 but some of the games doesnt play and if i insist to play my MMC is requesting to be format after there any problem in my psp??? TIA

  27. REX says:

    I have PSP Red originally came with OFW 4.01 and I upgrade it to 5.03 OFW when try to install chickhen it hang and shuts down I have already followed various methods to load chicken hen but everytime same output.

    ANy suggestions on how I can modify it to play all kind of homebrewed games,


  28. Mr. Awesome! says:

    If I installed this would I be able to go back to OFW or upgrade my CFW to a newer one later in the future.

  29. Anuj garg says:

    I am having Psp 3004 ver 6.00..What shall I do to play downloaded Iso…I bought this a year ago and haven’t used it till now…So can my psp be hacked to play iso? thanks in advance.

  30. Anuj garg says:

    My psp 3004 Is not recognizing the 6.20 OFW ..When I place it in game it says Corrupted data and if I place in the system update folder and in the psp go to system update it says no update available.Help ME..

  31. Anuj garg says:

    I got it working on My psp 3004 ver 6.00 3g model…Just updated it to 6.20 downloaded 6.20 pro-b8 and installed it..Great games are working..Thnk you very Much..

  32. bhiggz says:

    need help! im using psp 2000 2g i upgrade mym psp from 5.50 prome-4 to 6.20 PRO B4. the games and saved games are perfectly fine but i cant access any thing in settings menu because when i do my psp shuts down so i cant plug my psp to the computer exept when i toggle it using recovery menu. how can i fix this issue?

  33. Tyler says:

    ummm the website to download isnt working..

  34. Jayson_manalo06 says:

    hey dude ? i don’t know how to put perm patch ??
    and i don’t know where to put the themes ??

  35. Trivedi Tanish16 says:

    Is the 6.35_A is better or 6.35_B4 is better

  36. Rk says:

    Thanks :) This is a great website. It simply rocks :)

  37. ahem says:

    i download perma patch and it freeze my system settings

  38. sovelrd says:

    if i want to upgrade to 6.35 pro B5, are the way is same?

  39. Amitbassi Ab says:

    And how to play games . i cant run games please tell me how to do it. plz

  40. Underjob69 says:

    can someone help me??

  41. psxlover says:

    can i still play psx with this firmware?

  42. Rexmcrh says:

    hmm….just asking
    i just downgraded my psp from d4 to d3 (5.50) to load a fully completed save file of svr 2011
    now the game won’t even launch
    with this firmware i will be able to play the game…but will i be able to use the saved file? 
    btw, the saved file was made with 5.50 d3

  43. ffff says:

    gosh all you people are NOOBS. thats what YOUTUBE is for. For all your questions.