PSP Custom Firmware 3.71 M33 Released!!


3.71 M33 Released!!

PSP Custom Firmware 3.71 M33

M33 / Dark_AleX have worked yet another Custom Firmware wonder by releasing PSP Custom Firmware 3.71 M33 today.

3.71 M33 by M33=Dark_AleX

Changes in 3.71 M33:

– Now uses 3.71
– VSH Menu is not longer launched using HOME key, but using SELECT now. This is to not
interfere with the XMB function of home, which is now more useful in this firmware.
– Psp Slim: umdcache was allocating memory even when homebrew was launched, wasting
memory that homebrew programs may want to use. Now umdcache module is stopped before
it can allocate any memory, only in the case homebrew is launched.

Also, memory is unprotected for user memory usage by M33 core (only when homebrew is launched).
Developer, for a sample of how to use the extra memory, see the extra ram sample of the M33 sdk.

– Both version boot now from 3.XX ipl, and are independent of 1.50.

The main installer will not install 1.50 kernel anymore.
A 1.50 kernel addon for 3.71 M33 that will install inside 3.71 M33 will be released in a
few days (for fat only)

Note: due to some changes in kernel nids by Sony, you can expect a lot of kernel plugins not working anymore.
Programmers: refer to the sdk readme for details.

So there you have it, Time I think to visit the M33 website and donate.

Download: (You need both files. Read the readme.txt file in the M33 zip for instructions)

>> Our Forum Thread for Installation help, 3.71 discussion etc is HERE

***Update: For the newest M33 custom firmware please go here  ***

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  1. Nate says:

    hi guy’s new psp user here, just need some help how can I access the recovery mode? my psp version is already 3.71 m33-2 when I bought it then I tried to access recovery mode but it does’nt work also I installed 1.50 add on it will go as far as to show me a black screen then it says ” this program only works on standard psp” is there any other way for me to access recovery mode?

  2. Vbgolf says:

    I can’t find where you download the file…

  3. Vbgof says:

    One more thing, my psp fat is running 3.95 official firmware

  4. Shady says:

    Hay Guys I was Wondering is there any custom firmware to run umd dumper without pandora battery?? send me a email plz

  5. shane says:

    FFS so many nubs askin tha same fckin question, yes u need a magic memory stick and pandoras battery to downgrade ur psp to use CFW

  6. Re:some guy says:

    Go to yu tube search ‘PSP CFW’ all yu need to know.

  7. Luke says:

    Can someone please help me? i have official psp firmware version 3.95 and how or which custom firmware do i download so i can play cso games?

  8. Luke says:

    and i have a normal psp, not a slim if that has any impact.

  9. PSP-Lover says:

    Can someone help me how do you download this?

  10. skeftomilos says:

    Hm,foolish things,I can find tutorials on youtub!

  11. Knight says:

    Hi i kind of have psp slim with a custom firmware 4.05 which i upgraded without a backup, now could pls some1 tell what to do from the start cuz i just bought a new one and have no idea abt all this, like wat should i download do degrade it and how do i put games in it.Pls sum1 help me……….

  12. Qwertyuiop says:

    can u download custom firmware on psp slim

  13. i dont want to stupid hack i need to download

  14. and
    ur psp can get damaged when u make a little mistake in hackin thats bad:( mine got hacked:(

  15. ok if u like basketball go to its fun

  16. tell me ur name if u getin one k??

  17. Just wondering, im going to update my PSP from this firmware to 4.02m33, but when i do update it, ive been not starting it because the updater looks too much like the official update and i dont want to go back to the official because i paid someone $50 to CFW it for me, and i REllY dont want to go back to official firmware.

    so if the installer screen is supposed to look like the official installer, please tell me, and whoever answers, all help is appreiciated =D

    thanks for your time, BB-C

  18. spike says:

    how do i download psp game’s and put them on my psp thx for helping

  19. tteizeen says:

    is this compatible for my psp 3.93. please explain.

  20. Sanjay says:

    Hi Just Bought a PSP with 3.71 M33 & a m\new memory stick.
    How do i install ISO games using my new memory stick

  21. Justin says:

    Just wondering, how do I get the custom firmware on my (slim) PSP (I have 3.71)? And is there a chance that it could crash my PSP or make it unusable? I’m doing it to try to play original playstation (PS1) games on my PSP.

  22. shash says:

    hi I have a psp with version 4.01 can I downgrade it to 3.71 without using pandora battery.plz help.dark_alex PLZ do something.

  23. samDman says:

    can someone pls help me i hav no idea wat any of this means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls tell me weather we can upgrade to ANY custom firmware without making a pandora battery ???????? all i want 2 do is to play iso/cso games thats it. rite now im usin official psp firmware 5.02 which i got from NETWORK UPDATE so could someone pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! type step by step instructions wid links to get the downloaads pls!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

    REMEMBER: my parents wont let me mess wid my battery or anything.

  24. Élizé says:

    Like all the others, I would like to know how to put Custom Firmware on my PSP Slim.
    If theres a way to do it without an Pandora Battery (I tried to do one but didn’t work:P) and without and Magic Memory stick.

    Or, If its possible to do it without a Pandora battery but with an Magic Memory Stick.

    Its to be able to run UMD dumper!

    Thank You

  25. Ronnoc says:

    i av 5.03 ofw how do i get 5.00 m33 cfw w/o pandora

  26. Monnifer says:

    Great quality stuff.

  27. jesse says:

    where do I download this and does it give ur psp any viruses?

  28. CrAsH says:

    how to delete custom firmware from psp?

  29. pieretr says:


  30. Mark says:

    Manish i pretty sure that you cant hack psp3000. Not yet anyways.You will have to wait till they find a way to hack the psp3000…

  31. lil ariez says:

    hey…i upgrade my psp fat to version 6.60 and i thought it wil improve my psp, but after that i cant play any games, what should i do? anyone can help me solve this prob….thankssss

  32. pspclaimer says:

     if you’re at 6.60 and you don’t have a pandora battery use “Pro CFW” (google it) and you can install it on psp 6.60.
    Pro B10 is now out btw