PSP 6.39 TN-A Hen released *UPDATE*


Well it seems that has released 6.39 -A now that there is a public kernal exploit.
It seems to be a port of 6.20 TN-E (fix) but it does notes that there are some known bugs fixed.

It notes that this is not the return of Total_Noob, but only offers a choice to 6.39 users instead of using PRO/ME, and is mainly for TN fans out there. Anyway, you guys have been waiting for a TN release, now enjoy it.

This HEN supports as always PS1 Games, Plugins, Homebrews. ISOs are not supported, use them with aLoader 1.25.

-Same feature like 6.20 hen
– FIXED GO FREEZING BUG (while connecting to flash)


HacKmaN updated the TN HEN!

-added support for game categories & Dayviewer

Download: 6.39 TN (HEN) 11 June Fix
(6.39 TN (HEN) 11 June Fix - 427.6 KiB - 23,335 Hits)

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  1. Notal_Toob says:

    great news! well done Andy…just got it in my psp…working fine…i am not a professional or something like u but i wanna suggest u, ISO/CSO built in support wud be more appreciated..i got 6.60HEN (neur0n’s HEN) and it has a iso/cso support but its not supporting ANY plugins,,,
    anyways, i enjoyed a lotttt with ur old skool TN HENs….u can say great old days…
    btw TN u rockss!! wish u a more success in ur future development….

  2. Yomama says:

    PS1 game support is broken, apparently. Same with 6.39 TN Xtended.

  3. Ali says:

    mother thanks