PSP 6.20 Save Data Exploit Released. Hello World 6.20 Download.


Well its out, what you have all been finally waiting for! You’ll need the American Patapon 2 Demo below and the save game exploit below. A PSP with official firmware 5.50 to 6.20 OFW will run this. I can confirm it works on my PSP-2000 and PSP Go. I will post a video up soon of this. Yes it works on PSP-3000 too, all PSP models!

Download it, run this and enjoy this new breakthrough thanks to Malloxisand wololo. Hold tight for an Eloader release shortly for this Save Game Exploit and you’ll been playing homebrew in no time on that PSP Go or any PSP with 6.20 FW. Good days ahead and just in time for Easter.

Update: Wololo has just posted that Malloxis infact leaked this exploit, He found it, but Wololo wrote this exploit and Malloxis has just decided to release this trying to get the all credit. An eLoader isn’t ready yet for this exploit. Source: Thanks Ninja88 for the info.

How to run this:

Copy the save game UCUS98732_DATA02 to your save game data and the demo to PSP/GAME on your mass memory or memory stick. Remember to copy over the whole folder UCUS98734. Now the binary h.bin needs to be placed in your memory stick root or mass memory root (PSP Go)

Download: Patapon 2 Demo (USA)
(Patapon 2 Demo (USA) - 99.2 MiB - 113,149 Hits)

Download: PSP Save data game exploit for firmware 6.20
(PSP Save data game exploit for firmware 6.20 - 140.8 KiB - 74,088 Hits)


Discuss this further in our forum: Patapon 2 demo save game exploit for FW 6.20 FAQ and discussion

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  • 123Will456789

    Help! I started up Patapon2 and opened the SaveGame. Once I did that my PSP froze for a few seconds and then shut down. BTW It is a PSP 3000 running 6.20. PLEASE HELP!!!

    • muzicghost

      my psp 2000 did same…. did u paste the bin in ur memory stick root?

      • delano960

        My Psp did the samething and i would like some help too.

  • Foxhound

    Works fine

  • lolplolp

    I have psp-3000 with 5.50 OFW

    and i will wait until a hack is found
    but if a hack found for 6.20.. will i have to update to 6.20? although this “hello world” worked for me :D

    • salabrite

      wat is the effect if it works?

  • psp3004ofw5.50

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    We can now download and play all new or old psp full ver. games for free.
    Sad news we have to pay $29 as membership fee…..but i have a plan…..
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    For more info visit—>
    1.http:// sony psp go centre. com / (remove spaces)(this is the website)
    2.http:// www. fevergame. com /2010/04/is-psp-go-download-center-the-best-psp-game-download-site/

    • psp3004ofw5.50

      this thing works……… CFW… is needed………..this is for all PSPs whichever OFW….

      • psp3004ofw5.50

        http:// index-4.html

      • salabrite

        actually..someone please tell me wat is the purpose of this exploit??i’ve tried and it works..(as shown in the video…)

  • skylinekid17

    If someone has a PSP 3001 running 6.20 let me know if any emulators are running. The PSP I had gotten came with 6.20 OFW (so if you buy a PSP 3000 brand new you will have 6.20 OFW). The only eboot that works for me is the “Hello World” and nothing else. Other eboots (emulators) just freezes the PSP system and it shuts off. I recently visited a site where it gives you an update on the work being done on the exploit. Here is the site if you want to get direct updates from the developers themselves:

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    • psp3004ofw5.50

      how to put CFW on PSP Go!!——– what rubbish!!!

  • karter1288

    hey guyz don’t believe in it is an spam site ,It will only give links to torrents site only (.iso) format so we can’t put that in our unhacked psp and also don’t waste money and time in it

  • viper5400

    what can you do with hack? play iso and cso games?

  • psp100

    awit guys i nedd help cause i was able to run this thing easy with no problem and yesterday i found that you can run n64 emulator on 6.20 but i forgot how to install this caue when i run it i just return to the xmb so do i delete the hbbl.bin?

  • amaraen

    Hey PSP100

    When you wrote ” I found that you can run n64 emulator on 6.20 ” did you try it yourself or was it something you saw or read somewhere?

    Please let us know so maybe we can all try all emulators and see what works and what doesnt.
    Any input may help the developers as well.

    Also there are Homebrew Games and Emulators that work with this exploit =) so keep adding to the list

    .. This might be it – Just a little more time and someone will get a CSO working – and… Done

    • psp100

      exactlyi saw videos on it and i wanna test it myself to see if it is in fact true the only problem us that i forgot how to put this exploit casue if i run it it just takes me back to the xmb and heres the video if u wanna check it out

  • psp100


  • amaraen

    Awesome PSP 100. Please write a little instructional on how you ran the N64 Emulator and ROM. This will help all of us.

    Here’s what’s possible as of April 30, 2010

    All PSP OFW 5.50-6.20 (Including GO) Only working Exploit: Patapon FileSave Demo
    Allows the Half Byte Loader (r65) to Loead Homebrew + Patch Update

    Running Emulators

    GameBoy GB & GBC
    Super Nintendo
    Nintendo 64
    Sega Genesis
    Sega Master System
    Neo Geo

    If anyone knows of useful apps or games also add to this list:

    Multi-Die Version 1
    PSPident v0.4
    Simple Turn
    Chuckie egg
    Rubik’s cube

    Thank you all – i’ll update this again once more info comes in

  • ColinL96

    how do i get the revisions for download. (im a noob sry)

  • psp100

    well in order to run it you need to download the files from this video then you just install the files run it like usall run the exploit then it will take you to the menu and then take you to the emulators press the only problem is nnot all roms work with it only some are working

    • dragonkiller1121

      can u tell us noobs what to do and put everything.

    • dragonkiller1121

      PSP100 can u plz help.. can u put up a video show how to do this.. wat have just dun

  • muzicghost

    i got it 2 work but where do i place games so i can play?

    • muzicghost


  • GieseMan

    For some reason every time I try to download the files, it won’t work! Help!!

  • anviljustone

    can anyone send me a demo of patapon 2 the link is out…. pls pls thanks!

  • innocentgee

    hi am prince and i jus bought my new psp go with FW 5.70 wht CFW is availabe for me?
    am feeling boring and even regreting on buying this psp because i dnt knw how to install games apps themes and other stuffs but according to your blog u said i can do it unless i have install CFW on it.
    pls can anyone give me a complete turtorials on all this things where to download the CFW and how to install it.
    any one with any answer can reply me via [email protected]

  • retlaw92


  • xxWarHero1423xx

    Tested it on:

    3001 OFW 6.30: Save didnt load. Said corrupt
    2001 OFW 6.20: Froze and crashed
    2001 OFW 5.50: Froze and crashed

    Not sure if this works.

  • seng29

    my psp 3000 and how do i update 6.20….

  • seng29

    can u help me out to update 6.20

  • mamaw

    Just install the latest GEN CFW because it is able to play 99%of the games available.
    Seriously the comic thing and the mysense is that important?
    read the thread of pspgen where it says that 6.10 and 6.20 CFW won’t be able to play much games because sony made 6.xx FW to know if CFW is installed so, DO NOT UPDATE TO 6.xx FW

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  • jmkjmkjmk1000

    will other region work

  • jmkjmkjmk1000

    works 100% for me

  • saee85

    I copy the Game on the Game folder for the PSP Go
    then I copy the Save game to SAVE DATA folder.
    when following the steps the loading game was failed !!!!!!
    how to solve it.

  • saee85

    note :
    My PSP Go
    System Software : Version 6.30

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  • [email protected]

    Hi, I tried this hack, but i can’t seem to find the h.bin file. where is it?

  • PSP 5.50 FW

    does this work on PSP 3000 5.50 FW? please help anyone

  • PSP 5.50 FW

    anyone help, why it only stops to that part? how will i know that it works? does the version changes? it stocks at the black screen only… then nothing happens …

  • PsP 3001 6.20….(Damn!)

    Ok I just need a answer Yes or No. Does this work for PSP 3001 OFW 6.20? Please….If you know pleeeese answer my query….TNX

  • namae


    On my psp it says the model is 1004, will this work ?

    • namae

      forgot to say the FW is 6,20


    Hey everyone!

    So I got teh Patapon exploit to work and I can get to the Wagic menu screen just fine, but what can I actually DO with it? I’m not sure how to get any ROMs to where I can play them. I’m kind of an old fogey and my kid got a new psp go and this old PSP was just alying around and I thought it might be fun to play the old games I used to play as a kid. Any help would be fantastic!



  • RoCkStAr

    after i load the psplasma file ..the screen is getting struck at the screen saver..someone please help me out,..,..,wat shld i do after the screensaver is loaded….

  • Panosmav1

     it says the save faid

  • Guest

    does it work on CFW 6.60 PRO B10??