PSP 3D Plugin v2.0 released!


The Developer PSPWizard has released an update to its popular Plugin PSP3D.
This update is compatible with more psp games but not with all, only those that have been listened below.

-Added support for:
-Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.
-Jack & Daxter: The Final Frontier.
-Army of Two: The 40 Day (flashes).
-FIFA 11.
-Eater Gods Burst (flashes).

-L and R buttons pressed consecutively activate the 3D effect.
-The arrows on the right and the left regulate the intensity.

Complete list of all supported:
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Metal Gear Solid – Opps
Metal Gear Solid – Opps +
Star Wars Battle Front 2
Death Jr.
Tomb Raider Legends (very bright)
Prince of Persia – Revelations
Prince of Persia Rival Swords
Ratchet & Clank
Ape Escape
Vulcanus – Seek & Destroy
Gru, My Favorite Villain
Ridge Racer 2
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Jack & Daxter: The Final Frontier
Army of Two: The 40 Day (flashes)
Eater Gods Burst (flashes).


Source: via the german site

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  • Ascender

    Good game list. Keep up the good work

    • Madman

      Good for nothin worst plugin ever :X

  • PSP4ever

    WOW! So good work! Yes Keep up the good work.

  • WOW

    Eater Gods ^^ LOL

    • skylinekid17

      haha that’s hilarious…@PSPFan…there is a typo lol It supposed to be ***”Gods Eater Burst”*** not “Eaters Gods Burst”

  • Frezzno

    My favo plugin. Please add 3d to Phantasy star portable 2 also.

  • Yoshi King

    flofrucht, it’s “God Eater: Burst” not Eater God Burst.

  • jimbob

    hi what cfw does it work on tn e?


    what kind of glasses do you need?

    • jimbob

      it supports 3 kinds red blue(cyan), red green and red yellow i think you can change them in game by hold down start for 5 secs

  • jimbob

    put cfg and prx in seplugins folder in root of memory stick. next time can some include the game.txt and vsh.txt needed as noob like me who hasnt used this for ages didnt know what was happening and making them from notepad didnt work, dont know why maybe i used word pad. the text line ms0:/seplugins/psp3d.prx 1 is needed to be placed in both or maybe just game.txt but i did both. tested on tn d and pro b5 6.20 works fine. theres miles more games than this work, just try em. note button activates the plugin, hold down start to have in screen mebu to activate deactivate and change glasses type etc. really cool plugin, excellent update, shold be more popular with better instrauction and with txt files included and definatley should come top 2 if not win genisis comp.

  • santiago ruel

    will this plug in work on nba 2k11?

    • ::;)8:$($99@&@:&)&66&

      no, because basketball is for homo’s

      • Orax

        You’d know!

    • Anonym

      Can’t you read? Not in game list means will not work. Get it? Trolls will shoot questionss like that!

      • Aaron

        *Are gba games supported?*

        *insert sarcasm font here

        Yeah that shit gets to me too.

    • noob catcher

      shut up noob and read the game list

  • Enterprises

    Is this working on Gran Turismo? because i want it #D then Play PSP Via TV

  • se7en

    Its Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier

  • tadapapaya

    to slow on fifa 11. but thanks

  • BitFighter

    Hope this plugin will support Persona 3 Portable sometime down the road. Would be interesting playing in 3D with my new glasses.

  • bob

    how do u activate 3d?
    what does consecutively mean??

  • pepSIZ

    can someone tell me how to put these files????

  • school-now

    now all we need is 3D glasses, that will help.

  • scythe

    rubbish plugin

    • Convetor


    • plerr

      troll detected!

  • annson08

    this would be greater if some mini games are also supported like strikers, angry birds, etc. the ones that really doesn’t seem to have alot of work

    i would also like to request to support metal slug, fightnight, ace combat, would be hardcore if i could see the boxers/tekken fighters oudside my screen haha

    ps. thankyou Po(k.fu panda) for saying Hardcore so Awesome!!!!

  • Vaxon

    Does it work on emulators?

  • sai

    doesn’t work on mine… it stuck at the gameboot and then it shut down….
    can somebody help me.. im using 6.35 pro-b5

  • TheD0ct0r

    Hey, how do you get this to work? I’ve been trying and trying to no avail.

  • shinichi456

    1. copy psp3d.prx and psp3d.cfg and put it in seplugins.
    2.type in game.txt this. : ms0:/seplugins/psp3d.prx 1 game you want.
    4.hold start for the menu. note to activate.
    6.sorry for my english

  • gohan9689

    why does it shut my psp off whenever i start the game

  • estk07

    bakit ganito alang kwenta kaya di nanalo ang baduy!

  • someone

    hey how to get it to work and do u need 3d glasses?(Reply)

  • James

    hi it’s not working on 6.39 why ?

  • Bestuir Robert11

    sino maruno gumawa psp patay ang model 3000 ang virsion 6.90…. pls….