PSP 3D Plugin v0.2. Play PSP games in 3D


Anmabagima has released version 0.2 of his PSP 3D plug-in. Waiting for a 3DS? Well this plug-in will give you some 3D action on you PSP while you wait. Support for more games, improved stability and new 3D glasses supported.

PSP 3D Plugin v0.2 changelog:

What’s New ?
Compatible with Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Compatible with Star Wars Battlefront 2
Compatible with Death Jr.
Compatible with Tomb Raider Legends
Compatible with two new types of glasses:
Green / purple
Blue / yellow

List of games compatibility :
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Death Jr.
Tomb Raider Legends
Prince of Persia: Rival Swords
Prince of Persia: Revelations
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Source: PSP-GEN

Thanks Dimitar for the info!

Download: PSP 3D Plugin v1.0
(PSP 3D Plugin v1.0 - 110.3 KiB - 9,094 Hits)

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  1. seow says:

    Hahaha suck it 3ds :p

  2. Ayanami-chan says:

    Ah, this seems useful, but eye-straining after a while.

  3. aian says:

    arrrg cant find my 3d glasses! :D

  4. this is pretty cool but i realy want a mame that can run xmen and simspons

  5. ♣zx♣ says:

    cool! please update this so i can play monster hunters in 3d.!

  6. Mr. StrAngeR says:

    thats cool. wish i had a decent pair of 3d glasses. all i got at these clear lense “chromadepth” 3d glasses that basically just make the color red pop out

  7. Geoffrey66 says:

    I have 3D glasses with blue and some kind of brown…

  8. the_4thdoctor says:

    I’ve got the glasses and games,gonna give it a try..Hope I don’t get a headache….:(

  9. PSPdude says:

    Aww! not compatible with 6.20 TN-C :-(

  10. PSP-2010 says:

    Can someone confirm that this plugin-in works, its lke taking the piss out of 3ds xD

  11. mrPOWND says:

    is it compatible with 6.35PRO?

  12. psptuner says:

    all the games work with psp 2004 6.35PRO (the games of the list).

  13. Avnit says:

    its not working!!! i try it on TN-C and try the game Prince Of Persia Revelation.Nothing is happening!!im asking me the question how can a plugin make a game become 3d? don’t you think there must be a kind of application like homebrew.

  14. Wrath says:

    I might give this a go on my 5.50 prometheus 4 firmware. I still kept the real 3d glasses from the movies when I saw tron 3d.

  15. heCtor says:

    ok….so its workin but when d plugin is enabled other games like fifa 11,split second,midnigh club larimix……..stop workin!!!so every time you want 2 play some newer games the plugin has 2 be disabled….at least thats the case wid my psp 3000 5.03 gen-c……hope ths bug is fixed in d next release…….and more games that are supported please…..!

  16. thepunisher says:

    does it work with real d 3d glasses

  17. MarvelouzX3 says:

    dam this sux….I Need to have 3D Glasses to see this….but just wondering about something…Nintendo 3DS does not need Glasses so is it possible to make 3D on the PSP with out Glasses…???

    • Adrian_1538 says:

      Not really, because the 3DS’s top screen is made of a special screen. It displays a red and blue image at the same time, but because of some sort of barrier (i think its called parallax, or something), the images appear as 3d. The PSP doesn’t have this barrier and it doesn’t display two images at the same time (without this plugin)

      • Yoshi King says:

        The 3DS has two cameras that track your face and eyes… it doesn’t have a secret red and blue image

  18. MafiaCobra says:

    It This Plugin Could make my psp in low graphics and speed and effect in my psp hardware ????/

  19. AeroToxin says:

    if you have RealD 3D glasses, get a red and blue permanent makers. color the left eye(the lens on the left like when your wearing them) and the right one blue. it should work.

  20. s says:

    make this compatible with 6.35pro and add video support along the compatibility to use real d 3d glasses and this might be a good plugin

  21. bonnet says:

    i tried this yesterday but when i run this on Prometheus ISO loader the loader doesn’t work any advice please.. thanks….

  22. kid0 says:

    Copy “psp3dv0.2.prx” & “psp3d.cfg” to your seplugins folder.
    Add a new line to game.txt, for example:
    ms0:/seplugins/psp3dv0.2.prx 1
    Restart your PSP (or HEN)
    Run a supported game
    Put on your red/cyan anaglyph glasses
    Press the “Note” button to activate
    Also added in v0.2 is support for different colour schemes, which should be set to match the colour of your 3D glasses. Open psp3d.cfg and you’ll notice a new directive called “COLOR_MODE.” The following options are accepted:
    R -> red / blue
    G -> green / purple
    Y-> yellow / blue (also known as ColorCode3D)

  23. Cortland says:

    Doesn’t run on my PSP Go 6.20 TN-C if i try loading the supported games it just goes black screen. In my plugins folder in game.txt i wrote the same line with the ‘ms0′ or is it ‘ef0’?

  24. Jhonatan says:

    It Doesn’t work on my PSP 3000 6.20 TN – C i did everything they say n when i run the PSP iso loader the psp freezes n then shuts down :[ n i choose with 3 dif game prince of persion rival whores , Rachet n Crack size matters , Metal gear Portable ops n the same problem …. any one tell me what m i doing wrong here : [

  25. the_4thdoctor says:

    Runs fine on my Phatty(5.50 GEN C) Gonna try this mem stick in my 3000 later today(Gotta shovel as we have one hellava blizzard happening here today…)

  26. Anonym says:

    sigh i don’t got 3d glasses

  27. werf says:


  28. Jhonatan says:

    well i dont have UMD’s only one i have is need for speed carbon, god of war chains of olimpus , rachet n crack size matters n well the problem is like when launching the game from the iso loader it just goes black screen n nothing it freezes n then shuts down and even pressing the note nothing dont work : [ anyone that have this running on a PSP 3000 6.20 TN-C please reply

  29. johhny says:


  30. Sidd says:

    I played Prince of persia rival swords and how do i activate the 3d mode..
    I enabled the plugins what else?

  31. Razyo says:

    This work on 6.35 PRO A ?

  32. ps3p says:

    how do u install this

  33. psp go player says:

    Does it work for psp go ?

  34. thansk man it help me so much and i love 3d games

  35. grey says:

    will this be compatible w/ 6.35 pro
    -a4, if yes pls. send me some steps on how to do it,,,,,,[email protected]