PSP-3000 is no rumor, its real!

PSP-3000 is real, FCC listing proves this

PSP-3000 is real, FCC listing proves this

Looks like the PSP-3000 rumors are indeed true as a FCC listing confirms that Sony is working on the new PSP-3000 model. This doesn’t however confirm the PSP-3000 spy photos released earlier are true or not. But it does confirm that Sony do have the new model in the works.



So when will Sony break the silience and publicly confirm the unit as well as let us know the new specs? We can only hope that Sony will finally add some decent battery life to the new unit as well as maybe 802/g wifi, built-in mic + video cam and a internal flash drive? Is that that too much to ask for?

Spy photo: Alleged PSP-3000 design sample.

Source: FCC

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  1. PSP-Fan says:

    Nice news, I really hope Sony do a decent job of the new model, and not just release some slightly lighter or smaller unit that is cheaper to make and Pandora proof. And call it a PSP-3000. That would suck….

  2. 713TEX says:

    Yes that would suck.

  3. dimy93 says:

    I want fm radio in the new model-how my old telephone se k750 can do it but the psp can’t.The camera is just a dream but I think that the microphone is possible.It would be good if sony make the sound of the psp louder.

  4. Datt says:

    all those things are great and all…. but dont we really want a second analog stick instead?

  5. PSP-Fan says:

    A second analog would be great, but i doubt it…

  6. dimy93 says:

    There wouldn’t be second analog because this is psp3000 not psp2 so every game that was released on previos versions should work on this and every game that is going to be released for psp3000 must work on slim or even phat

  7. XpanD says:

    I wonder what this’ll be like, but I probably won’t buy it. Sony’d have to add some awesome features AND give it a low price to make it interesting for me.

    I’m still waiting for the actual PSP2 though :)

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  9. Gurbz says:

    Im sitting this one out, or it its worthwile ill wait until someone hacks it. Anything is hackable, it just takes time.

  10. Gurbz says:

    Sorry for double posting but As psp-Fan wrote about decent battery life there will probably be something since they took out the etended battery not too long ago. Either way theres going to be a major change to batteries to stop homebrew hard mod probably.

  11. @ Gurbz says:

    Its been a hell of a long time and the PS3 is still not hacked, unfortunately.

  12. distorteddiggaz says:

    what? the ps3 is hacked. It’s called Linux homebrew. I know the actual firmware hasn’t been but it’s too risky. you can’t unbrick the ps3 unless your dark alex or something.

  13. Neil says:

    65nm chips maybe? Based on photos I’ve seen of a dissected PSP 1000 and 2000, their chips look identical – both 90nm I’m betting. Sony’s discontinuing the extended battery kit, so it’d make sense.

  14. FR says:

    Unless it’s not pandora proof, and has enough features and an attractive enough price, I’ll stick with my Slim.

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  16. Simon says:

    802g Wifi is unlikely. If you look through the test results, it lists it as 802b.

    Also, it uses the same battery (PSP-S110).

  17. PSP-Fan says:

    Good point. Yes 802.11b it is looking that the FCC test. I agree to with niel maybe they will have a nice low power consuming chip now?

  18. Jesse says:

    Honestly, it’s sad to see folks getting their hopes up. I imagine all they have planned for the new model is making it harder to hack and perhaps adding anti-piracy features. That and maybe moving the antenna or something like that.

  19. lol says:

    lol i just bough a slim

  20. Danel says:

    its gona happen we know that. all the other sites say its all ready in production. witch is good. My psp is funked up any way so

    chillax its happening

  21. PSPbl0g says:

    I too would like a built in FM radio! Its annoying having to be close enough to my router just 2 listen 2 Radio1! My old Sony cassette walkman can do better than that! (so thats what im using for radio) lol! i have a Phat now and might upgrade 2 PSP 3000 ( but i might stay with my PSP-ive grown attached lol) P.S i got K-750i too!

  22. XpanD says:

    To everyone who’s wondering what the new PSP will hold feature-wise, check this out:

    Yes, there’s actually a wiki page about the new PSP, and it’s filled with decent info too. :P

  23. matt says:

    would you be able to use a pandoras battery on it just not make one????

  24. asssony says:

    It’s just to get people from modding, which sucks cock, cause who the hell wants a psp with 40 disks when u can load it right off the mem card?

  25. XxGamerxX says:

    Why the heck would the PSP need a second analog stick? I mean, is it really that hard for you guys to play games without it? For me, it’s not that hard considering that the PSP is the only Sony system I’ve ever owned and I own mostly Nintendo systems (that’s why I’m used to one analog stick).

  26. Aldrasio says:

    The second analog stick is mostly used for camera. It makes it a lot easier without a fixed camera.

  27. me says:

    i am not going to get a psp 3000 it is unhackable for now

  28. cooll says:

    hey how to unbrick psp 3000 please tell me

    In german:hey wie kan man unbrickieren psp 3000 bitte