PSP-3000 inside out video


This rather cool video has surfaced on youtube. A PSP-3000 being disassembled and re-assembled in time lapse fashion. Well worth a look. Still no break through on this model being hackable. Its still unhackable, just like the TA88 v3 motherboard.

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  1. AppleKiller says:

    i can disassemble faster just give me a hammer and crazy glue. anyone selling a psp2001 not hacked yet cant find it in stores and my old one i messed up during diassembly and broke the power connector and failed to solder it back on

  2. tg says:

    So, since the psp-3000 isn’t hackable(yet) and I might get a psp soon, which one should I get? psp2000(slim) or psp3000(brite) what are the chances that the psp 2000 I get will have the pandora proof TA88 v3 motherboard?

    Anyone know??

  3. gurbz says:

    Don’t go with the Blue psps in America atleast and you should be good to go. Go with the slims( red, silver and white or better yet, black) if your planning on getting one modded.

    Colour doesent really matter though since you could always replace the outer shell with a different colour by buying it off of acid-mods or watever

  4. franco says:

    i bought a psp 3000 series the silver version can i install a anyversion cfw or what emulators can i use any other cool stuff to it then normal would i need that tool battery?

  5. tg66 says:

    as of now, no custom firmware has been made for 3000. so far it is unhackable

  6. strangero says:

    psp slim 4.01 off-the-box, can this be modded to other Firmware version that can play downloaded games etc.?

  7. tg66 says:

    @strangero: It depends on the motherboard that it has. Which one does it have?

  8. Sweet video, thanks for sharing!