PSP-3000 Homebrew Enabler user & kernel mode


One more step closer to homebrew on the PSP-3000. PSPGen are working on a Homebrew Enabler for the PSP-3000, enabling both user and kernel mode homebrew. While the site is in French, translation tells us that with the use of HEN-A homebrew enabler, kernel and user modes will be possible. You will of course need gripshift :( Which is now reaching over the 100 USD mark on amazon and ebay!

Translated from PSPGen:

Indeed, she found a way to activate the Kernel mode and, quite logically, to successfully install a HEN which allows the use of the advantages of a Custom Firmware without having to flash his console. Homebrew and launch games in ISO format.

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  1. Mason says:

    I have found a way to hack the psp.but u need firmware4.21.connect ur psp to the computer ur psp folder n delete two files,namely common and system.then try to keep your iso/cso files in the game folder.

  2. Hummer says:

    Just release the hack! The firmware 5.03 patched it so it is no good to you. Anyway millions of people are waiting everyday hoping for that one day when it is FINALLY RELEASED.

  3. nik says:

    does that mean it can work on psp 3004pb

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  5. nhaza says:

    i try so many time.s but the checken2 is not realy working for its just frezze out and then my psp just turn off…. what did i do wrong help please………………