PSP-3000 HEN will not have ISO / CSO support


Davee has posted that he will not be implementing CSO or ISO support on his up-in coming HEN / Homebrew enabler for PSP-3000’s and Ta88v3 motherboards. Why? Mainly because davee has not been able to get M33’s permission to use their modules to would enable iso & cso support. Also because of davee’s stance on PSP piracy via ISO’s..

You won't be loading ISO's

You won't be loading UMD ISO's

Here’s what davee posted today on the M for Mature forums

I assure you I have absolutely no intention of adding ISO/CSO loading at any stage of HEN. HEN will have next to no features of M33 except patching the firmware for homebrew. My initial idea was to load the M33 firmware and modify but I couldn’t get into contact with M33 for permissions to use their modules as of such I am using my own reverses.

To All:

To everyone begging their asses off for ISO support you can easily forget it. Even if I was to add it, about 50% of M33 is for ISO support and frankly I cannot be assed reversing that just to feed the pirates and the minority who actually use it for personal backups. I also believe you people are being incredibly ungrateful about there being no ISO support. For one, I have a homebrew enabled PSP 1000, I have no 2000 or a 3000. I should be technically studying for my exams but I still take the time to create this HEN for you folks. I think you need to take your time and realise what you’re saying.

We agree that ISO support will just feed the pirates out there. Homebrew support on a PSP-3000 will be great!. Although it is nice to convert that UMD we brought into a CSO/ISO for faster load times off the memory stick…That’s an added bonus but that leads to piracy and its killing the PSP. Well that and used games which are just as bad if not equal in the eyes of game developers.

Source: M for Mature Fourms

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  1. This One Guy says:

    and if the pirates are so piratey they should all just go sell their 3000s and buy 2000s.

  2. sicntwistd says:

    you guys need to stop and be gratefull for what you have i cant wait for homebrew for my psp 3000 they have good games on homebrew like counterstrike, doom, and quake 2 what else do you need davee is my hero

  3. Karnbmx says:


    let there be order here (couldn’t help saying that). Davee is working his ass off trying to provide us with homebrew to play on our late 2000’s and new 3000’s. So lets just be grateful that we will have a HEN by Tuesday (Wednesday for me since I live in Australia). Sooner or later, someone will devise an iso loader and eventually M33 support.

    So lets just manage with what we have got and hope for the better. Davee keep up the good work.

  4. Rick says:

    For gurbz, No i’m not in a third country are you!! But What i was trying to bring out that went way over your
    head was, It comes down to piracy period and i don’t have to prove my self to you or anybody. All ‘i’m saying is if this programer is having a change of heart and feeling bad about piracy. Then he should not
    release it at all. Not talking about not adding iso/cso because it is piracy to sony. But then he is making software to do all the other systems. But you are one of those people Mr.gurbz that don’t no jack shit but have a comment about everything. And what i ment in my last post is if people are wanting to get their fix on piracy and they can’t get it from the psp, then look into other systems. And I would like to know how many original games you have, let me guess you have all original copies for all your systems. Man if i heard that one befor, if you were legit you would not be hear with me having a pissing match. So yes I still have my Atari 2600 my Gba my ps1 my ps2 etc So why would i need an emulator or what ever. Be cause it is fun to do or you would not be hear either. But if this programer is saying he won’t make his program iso/cso ready, because of piracy. And then give a spech on how it hurts game company’s then he should not condone it at all.That was my point so are you from a 3 world country because you would have got the point of my post stupid ass

  5. This One Guy says:

    ENOUGH the man says, give him a DB

  6. romantic24 says:

    i knew, davee already know how to install CFW on psp 3000, I saw it on youtube, he posted video there entitled “PSP Slim Hack Part 1.”, yet he did not post any tutorials.. His PSP 3000 with version 5.00m33-6. Pls davee, share us how you do that, cause we want play ISO games.

  7. Jigga says:

    Whats the point of this hen if u cant load iso/cso? I wont bullshit, i do want to play cso/iso on my psp. I dont understand this Davee guy. He’s says he’s against piracy, yet he makes something that opens doors for piracy. He needs to get his shit straight.

  8. Jigga says:

    Dont worry everyone, when he releases the HEN, I will work on modifying it myself so we can all enjoy the psp to its fullest potential.

  9. romantic24 says:


    ,,, tnx bro,,, pls update us when you already know how to install CFW on our PSP 3000…

  10. PSPFan says:

    We have just had to remove to many stupid comments.

    We will close the comments if people continue to spam this post begging and asking for ISO / CSO support or to release HEN now. Its out when its out okay. Will we post it on the website here when we know. In the meantime please be patient and why not do something else rather than spam for HEN.

    Repeat spammers will find themselves and IP ban. You’ve been warned.

    – PSH Team.

  11. ervinivin says:



  12. yehuda says:

    ei guys… what games can i play if this hen is released… “not talking bout iso’s” how to use emulators… pls give sites and instructions how to use emulators… for example gba… plsss.. so that i can download files now while waiting… plsss….

  13. Everyone says:

    So much hypocrisy on piracy.

    Sony has to thank the Playstation piracy as Microsoft would not be anything without the piracy!

  14. Rexx says:

    really wanna play nes,snes,megadrive n all… dats possible rght?

  15. Rexx says:

    by the way… i think sony’s gonna patch this with 5.04… n the psps released with the new patch won’t be possible to be hacked at all?

  16. davee says:

    PSPSlimHacks I would appreciate it if you would reframe from stirring up the PSP community. There will be no ISO loader as I do not support piracy. I almost feel the need to encrypt the IPL in order make sure nobody will release a iso loader for HEN. At the moment HEN is almost complete. While I should be studding for my exams I will have HEN released on Tuesday in the USA / Wednesday here in Australia.

    Please check our forum for the release as it will be posted there.

    If you have any questions please post them on our forum.


  17. vic says:

    Davee i got to say from the bottom of my heart, youre like a god **** broken record… i for one am not gonna respect you, or give you any more attention past this post, but i hope you know how pathetic you come off/are… “i do not support piracy” you keep saying this, yet youre gonna release a thing like HEN which allows people to Emulate things like the GBA/NES/SNES/etc *basically the other half of psp hackers =P* which in no way is different than the ISO loader *all of those titles their stealing, you can say are older but Nintendo is still selling games like super mario brothers 3 in the Nintendo shop, and Microsoft is selling a lot of others too so this is in no way different…* but i will say this much Davee, you MIGHT have some skill, but anyone who cant see what Davee is trying to do is, get people to Feed his Ego/God Complex a Classic hacker Mentality *much worse than any pirate will ever be* you can tell thats his point because, he stirs up the community be explictly mentioning several times, that he isnt gonna release it with the ISO loader *a person whom really wanted to help people out would do it AFTER its released* and to justify why you “god” davee decides that anyone whom uses your HEN is subject to “god” davees will, be it “no piracy” *again ignoring earlier statement, on how ISO is completely different =P* because “god” davee feels thats wrong… not only that he wants to make it a crusade! *war on terror anyone* to justify why he doesnt want to, add the loader… and finally thats TWICE NOW you have mentioned “While I should be studding for my exams” which is clearly to justify that youre trying to get the “filthy pirates” to think more of you, and act like youre doing us a Service! so pricks like you go GTFO…

  18. Super Mario says:

    Agree. Dont play god, be the creator!

  19. BeliEveR says:

    Well, to all of those ungrateful bodies here, all i can say is why you just can’t acknowledge what this person (Davee) have shared to everyone…This homebrew support for PSP3000/TA 088 is quite good enough, knowing that you are not giving this person even a penny, except those who have, so just be thankful, for there are still good Devs spending time this…

  20. Hackababy says:

    Davee where r u going to post the file??/

  21. davee says:

    I’m not davee

  22. DA says:

    I give up hacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. mAtiaz says:

    *uc% u DA!You ain’t hacking!

  24. DA says:

    I quit hacking d psp3000 because of sony’s pressure and also becauz oF miriam

  25. MaTiAz says:

    somebody know this fake mAtiaz??????????? who posted on comment # 73

  26. MaTiAz says:

    somebody know this fake guy in comment # 73??

  27. MaTiAz says:

    See , he/she ‘s trying to copy my signature style of typing my name!
    Hey mAtiaz, can u please confirm ur identity!!

  28. mAtiaz says:

    woooow gO eAsy on me sorry dude for trying to imitate u!

  29. P/Supt. Franklin Mabanag says:

    Is this a piracyscam or what??

  30. phil says:

    no one has enough money anymore to buy games for psps or anything like tht its a recesion for fck sake and no ones making anything easier

  31. gurbz says:

    PSPfan I suggest you should also block out immitators, Its quite annoying, and I’m sure everyone else finds it annoying too.

    @Rick: I gotta say, that was probably the hilarious reply I’ve seen ever. Seriously, you should work for comedy central.
    “All ‘i’m saying is if this programer is having a change of heart and feeling bad about piracy. Then he should not release it at all. Not talking about not adding iso/cso because it is piracy to sony. But then he is making software to do all the other systems.”
    Okay I honestly have no clue what your talking about. He ISIN’T HAVING A CHANGE OF HEART. He has had this stance since the BEGINNING. And just because there isin’t ISO/CSO support doesen’t mean the HEN is useless. There is plenty of other stuff to do, more stuff you could probably do in 10 years, of course thats over YOUR head because people like you are too stupid to realize that homebrew isin’t about piracy, Its about applications built by us, for us. Homebrew brings out the true potential of your psp, but most of these applications are fully legal, whereas downloading games is illegal since they were created by developers who created it, packaged it, designed it, and marketed it.
    “. But you are one of those people Mr.gurbz that don’t no jack shit but have a comment about everything. And what i ment in my last post is if people are wanting to get their fix on piracy and they can’t get it from the psp, then look into other systems.”
    Like I said, your once again saying that a system is completely useless unless it can be hacked, and if it can’t be hacked and play pirated games, another console or handheld that can is more worthwhile. That is the most pathetic comment I have seen in my life. Homebrew is more than pirated games, theres more stuff out there that you probably never even looked at.
    Oh and my mistake, your not part of a third world country, your more of a 11 year old who is obsessed with the idea of free games rather than the fact homebrew has more to offer than pirated games.
    Alright I’m tired with this rant, I’m just going to stop replying to this thread, people are acting way too stupid and have obviously not even checked out homebrew for all its worth. For those who are interested head on to the forum and look at tutorials.
    Yeah thats it I’m done.

  32. gurbz says:

    news on OFW v5.50 has now been released everyone

  33. sam says:

    i dont care what all these assholes are saying on here about you not icluding ISO Davee and Matiaz; I think its pretty damn cool how youre hacking the psp thanks bros,

  34. subzeroX says:

    @gurbz You sir, KICKASS.

  35. RedPepi says:

    that still cool, we could always go back to the past and use devhook (homebrew port for loading isos, dax, cso) when dax’s m33 didn’t even exist :) hope davees’s homebrew enabler will get access to kernel

  36. ToastedConor says:

    I don’t really have a clue what’s going on but when the HEN is out I will be buying a PSP 3000 on the condition that I can play SNES games. That is all…


  37. Djakodjakodjako says:

    We’re actually talking to you, Sony. You’re grateful. We’ll buy your games, and we’ll access a lot of great free and unlimited software. In your vision, we’ll buy your games. It’s up to you. Stop blaming your failing on others: make good psp games.

  38. sam says:

    lol you think sony’s in this forum somewhere bro?

  39. Djakodjakodjako says:

    Sony. You’re ungrateful. We’ll buy your games, and we’ll access a lot of great free and unlimited software. In your vision, we’ll buy your games. It’s up to you. Stop blaming your failing on others: make good psp games.

  40. P/Supt. Franklin Mabanag says:

    Obstruction of justice u sick wacko!

  41. P/Supt. Franklin Mabanag says:

    I’m a police officer r u trying to scam ???

  42. ETHELCAINTA says:

    I luv my psp 3006

  43. sam says:

    ur all nuts

  44. DarkHorizon says:

    I would like to thank any and all people involved in making this even possible on the psp 3000, i was really unimpressed when i got mine. but i appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice gone into this HEN : )

  45. sam says:

    exactly darkhorizon – i second that

  46. bortz says:

    can i play psx / gba / nin64 games on this upcoming update?? if so, hell yeah! i don’t really care about the cso/iso i’m happy w/ my 2 umd’s (MHF2 % TDR)….. all i want is to play psx & nintendo games god i miss my consoles (they’re dead!)

    thnx for the HEN! more power!

  47. Dominic says:

    Hey its already tuesday… n hen is not released yet… i think this is HOAX…

  48. yehuda says:

    can u give me links 2 download good games for psx/gba/nin64… and some titles 2… im new in this app.. pls

  49. Honkymagoo says:

    All I actually want to do with my PSP is get some emulation on it. I do buy my PSP games since I’m a bit of a collector anyway (plus they’re fucking cheap.) The biggest thing for me is running PS1 games so I’ll be slightly disappointed if I can’t. Either way this is huge news since I thought even this step would never be reached.


  50. Kane says:

    There’s still 14 hours left of Tuesday, at least in EST. Chill buddy