PSP-3000 hacked, sorta


But not by Dark~AleX. Guess who?

out of all people have “cracked” the and booted it with a new .

Lite Blue TOOL

Lite Blue TOOL

Compatible with the PSP-2000 and 3000, it goes for $19.99 in the UK and $29.99 in North America late this month.

BUT! There’s a catch. This battery doesn’t actually install CFW on your PSP.
From Alek:

1. To have a LED indicator ON, doesn’t means that you can install cfw or hack anything. Remember 088v3 mobos? Right.
2. It’s spreading like a timebomb that it can be hacked and so on. Well, what any user can see is an interesting campaign to promote an article that is not yet released. It would be interesting to see.. how about an old “hello world” like on Noobz time, instead of a “buy today” call?
3. Just to remember all this things up, LED indicator ON and nothing on screen means directly what Dark_AleX explained here about the preIPL.

So, don’t be tricked by another scam by Datel to steal your money kids!.

Thanks for the tip, Naruto.
Via, Maxconsole

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  1. yazza says:

    so what is this, is it a working pandora battery for psp 3000?

  2. simon says:

    Yes, and no.

    It can boot the PSP as a Pandora, but it won’t do anything.

  3. Jesus of PSP says:

    Well I hope someone ripps of their work (Liek they did homebrew devs) and makes a pandora for the psp-3000. Then again Datel could be pulling all this out of their arses!

  4. PSP-Fan says:

    Still it could be the breakthrough were all looking for when it comes to the PSP-3000. Will have to see once its out?

  5. naruto says:

    Well, no one has baught it (yet) so we don’t know. But I’m gettin this to try and hack the 3000.

  6. VoXeR says:

    I hope this is the thing we need…
    To make the 3000 hackable :P
    Even though this doesn’t really hack it, it could prove the last pieces of the puzzle… Maybe? xD

  7. gift-fathers says:

    Its is an pandora, however its the files we need on our memory stick (or if they will need to change it for this motherboard) to install CFW which is the problem. We still need that dump inorder to get pass the 0x000FFFF factor of the psp to hack it

  8. naruto says:

    They already did. They extracted the chip that holds the IPL and dumped it. That’s why they said service mode was capability was embedde din it.

  9. tg66 says:

    But why would Datel sell something that they knew didn’t do anything? That would be a waste of money!

  10. tsukasa2600 says:

    To get stupid noobs to fall for it.
    It still works for intalling cfw on the slim, just not the 3000, right?

  11. FR350Z says:

    It’s a step forward, I wonder if I can convert my normal jigkick battery into one of those, with a phat PSP.

    The problem is now, the IPL.

  12. gurbz says:

    I’ve never understood Datel. Only an person who doesent know how to mod a battery themselves or are too lazy to do it themselves would buy from them. As I’ve seen on QJ and PSPFanboy, it seems that everyone is talking about this thing. Truth is, Datel’s a bunch of credit stealers and they prolly call them selves ” innovators”.

    Has anyone even tested it out to see if they are bull****ing or is it authentic?

  13. simon says:

    It won’t work.

    You still need to get around the pre-IPL. Not possible yet.

  14. admiral says:

    ive always wondered not if or why they are selling a “fake product” or any of that, the thing ive ALWAYS wondered was, how do they get away with selling a pandora battery, or “tool” besides fixing bricks, and installing custom firmware, it doesnt do anything else *atleast that i know of* and in all reality, if youre fixing the brick youre gonna install the custom firmware, so basicly it supports hackers, which is why ive never understood how sony lets them sell it, or how they think they can get money off a item, that lets face it, unless someone looked into what it did, would never figure out or be able to use ever…

  15. naruto says:

    @Gurbz: No one has. It’s released next week in the US/UK.

    @Simon: Which Datel said they did. But we don’t know if they’re lieing or not.

  16. PSP ruler says:

    Look at what I just found! Note From Datel:

    “Although there were early indications that the PSP3000 had embedded Service Mode capability, it was clear that silicon level investigation would be required to understand the new mechanism.

    Once the target IC had been identified, our engineers then de-capsulated the device and prepared it for hi-resolution SEM imaging.

    The engineers then used circuit extraction to reveal the additional service mode only encryption functions which were not present on earlier generation PSPs. In order to be compatible with these encryption functions, Datel created an advanced IC controller which will be put straight into use in their newest service mode battery technology”

  17. naruto says:

    That was in the Maxconsole article. I was wondering if anyone read that part of the article at all. The chip(s) they removed was the Pre-IPL. That’s why they can use service mode on the 3000.

  18. tg66 says:

    the whole thing still feels fishy to me – datel didn’t show any photos of the PSP 3000 in service mode, just a psp with a green light which DOES NOT mean anything. The ta 88v3 mobos showed a green light but it did not work. So we’ll have to wait and see what hackers say on November 28th. : )

  19. wwwater says:

    Why Nov 28th?

  20. naruto says:

    Because that’s when they able to be bought.

  21. gurbz says:

    If this works imagine you can bet on a new era of homebrew applications for the microphone

  22. tg66 says:

    If this works, I am going to write a killer-game for the psp 3000. Maybe a game like “Halo 3 for psp” The graphics would be amazing!

  23. tg66 says:

    does anyone know if this will work on ta 88v3 motherboards in the slims?

  24. leer238 says:

    will i will buy this and find out if it will work if it works on the psp 2000 and kinda on the psp 3000 all you will have to do is dump 401 and 5.00 and make the cfw that way and i will hack the psp 3000 some how if some one will not do it be for me i will get it done.

    ps: do not get your hopes up i do not now if i can do this at all but i will find out after x miss that is win i will get the psp 3000
    and i am a good hacker if i am prvided the programs
    my emill is [email protected]

  25. Beast says:

    I think I’ll just wait for this item when someone already bought it and tell us if it works on them lolx Well…. First Person always win! lolx hmmmm I wonder anyone would buy it becoz the previous selling like Hot Cakes until softmod was introduce btw will This version of Softmod will be available?? Nothing is Impossible rite?!!

  26. Wolf says:

    Well, it’s certainly one step closer! I wonder if it will ever be hackable. :)

  27. navpreet says:

    this message is 4 every 1. im gettin a psp 3000 for christmas. then im gunna buy the datel battery. then use it. if it works or dusnt work i will tell u.

  28. me says:

    IT WONT!!!!!!

  29. uknowwhoisl says:

    why not just keep psp 1000 2000 cuz evry body knows how to chip them easily

  30. JeffHardy says:

    So did da battery work?

    P.S.i typed dis on my psp

  31. 50cent says:

    yea did da battery work?

  32. god of psp says:

    can psp 3000 be hacked

  33. badbear says:

    any news on hacking the psp 3k?

  34. makubex says:

    yow…. Can we have updates for the hacking of psp3000?

  35. Dark_Alex says:

    There is no cfw for the new PSPs.
    Just return them to where you bought them.
    Fuck Sony by not buy this device.

  36. darby says:

    god u fucking asswipe sony company people u fucking suck i hope one of you who helped in the making of the motherboard comes clean about this damn code

  37. PSP GAMER says:

    Y does nt sony jst sell thm hacked they would
    way more people buying them …

  38. PSPHACKER says:

    It’s a scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam i tell’s ya the psp can not be hacked with this

  39. crus0e says:

    can I download full games in my psp 3000 yet??