PSN and online features available to you on 2.02 without updating


Who wants to go online and download some new updates to their games? or play on PSN? and keep your exploit running? I know I do so the people over at has found out that you can go on PSN without updating to the newest firmware by using a proxy server.

Only thing IS that you will need a computer and have It kept on and you will need to connect through WiFi (this may or may not be possible through Mobile Network update soon to come on that one) So this will allow you to do all that you want to as If you updated except of course the wonderful update of nothing.


Note: Just to clear some confusion; you can use Vita FTP or any internet connection within the PSP Emu without doing this as using the internet (as long as you do not attempt to access PSN) does not attempt to make you update. This guide will help you access PSN and it’s features.

1.Download the psp2-updatelist.xml for your specific region: Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Europe. Save this file to an area that is easy to remember and easily accessible (Desktop for example).

2.(Optional) Rename the file to “psp2-updatelist.xml” (without the quotation marks).

3.Download and install Charles Proxy.

4.Obtain your IP Address. To do this:
•Windows: Start -> Run -> CMD -> ipconfig. IPv4 Address is what you need.

•Linux: Use the command line “$ /sbin/ifconfig” (without quotation marks).

•Mac: Apple Icon -> System Preferences -> Network.

5.(optional) If you do not have a working WiFi connection then create one on the Vita then move on to step 6. If you already have a working WiFi connection move on to the next step.

6.Open the Advanced Settings on your WiFi connection. Scroll down and select Use Proxy Server then enter your IP Address and the port “8888” (without the quotation marks).

7.Start Charles Proxy on your Computer.

8.Restart your PS Vita and connect to the internet. The best method for doing this is by using Connection Test (Settings -> Network -> Internet Connection Test).

9.Charles Proxy should locate ““ and ask whether or not to accept this connection. Click Accept.

10.Navigate to psp2-updatelist.xml (as pictured below):

11.Right click on psp2-updatelist.xml

12.Select Map Local. Under Local Path select the file you downloaded in step 1 then save and close.

13.Right click on psp2-updatelist.xml again and select Edit.

14.Select the Query String tab. Click on Add.

15.Under the Name type in “var” and under Value type in “02050000“ Note: This is for the current Firmware and will have to be modified with the next Firmware update. It will look something like this (ignore the sid):



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  1. skylinekid17 says:

    Is it true that this will cause a possible ban on your PSN account? I tested it and it worked fine but then I just updated too 2.05…..

    • ferrjimenez says:

       It doesn’t matter if you have 2.05 in the end because…. That new hacker tomtomwutever; who hasn’t released his NEW exploit/ PSN game title. Said that he would ONLY release his new exploit after the next update and not 2.02. And I heard that exploit use of homebrew is better than any released. So you did good updating since he is releasing that exploit for this new update. Make sure u catch it!

      • skylinekid17 says:

        Yea no doubt. I’ll catch it. Pretty much check up on Wololo’s site whenever I’m online to see the lastest. I am guessing that this only gives more time for Total_Noob to work on the XMB to be launched within the PSP emulator once another eCFW is released (which will happen again in time).


  2. Wow, that’s nice. Too bad I updated already…

  3. Stretken says:

    when im already download on my psvita but the icon of uno is not appear what should i do?

  4. Sdfsfsdf says:

    play classic arcade games like mario, sonic, pacman so much more!

  5. Tonakai says:

    I wrote that. :D