PSCRYPTER. A homebrew app to sign homebrew eboots in OFW!


PSCRYPTER signed app, lets you sign unsigned eboots for OFW!

Wow, the PSP scene has just been mad lately..A good mad. The greatness continues it seems with yet another breakthrough. This time its a signed homebrew application, that can sign’s other homebrew eboots (unsigned ones) all while in Original Firmware (OFW). So you can try this on *ANY* unsigned homebrew application, games and emulators. You name it. Sign your homebrew! Thanks big time carlosgs for this handy application!

The EBOOT signer itself can be signed and it works, so people with OFW can try to sign and test the EBOOT’s they want.

I have mixed the crypter code by “bbtgp” and the unpack-pbp.c and pack-pbp.c from the SDK.

I have named it “PSCRYPTER” though that doesn’t matter really.

ISO Loaders, 6.20 HEN can’t be signed. However many, many homebrew apps & games can. Almost everything else. Try you’ll be surprised at what you can now run on OFW :)

Source: Wololo Talk

Download: PSCRYPTER v2.0 (Signed)
(PSCRYPTER v2.0 (Signed) - 5.4 MiB - 14,830 Hits)

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  1. […] online gaming support. In addition to these updates the HEN has now been signed (which we have been seeing a lot of lately) so it no longer needs to be run through the Half-Byte Loader and Patapon 2 demo exploit.Here is […]

  2. Jyoumon22 says:

    what version can this work on

  3. Joey says:

    Hmm, awesome.

    But when I tried this it just shut my psp off..
    And the signed eboot isn’t there ;/

  4. ClockWork says:

    didnt work 4 said i had an error -1 or something

  5. DaGr81 says:

    i tried this on 3000 with 5.03 OFW …… this runs successfully but the signed eboot doesnt. The signed eboot doesnt run…(error: game couldnt be started)

  6. Fausto says:

    “can i sign iso/cso games with this PSCRYPTER?”
    No, because it’s, indeed, a dumb question…
    It signs EBOOT’s only

    as Cthulhu says, another idiotic query and inconsequential question.


  7. Me says:

    Probably a dumb question, but since the article wasn’t clear on this: Will it sign PS1 eboots?

  8. guykild says:

    Nice now we only need to be able to convert isos to eboots and sign em and we are ready to go :D PSP Scene hasn’t been so alive since DarkAlex this is aweome!

  9. Key says:

    How can singed I copy the Eboot it can’t load :((

  10. kr00k3dg0d says:

    this psp signer works with 4 MB or less size of eboot file.. so you better check the size of the eboots you guys are going to sign… I hope that future release of this signer will support bigger size eboots … thanks all!

  11. coco says:

    is there a list of emulator eboot..PBP that successfully signed?

  12. P4R4D0X says:

    Unfortunately, CFWEnabler for 5.04 firmwares can’t be signed properly… (yep, still waiting to pops support and proper iso loader (OpenIdea iso loader, working one would be nice :) )

  13. angel of darkness says:

    hey every one

  14. Venk says:

    Will this work on OFW 6.37

    • PSPUP says:

      It Works On Ofw 6.38 but when you put it on ofw you have to have it inside of a folder you can name the folder anything you want it just has to be in a folder

  15. Sage says:

    gives an error when I start it up, ugh. (6.20)

  16. Sakura Storm says:

    This worked on OFW 6.39!

    Going to try a lot of other EBOOT files!

    Thanks so much for this!

  17. mday says:

    sorry noob here but how do i instal; and use this?

  18. Sky says:

    will it brick or damage the psp? i have psp 6.60

  19. 1up says:

    If the signing fails it should just say corrupted file, like a unsigned eboot on OFW.

  20. Guest says:

    This does not will not and cannot work i have tried with many games from psn downloaded games to my own umd backups to minis and none of them work i even tried the ones for the pc and still nothing so dont waist your time with this it is useless i even went to youtube and did exactly what was shown and still failure and furthermore where and how do i obtain an eboot.pbp from an iso and dont say iso2eboot because it only makes iso and cso files and so you know i used a psp with OFW and CFW and nothing would get signed so WTF

  21. Guest says:

    Also when i tried my own umd that i backed up i put it on my ofw psp and it said something about copyright being infringed so what does that mean it makes no sense if i signed it i even tried prxdrcrypter to sign and unsign and i still get failure if your going to make something to sign psp games for ofw psp then make sure they work and no i am not going to use cfw on that psp because its a 3000 model and the cfw for that is out sucks if i could install gen cfw on it i would but these HEN things are not stable and cause more problems than what their worth

  22. ExGiygas says:

    Anyone have an idea as to whether or not Super Mario War on the PSP can be signed with this?

  23. Poop says:

    canthe new s4inexcraft 2.1 be signed

  24. guest says:

    can the new s4inexcraft 2.1 be signed with this

  25. Tushar says:

    i have 6.60 pro b-10 so can i sign it i need it very urgent………..