PS3 Jailbreak being ported to PSP via PSGroove port



There’s been a lot of fuss lately with the PS3 Jailbreak and now it seems that PSGroove (The open-source reimplementation of the psjailbreak exploit for AT90USB and related microcontrollers) its being ported over to the PSP. There is a work in progress that you can download (Below) And the guys behind the port claim that it can’t jailbreak your PS3 yet…But they are working on it and its going to take some time. Mathieulh (Developer behind PSGroove) has posted via Twitter that a PSP port is possible.

Maybe we just might have a PS3 Jailbreak / PSGroove via our PSP’s ?? Hell its already been done via the Nokia N900 Aka PSFreedom

So what are your thoughts? Do you think the guys behind this port can do it? Bring the PS3 Jailbreak PS Groove to the PSP?

Download: PSPGroove - PS3 Jailbreak WIP
(PSPGroove - PS3 Jailbreak WIP - unknown - 13,688 Hits)

Source: Elotrolado

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  1. viked says:

    i have no idea wat this jailbreak might do??

  2. Jhazky says:

    Didn’t the guys from pspgen said that this is fake?

  3. d33eniz says:

    Just google it dammit^^
    Jailbreak makes Homebrews bootable, so you COULD play ISO’s or start homebrew applications, as example a SNES emulator or something like that^^
    PS3 Update 3.42 is already out and I can say that it’s not possible yet to use Jailbreak anyways with FW3.42.
    But yell yeah, CFW is finally coming to PS3 :D :D :D Our men do a great job :D They’ll kick Sony’s ass- unhackable? Not in this world…

  4. TheKeiron says:

    If anyone has an Android phone the ps3 jailbreak has been ported to some Android phones!!! Your phone needs to be rooted though so you can install a custom Kernel, check out this spreadsheet on google for a list of compatible phones:
    original xda developers site:

  5. fly1ng r4bbit says:

    so there MIGHT be a new CFW on PSP?

    • PSPFan says:

      Err no! This has nothing do to with CFW on your PSP (Only that you need a cfw PSP to run this eboot)…Its about running a jailbreak hack on the PS3 via your PSP. So you can then run user code on the PS3 which equals, homebrew apps/games and emulators etc. PS2 emulation!

  6. DAud_IcI says:

    No, if It just let you use your PSP as a tool for running unsigned code on your PS3. To enable a CFW for the PS3 possibly.

  7. usernamegeneric says:

    But yell yeah, CFW is finally coming to PS3 Our men do a great job They’ll kick Sony’s ass- unhackable? Not in this world…

    ***yell’s yeah!*** :-P

  8. Gamble_STARS says:

    hehehe this never happens to Microsoft, Sony, im sorry but Xbox prevails…..but i do love my psp

    • wdfowty says:

      WTF are you talking about? This “exploit” only came to be because some guy STOLE the code/hardware to make this happen…the only real work he did was writing the backup manager…and he even stole that!

      And what do you have to say about the Xbox JTAG exploit? You know, the reason you’re running around with 10th prestige? lol

      Do some research please, you look like a fool, wit cho pants on the ground. lol

      • skylinekid17 says:

        10th Prestige means nothing unless you can prove yourself in a game for those who cheated there way to get there via the exploit. I have some exploit for my PS3 to do that but its not worth my time. Lol

      • Gamble_STARS says:

        It is rare to find people to hack on xbox…microsoft patches that stuff the day after it is released….i know, since im usually downloading updates for my 360…BTW i love that song lol

      • wdfowty says:

        @skylinekid A video game should have nothing to do with proving yourself. It’s a game, it should be fun :)

      • skylinekid17 says:

        True! But some people take the fun away lol. A great example of a game that was once fun is on PSP: Socom Fireteam Bravo 2. People just ruin the games with the codes. Just an example nothing against CFW. I have it and use it the way it was meant to be used. I think I strayed away from the topic lol

    • Pendragoon says:

      The 360 has been hacked to death, it is almost as hacked as the PSP. Backups are in full swing and have been for many years. (and yes, people still play them online, even though MS bans them on occasion they just keep coming back) The Wii is also severely hacked, the PS3 was the last holdout of this generation and it held out much longer than anyone thought that it would.

      • Gamble_STARS says:

        yeah you’re talking about pirating…MS stays on the ball when it comes to people even glitching….MS never makes a big deal over it because they can ban and patch it quickly……since Feb of this year, thousands of games have been IP banned for using expoits…Can’t outsmart Bill Gate’s company lol

      • dmoney2456 says:

        dude my first game on live was hack cod 4 super speed randomly dying. why would i wan to pay 60 dollars for something hacked? it took them 4 years to hack the ps3. 4 months to hack the 360 and the slim is soon to be hacked i went to a store yesterday and told me to check back in 3 weeks to a month for a 360slim mod

  9. dmoney2456 says:

    is this safe to use i put it on my psp but im worried it might brick my ps3 or cause a problem?

  10. Yoshi King says:

    The PSJailbreak has also been ported to the TI-84 Plus calculator if anyone still has one of those lying around. Also, Sony just released a system update that currently blocks said jailbreak

    • wdfowty says:

      It’s also been ported to the Nexus One and HTC Desire phones. Should be launchable via recovery soon.

  11. Gamble_STARS says:

    Doesn’t matter if Xbox was hacked in 4 months, it took a mod chip to do it….simple software upload to the PS3 was all is needed. Sony took too long to get a update out, MS constantly does server updates to prevent that crap, sure some people get by, but they get banned in a matter of days or weeks…….CFW is nice, but use it offline, don’t bring it to online gaming….be mature

  12. […] trying to port the PSJailbreak to the PSP. Dont know if it will work or not. Still working on it. PS3 Jailbreak being ported to PSP via PSPGroove, PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks I didn't do it!!!! I swear!!!!! But if I did, I was justified!!!! Reply With […]

  13. Orical says:

    Gamble Stars, boy you do get around lol I was actually surprised that this would matter to you considering you don’t like hackers…

    Anyways, I hope the port happens soon, it’s not like I get on the console that much anymore but I would like to try this out before I do an update…

    • Gamble_STARS says:

      Like you said I don’t like “hackers” people who use Mkultra and Nite pr….i own 4CFw psp’s and one OFW psp…..I only use my CFW psp’s for homebrew and emulators, and i make my own apps, but never will be released

      and @jett im not a fanboy, I love all systems, but some are just greater than others and make more money…..Sony loses $70 for each PS3 made, imagine the the greater loss they will have when people start pirating. MS makes up that loss w/ their MS Office sells, Windows Mobile Phones, and basically everything else. At the end of the year, they, usually sit at a surplus of $3 billion even with all the pirating….thats good buisness….I loved Sony before the Xbox came out, but now, i’d rather pay for excellent service rather than receive free mediocre service. I mean with my Live, I have free Netflix, and get other free stuff I would not get on PS3, but I do like that, I don’t have to pay for my PS3 online, oh yeah, thats right, I own a PS3, but I like my “BOx” of Lucky Charms better lol

  14. Jett says:

    Hm. No doubt. I’m smelling Xbox fanboy blood here. *grrrr.* ;)

    Well, this is a breakthrough, but it would really be a painstaking effort to bring jailbreak on PSP. But damn, am I excited. Ps2 emulation on my ps3.?! At long FREAKING last.!! ;D

  15. mrrws says:

    cool hope this comes out soon

  16. Orical says:

    I don’t really like the controllers on the X-Box to be honest, I have always liked the PS controllers and personally I just don’t see any reason to pay my ISP for service and Microsoft for a system I don’t get a chance to even play with in the first place.

    Its pretty well known that Microsoft has always had their fair share if issues with pirating, I can go on any wares site, break out a calculator and tally up the amount of software they’ve been ripped off of and I’m more than sure it’s in the billions by now. Sony actually did a really good job over the years keeping things like this at bay but as I was taught a long ago ” If anything can be made by man it can also be undone by man. ” It was only a matter of time before it happened but X-Box did get raped really bad there a couple of times so I wouldn’t say that Microsoft was ahead of the curve…. Maybe just use to it by now, at least the X-Box owners are paying for lost sales threw the subscriptions hell it’s almost like the government not taxing the rich if you think about it. OK OK rant over enjoy folks…

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