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PlayStation Vita TV was released on the 14th of this month and someone already has emulators running from the TV I know, It’s just display but you would think that there would be some sort of  security block to prevent ‘Unknown sources’ from being displayed but whatever. You guys remember CFW on PSP right? Pandora batteries? MMS? (Magic Memory Stick)  ok so what about Mathieulh? I remember his work, he did a great job, and when he found the PSP master Keys In the PlayStation 3 system lmao.

Mathieulh bought the Japan-only PS Vita TV, was beta testing TotalNoob’s upcoming TN-v4, and still using It – he found out that you can run TN-V on the PlayStation Vita Tv, despite that the PlayStation Vita TV has low rating’s as far as game compatibility and what service’s It offers, This makes the Vita TV ten times better!

TN-V is a homebrew enabler running in the PSP emulator of the Vita (and now Vita TV). It lets users, among other things, run emulators for the major “old school” consoles, such as the GBA, SNES, Neogeo, megadrive, NES, Nintendo 64 etc…

Let’s just hope that Mathieulh will become big Into the Vita scene.

TN-V Is responsible for loading plugins, homebrews and even PSP backups. On Mathieulh’s twitter page he shows us pictures of hombrew being played on the PS Vita Tv

BZi0s4KIIAEBrQz.jpg large BZjAAWTIAAARt43 BZjAXdfIQAA0W3o.jpg large



BZjES1oIMAEWmptIt’s says at the bottom of the picture “This application cannot be used with the PS Vita TV system”

Here Is a prime example of that some games just aren’t playable through the PS Vita system…


Source: Wololo

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