PS Vita to be released tomorrow!


Tomorrow is the big day in Japan, the PS Vita release. It sold out in minutes in pre orders and the day has finally come that the PSP successor is out. A lot of questions in the air ? Will it be hacked in the first week? We already know that SKFU has released some PS Vita PKG tools. It will be interesting what unfolds.

We also ask out readers to please vote on the following polls below concerning the PS Vita. Should we cover the PS Vita here? We have a dedicated PSV Hack website. But should we merge that site with PSH and create and all-in-one source for PSP/PSV hacks? I’ve had a few messages from users saying we should as the PSP scene is quite and many of us will be getting a PSV…

So please vote and have your say!

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  1. aweso me says:

    Happy PSV Japan! :3

  2. DISTRACTION says:

    What about Europe…next month?

  3. Pirate says:

    woah!! that’s fast!!
    i wish i have money and buy an PS vita
    but i doesn’t have that much money
    and also the game is to much expensive to buy
    so i’de rather wait for PS VITA hack then buy one XD

  4. mamaw says:

    I am currently saving money for a new console and i have a dilemma, what is better to buy, PS3 or PSV???

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  6. erfan says:

    I think Android OS can port to PS VITA + 3G = PSPHONE :D

  7. PSPFan says:

    If aanyone really wants a PS Vita you can order one now from for 525 USD + shiping your looking around 560 usd for a wifi only PSV…Not cheap!

  8. ?????? This...... says:

    Why there’s no for for “Yes, I will buy one when it release in my country” in “Are you going to buy a PS Vita?”, the second option is kinda shows that we are really into pirate game than into supporting the game developer

  9. beaner says:

    i hope they hack the s**t out of the vita. F sony

  10. james braselton says:

    hi there yeah psp vita i had psp 1000 but dont look cool psp look alwsoume epic failed big time soo hope fully epic susess for psp vita looks alwsoume i like too have my consoles look alwsoume

  11. james braselton says:

    hi there psp go epic failed

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