PS Vita Sells more than 321,000 units in 2 days


Sony has sold over 321,000 units in just 2 days according to sales reports from Famitsu. This was fithy thousand short of the Nintendo 3DS which moved 371,000 in the first 2 days. However it did beat the PSP’s record which is something Sony have to be pleased with. The original model when released in 2004 in Japan moved only 166,000 units in the first two days.

The 3DS might have moved more than the PS Vita in the first two days, however 3DS sales took a dive in the first week. Forcing Nintendo to lower its price tag. Will the same happen to the PS Vita? Its doubtful, with a huge line up of 24 games for the  PS Vita  launch. It expected to continue however Sony executives have admitted it will be a real challenge in maintaining sales over the next few years. *Not if they release some huge title in the coming years….

It will be interesting to see the world sales figures once its released in North America, Europe and other pal regions come February 22nd.

Source: Famitsu

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  1. PSPFan says:

    Sign if I was in Japan I would have brought one too. But Play-Asia and other importers can eat there 525 UD price tag for the non 3G version..

  2. Scherazard says:

    Hell Yeah!!

  3. Thrawn says:

    I could pre order a vita in my local electronics store XD, they have put up a stand with pre order boxes of the 3G and non3G version which are apparently 10% of the release price.
    I’m NOT gonna get one, cause the vita’s price is bound to drop a few months after release :)
    The rivals are too strong for them to keep up their price tag, I mean i could get a tablet pc for less than 150€!! Then install the stuff I want, (I love you steam) and wouldn’t need to ruin my eyes on that tiny vita screen.
    More to say, I could do with my tablet what I want, not what sony wants.

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  5. Gamer76 says:


  6. Acid_Snake says:

    PSV will win, I havent seen anyone buying a 3DS lately, but many people I talk to say they will get the Vita at launch

  7. Fsfejffklmfae says:

    psp vita is the coolest game system ever invented in 
    the world (: