PS Vita running Picodrive Megadrive emulator



has managed to run a Megadrive emulator in the hacked PSP emulator side of the . This is using ’s save game exploit. Its still work in progress and Wololo is working to port over aka to the PS Vita. The above video speaks for itself, Sonic and Knuckles playable via emulator Picodrive. This is great news. Wololo has outlined there is still a lot of work to do and has discovered a few possible road blocks on the PS Vita.

Wololo on this:

This is technically HBL rising from the deads, running on the PS Vita, and loading the picodrive emulator. Usually I would show you the entire loading process, but you’ll understand that some of the things I do (in particular the exploit used) need to be kept under wraps until the whole thing is made public (if it is ever made public, read more below). I hope however that given my reputation on the PSP scene this won’t be categorized as a fake, please understand that I can’t show much this time. Picodrive is one of the easiest homebrews to run on HBL for some reason, that’s why I’m using it in my test. People who’ve used HBL a lot in its early days will recognize the sound glitch, this is some 22kHz sound being played at 44kHz, or the other way around, I can never remember. That’s because the PSP emulator is using PSP’s firmware 6.60, for which HBL’s syscall estimation code seems to be a bit useless. (I am still pending some reply from Teck4 to see if it would make sense to “officially” involve more hackers on this port, and see if we can fix those syscalls problems. For now, as far as I know I’m the only one who made it that far on the Vita, and I feel kind of lonely on this new hacking scene ^^).

Read the whole account from Wololo here

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  1. Mark11 says:

    You the man Wololo, I just hope your PS VITA doesn’t ever get bricked :). Also, never quit the PSP Scene for reasons like fans are disrespecful, cause they are just trollers, we all appreciate your hard work :). Well, I’m hoping he ain’t the only person who has reached that far, as other people may be trying a different approach to hacking it, you never know- but you are definitely the most trust worthy and who helps the public have homebrew (not ISO/CSO, just for EPIC emulaters and apps), we should have the same previllages that Android and apple users have. but on the psp, as now it has touchscreen :D

  2. Acid_Snake says:

    I just hope this doesn’t lead to piracy

  3. Dwayne Reid says:


  4. Gamer76 says:

    Awesome! Keep up the good work guys=D

  5. Xboox99s3 says:

    Awesome stuff. I hope there will be a way to port the psp emulator for use on computers.. So that I’d be able to play psp games on my power computer with a 24″ screen. 
    The sound sound cracky but the framerate looks crisp

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is really a plan for best of both worlds. I hope I can run the commodore 64 emulator on this!!!

  7. Pcboy2 says:

    Plz lead to iso’s

    • skylinekid17 says:

      I think the format of the games may be different due to the games now being on a card. If a PSP emulator is developed then hopefully iso’s will work.

      • Skud says:

        The vita already has a psp emulator, were just waiting to properly utilize it along with other parts of vita software….and if we are lucky it shouldn’t be to hard to replicate our own.

  8. Dimy93 says:

    I get here expecting to talk about homebrews and what I see- talking about piracy ….
    I really want to see homebrew on the Vita.
    It would be even cooler if the exploit were able to use 100% of Vita’s power but I guess I’ll have to wait for that one.

  9. ClockWork says:

    Question to Wololo:
    So is it a good idea to get a PS Vita?

  10. David says:

    Within at least the first few months I can expect most emulators from the Megadrive to the SNES to work on this, and at least another 6 months before the first custom firmware becomes available.

  11. skylinekid17 says:

    Once there is no cheat device mod for the Vita. However, it’ll be nice to run some N64 games on a Vita. I just have a few questions concerning the RAM on the Vita…..Like the PSP’s 32mb and 64mb RAM series, how much does the Vita supply? 128mb or maybe 256mb or more? I am hoping this to somewhere up there as a guess. The graphics is just spectacular and it runs smoothly.

    Day 1 my Vita froze…no other problems encountered other than that Facebook is on my Vita and doesn’t load because it was pulled from the PStore???? Weird

  12. Trelix Silver says:

    I just want any, every, and all Kingdom Hearts games available on my ps vita. The different platforms provide quite a challenge, but isn’t that what this is all about? Thanks to all who make these kinds of limitations possible with your heart earned efforts. Ron Paul 2012, INFOWARS.COM