PS Vita NAND gets dumped! is Encrypted


Yifan Lu, a hobbyist developer and reverse engineer-er has managed to dump the Vita’s NAND. This is the first occasion in two years that someone has successfully dumped internal NAND of the PlayStation Vita. That being said, Yifan Lu found out that the NAND is infact encrypted. So any direct modifications to NAND dump wont work unless the contents are first decrypted.

Yifan Lu also revealed several other specifications about the NAND flash. Its 3.7 GB in size, out of which the Operating System of Vita takes 808 MB ( pretty sizable as compared to PSP’s 21 MB flash0 ).

PS Vita NAND Dumping

PS Vita NAND Dumping

This project is pretty amazing considering all the hardware hacking involved and the fact that Yifan Lu managed all of this within weeks. You can read about the dumping procedure and his findings on his blog ( linked in source ).

As far as future projects go, Yifan Lu says

 I’ll be looking into other things like the video output, the mystery connector, the memory card, and the game cards. I’ve also sent the SoC and the two eMMC chips I removed to someone for decapping, so we’ll see how that goes once the process is done. Meanwhile, I’ll also work more with software and try some ideas I picked up from the WiiU 30C3 talk.

This looks pretty promising and I’m sure that this is one important milestone in PS Vita Hacking scene.

Source: Yifan Lu’s Blog

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  1. daktah says:

    so the nand is 4gb, and the os takes less than 1gb, what is the other 3gb being used for and why cant we use it as storage?

    • skyend says:

      Right now there nothing but free space. No we cannot use it as storage just yet, not unless someone decrypts the NAND.

      • daktah says:

        i meant use it from the get go on ofw.

        if sony really did use a 4gb nand and left 3/4 of it empty and inaccessible for storage, they only hurt vita sales by obviously being greedy and trying to make more money by completely forcing people to buy their outrageously overpriced proprietary sd cards.
        literally if they made any of that space available, even just 1gb, im willing to bet it would have increased initial sales and customer satisfaction exponentially.

        in 2005 the psp didnt have internal memory. in 2009 they fixed that with a sizeable 16gb flash. then in 2012 they decided to take a step back for no reason with the vita (also by naming it the effing vita. who the hell thought it was a good idea to name it after the latin word for ‘life’?), and now they made a vita 2 with (a pathetic by 2013 standards) 1gb storage because they realized theyre retarded (which is probably what i just said, a 1gb partition of the 4gb nand).
        also i just read that the internal and external cant be used at the same time, the 1gb is only accessible if there is no memory card inserted. so they fixed one stupid mistake but put an even stupider one in its place.

      • skyend says:

        or they have reserved it for future use. You never know ! Major ofw upgrades? surprises? they never really allowed us to use NAND as storage. In the PSP days flash0 was for ofw, flash1 for settings, flash2 for psn data and flash3 for additional apps like segTv.

      • daktah says:

        i really doubt they can add so many things to the os that it takes up 4gb of data. my phone has a million more things and features but the os i use is less than 1.1gb. even if they add a whole nother gig of data thats still 2gb untouched since the original os is less than a gig.

        true the original psp didnt have internal storage, but it was made back in the olden days when gigabyte was an expensive word. it wouldnt make sense to hike the price up $100 or more to include 1gb of storage when you could get a 1gb memory stick for $30-40 or so. also they didnt force it to have proprietary sticks, any ms duo worked.

        then they made the go, which did have a proprietary memory card, but it was reasonably priced for the time (~$30 for 16gb) and it had an additional 16gb internal storage. that thing was massive! i had about 30gb of space between the both storages after formatting, and i filled them with like 9 isos, 6 emulators with 100s of games, music, pictures, and other random things and still had over a gig left between them. it was a GIGANTIC leap forward for the time and still cost about the same as a regular psp. then the vita came out.

        i really and truly believe that they bought 4gb chips because they were gonna allow 1-2gb of onboard storage, but at the last second some marketing douche came up and said theyd make more money by blocking the nand and forcing people to buy the memory cards, then jacked up the prices to 3-5x what an sd card costs. all so they could have more money.

      • skyend says:

        well i gotta agree with you on that one.

  2. PSFreak says:

    I always wonder, if psvita are being sucessfully hacked, would it be look just like 3ds that required a games flash card??? (sorry for the bad english)

    • skyend says:

      All that depends on how the hackers program the Custom FIrmware.

    • daktah says:

      if the psp 1000/2000/3000/go are any indication they most likely would use memory card loading, 1) so you dont need to buy specialty hardware and 2) ease of hacking so they dont have to worry about programing the card slot to accept fake cards (however hard it would be, idk)

  3. HornyGuest says:

    Juicy Tits.

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