PS Vita Forced firmware updates and Spying!


Ok so PS Vita Firmware 1.51 was just released. *Cough* I mean forced released… Yup, Wololo has also posted that the PS Vita has forced/compulsory firmware updates. PS Vita Firmware 1.51 is now live and if you don’t update you can’t use the content manager feature. So no moving files from or too your PS Vita. That’s rather major and the content manager is a key feature of the PSV. Clever Sony right? And it doesn’t stop there. It seems Sony is also spying on its PS Vita users. Its possible according to Wololo that Sony collects data of what files your moving on and off your PS Vita…. Naughty Sony, I’m not sure this tis very legal. Maybe it is in Japan? Certainly not where I live. There is some good news in this patch.  It does not patch the tech4 save game exploit. Despite what some other PSP sites might say.

From Wololo:

A friendly advice to anybody who tries to “investigate” the Vita like I do: install the content manager on a PC that has no network connection (Update: I think “bastards” is the first word that came to my mouth when I saw that the vita refuses to connect to the PC if the Pc is not connected to the internet. This is really really concerning, and I hope a few people will have a look at the code of the PC “content manager” client. I’d be extremely happy to know why Sony is spying on me through the content manager when I’m copying my porn movies to the vita…), and disconnect the Vita as well. It seems Sony has a possibility to prevent anyone from playing with the Content Manager too much. This also confirms that the PSP Exploit we’re working on is more or less moot, since as soon as it is made public, Sony will prevent people from copying the files to their Vita with an obligatory firmware update.

This is really twisted, and I could swear a compulsory update in order to use such a core feature of the console might be illegal in some countries…we’re far from the “you have a choice to stop using linux” here, it’s more of a “you have a choice to stop copying mp3 and movies from and to the console”.

Source: Wololo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No thanks Mr $ony

  2. Anonymous says:

    This can’t be legal. It should like things are going to get interesting once its released out side of Japan…

    • I wonder how much $ony pays the guy who sees psp hacking sites like these

    • Eiodalin says:

      It’s not it violates some privacy laws. the only way they can make it “legal” is if the user agrees to the terms for the PSV. Even then it’s a gray area depending on what part of the the U.S you live and i am assuming that you live in the U.S. I don’t know about other countries though

      • NDragoon says:

        They could easily get away with it. Everyone, including companies, know that NO ONE reads those things. Besides, even if someone did, they would use semantics to trick people into agreeing with it.

        “I wasn’t loitering, I was waiting.”

  3. StupidMoveSony says:

    I was going to go to a workshop about how to lose customers, but I think I should just study Sony instead!

  4. Thomas Pickens says:

    I already told everyone this. Just look at my previous post. You don’t have to be a hacker to notice it.

  5. frank hayabusa says:

    man what a nice notice after waking up :D
    hahahaha take it up the ass, ps vita will be hard to hack so boo fucking hoo cheap ass homebrew
    users stop trying to hack and ruin the ps vita just buy the games and that is all
    no need to get al sad because of the forceful update n.n

    • Fencingdude says:

      The thing about not being able to hack is that we wont be able to play the games we really want to the japan never releases to the west because their greedy (like monster hunter and others)

      • Eiodalin says:


        japan dev’s wouldn’t make any money they would lose it

      • NDragoon says:

        So, are they not making the money or are they losing it? As it turns out, people don’t lose a single cent when it comes to piracy except for those like Sony who spend millions trying to stop it. People have been pirating games since the early 1960s to the early 1980s (can’t remember the exact date) and all of the companies that weren’t doomed to fail are STILL AROUND TODAY.

        Not making money is not the same as losing it!!

      • Beachbum320 says:

        When you have to lay off game devs/employees for not making money in a game, is that considered a loss to the game company? Not a big deal right… but to these people?

        They have families to feed too. Think about it.

      • Demidragonemperor says:

        they make money anyway -.-…. we are the only one ”Realy” need money to ”Feed our family” .(hack save money for our family)
        they are rich (Sony) just want to earn more MONEY than normal
        prevent the ‘Hack’.
        srry for my bad english…

      • MikeDaMan3D says:

         When Big companys like EA or who ever lay off employees… its not cause the games dont make money…. its GREED.

        “Devs” don’t make BIG money… but there companys rake in hundreds of millions. Thats the issue, they have no union’s so they take it up the ass.

        Unless something changes and a union is formed. Game houses will always screw ther people over time and time again. Rinse and repeat.

        When you consider the amount of hours they put in and then you put a price tag on the time… and break it down by an hourly rate. You make more working construction. Or a mechanic or well practically anything thats not minimum wage.


    • ClockWork says:

      Wow, you’re an @$$… We do not only want to get free games but to emulate rom files on it, or at the very least play homebrew games…

      • NDragoon says:

        We all know that they will have all these cool features in it form day one, like PSX emulation, maybe PSP emulation, etc. Then they will remove them when the sales start to dip.

        CFW will let us keep all of these functions. Only if Dark_Alex was still around… :<

      • NDragoon says:

        We all know that they will have all these cool features in it form day one, like PSX emulation, maybe PSP emulation, etc. Then they will remove them when the sales start to dip.

        CFW will let us keep all of these functions. Only if Dark_Alex was still around… :<

  6. PsPOwner says:

    Wow sony probbably noticed a loop hole in all of this. Maybe it says this notice on the box or something u know so they say “Well you should of read the manual it says that we can do this” or something like that… Anyways Hacked or not im still getting the vita(unless theres to many bugs)-…

  7. Mark11 says:

    Wow, I don’t really care too much about downloading ISO/CSO because as soon as that can be done, no more awesome PSP games will come out, or exisiting sequels like fifa12 will just be rubbish- compare fifa11 and 12 to fifa10, same applies to pro evo games, they got much shitter when sales dropped as more people could download- it was on a newspaper for crying out loud. Now what I do care about downloading are them super awesome apps (like IRSHELL), and I’m sure custom apps will get better with the newer software capabilities of PSVITA. But what the hell SONY, spying on our computer- thats a trojan! I was more than happy spending £200 (on the console) and £100 on the games, but with this shit introduced, I’m no longer going to buy the PSVITA. They better get rid of this spying client manger, or somebody better hack it (please), it would be the only way for me to get it now. Or, and I very much doubt this, sony better get rid of it altogether- the content manager feature. I was waiting for the US release (so no need to pre-order now), but now I’m going to wait a couple of days after the release so wooloo can check it out, and make sure it still doesn’t continue to spy, if it does then just try your hardeest to hack it! Hopefully more psp Devs (hackers) will attempted to hack it, or older devs (who have retired) come back, pretty please :). 

    • Squiggs says:

      You know they are going to get rid of it esecialy with all the scandels of the key loggers on the iPhones so they will change it

      • Hakko86 says:

        All I know is that if you spank the old monkey with your Vita or your Ps3 with the PSEye plugged it would make you feel uncomfortable…it makes me feel weird…

    • Naruto2-point0 says:

      Look at you, talking to the people who do the REAL work as if you know them. Remember, these guys do this on thier own time, not at your whim. Learn to appreciate, and NOT just throw the word “hack” around.

    • andy yumi says:

      dude, sticking to my old psp 1004, doing it fine, not QQing like a bishokid…
      anyway, dontcha think in a month or 2 there gon be forums full o custom made roms, call em hacks if u like?

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  9. wolf king says:

    Legal or not hacker’s been illegally  cracking their system, safety measure like this is acceptable although I would like that if I can transfer file from vita to pc without internet connection, although they could have done it in a better way

    • Squiggs says:

      Hacking in america is not illegal what many people do with hacks are. Free game is illegal but home brew is not there was an FCC ruelling that made it legal. Next trackers are all over every device you have like a droid and every one is making a big deal about it so it will go away. Finally there might updates that will get rid o the file tracker and safety measures.

  10. Tsunasawada says:

    yeah your right @ PSPFan all of these would be very interesting.. Hope that all the hackers of PSVtia will do there best to hack all of the functions of the device and all of its apps and many more. The very bad thing is that app the content manager of Sony it will make my life a bullshit.. Sony must remove it or else I’m gonna find a way to destroy there system and give them a very hard time to recover.

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  12. Paul says:

    If this spying is still in operation when the USA and european get it and children use the ps vita that is full on illegel thats perving, posing, and breaking the privacy act in some countries esspicilly when Im sure they could see you through the cameras front and back on the ps vita.  

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  14. Gamer76 says:

    ok ok!

  15. BAD SONY!
    Protecting their intellectual property? BAD BAD!

    You don’t like it? Don’t buy the Vita. That’ll teach Sony. Or better yet buy the 3DS. That’ll hurt even more. Too bad you’ll be losing out on the bunch of amazing Vita games in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the security is good enough, they wouldn’t need to spy on users…

      • Eiodalin says:

        It’s the ppl that pirate things that cause problems. i think Sony and developers would be fine with homebrew if you couldn’t pirate games. Personally i still think sony should have a official homebrew submission procedure and go from there

      • Security is not good enough, that is why they are spying on users.

    • wolf king says:

      3DS? heh not even one interesting game has been released for that device, why waste money for boycotting  

    • Rasiel-sama says:

      Troll harder next time.
      Protecting intillectual property and tracking all your actions with their product is not the same things.

  16. Mchartier105 says:

    Im Just Going To Use My Router And HFS To Copy Movie’s And Music To My Vita :). I Just Hope Sony Allows Me To Do That Without Invading My Privacy!

  17. ok says:

    You claim this is illegal, but Origin (what EA uses) is completely legit even though it will scan nearly every folder of your computer?

    You’re just anus pained.

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  19. Mango says:

    Damn u Sony
    Now you’ll be seeing all my porn

  20. Shinjuu says:

    they saw me fapping?

    • Goodlo says:

      About Sony, they can be so annoying
      I just saw the video of the guy and it seems like pretty interesting

  21. Rasiel-sama says:

    You can do a little trick to sony. Start to copy there files with names like “hardcore_porn_snuff.avi” and “live decapitation.avi” and so on.

  22. Shugi Lazala says:

    Can you play multiplayer online if you hack your vista?

  23. Tyler Tizard says:

    I wonder if they can look through the camera as well DX

  24. Ajaydavegun says:

    They shouldn’t do this. I think they are trying to take a stand against custom firmware. But I disagree with this idea 100%. Its like walking into someone’s house and looking at their bank account and social security number while they are watching you.

  25. Hjjguyhggyg says:

    kids and their portable devices…will stick with my ps3, since i havent encountered hackers on bf3 yet. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    What will happen if the sopa law gets passed? Then the targets WONT just be the hackers, it will be the millions of people that pirate music, and videos. 

  27. anonymous says:

    arent they allowed to do that? when you buy or register for something arent you agreeing to the terms and conditions? so technically sony would be allowed to do this assuming that is that NO ONE reads the bloody terms and conditions..
    ..i have a sony account, which i guess technically means i agreed to their terms and conditions of spying…nonetheless i believe this wont affect much, i mean we have people who have cracked the bloody psp3000, the “unhackable” series, i mean im pretty confident the same guys can handle the spying or atleast some blocking homebrew that blocks the spying

  28. Sony just beat apple in doucheyess 

  29. Rye noypi says:

    Comex is the answer for that. Kick sony’s ass your majesty. Lol

  30. Just_a_rugmuncher says:

    I’m just wondering if all those ISOs and CSOs from the PSP era (now seemingly over…) will eventually be able to run/play on the PS Vita. Same goes for the PS Vita’s potential to function as a  cellphone (not just Skype).   What’s the point of lugging around another handheld if it can’t do this?  Is there enough machine there to emulate the PSP and also with the 3G capability and the right software application, function as a cellphone? Is it going to be possible to unlock the PS Vita so that it’s 3G capability could be freed up from the deathgrip of AT&T?  Anybody think it will eventually be possible to dual-boot the PS Vita (Android/Linux and CFW)?


  31. DEM0N686812 says:

    So how bad is the spy thing? Is it like what files you transfer from your PC to your PSV or what you buy of the PSN? I think that sony is getting ahead of itself >:(

  32. Henry says:

    Hmmm… planning to buy a Vita but I don’t know if I’m gonna be happy with this news.

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  34. Armoredcore92 says:

    put it like this  sony cant stop any one we bought the vita for our selves so it is ours and we can do what ever we want to to do with it except claim the invintion we could hack and do what ever they are so irritiating now

  35. Shinzki says:

    Well I think there is  a way to Bypass Sony from Spying us having custom firmware, we should some how develop a R4 like the NDS/3DS has o_o if that works….

  36. Guestaaaaa says:

    I purchased many PS1 and PS2 games.. I bought the license then. How come I can’t request the game license I already paid for in the past? Yeah.. make me pay for the media.. but yeah but Sony wont help me with that right? Cuz they aren’t on the business to help out their customers.. but rather take as much money as they can from us. This is why I understand what pirates do.

  37. anomynous says:

    create a “content manager assistant” that is similar to the real one that connects offline, after that make it check a little deeper into the contents of the folder, it’s just an idea, that’s all

  38. SWINEFLUx10 says:

    I hope they get ps2 games emulated on vita …that would be sweeeeeeeet I don’t think commercial games should be emu 4 years from now it wouldn’t be fair I think it will ruin the handheld market

  39. Computeraces says:

    Hey does anybody know i how i can get around psp vita (demo mode) got it from a friend btw i dont kno how he got it, but maybe if i updated it would that work? plz help wolud love to play it!

  40. Leonshadow12 says:

    *sigh* really alot of people think that….its just a game system and the money might have to go to the problems they had when they got hack so lay off. and why would they spying on people thats just BS. come on its sony that just make tvs, games, and other thing like that. its not like they taking over people.

  41. EURO1215 says:

    This is soo bad to force people to update it , i Actually have only 15 kb/s modem , how the fuck am i supposed to update it with this ?