PS Vita Firmware 2.12 Released known VHBL Exploits OK




Sony today rolled out yet other PS Vita Firmware that does pretty much nothing and adds nothing new. This pointless update was “Improves software stability during use of some features” Which means? No doubt patching exploits. The good thing is this update 2.12 has not patched or blocked any known VHBL Exploits yet released.


The Z has already tested his port of VHBL on 2.12 and it still works. As you can see in the below video. This means Sony has not yet discovered this title that can be exploited. Good news I guess, but only if your in Australia or the EU. No news on if the Z will be releasing the name of the game or not. Its unlikely since its not a worldwide PSN title…


Source: The Z

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  1. KenthLovesMusic says:

    Great! I want the 2.10 CFW…

  2. 2.11 ? Its possible ?

  3. dylan123 says:

    hey im new to this stuff whats CFW and all that stuff. im just trying to findout how to get free games like uncharted.

    • Lol says:

      You can’t get free PS Vita games.
      The most you can get is free PSP games but you can only do that on firmware 2.02.
      Currently there is nothing you can do on 2.12
      CFW is Custom Firmware and it allows you to run unsigned code that can run homebrew and emulators. Most CFW also allows you to play games for free as well by downloading them on the internet.
      At the moment there is no CFW for the Vita and the most you can do is run homebrew and emulators.