PS Vita EU users how to save up to 50% off PSN Store games!


Expensive PS Vita games in EU. This title is $66 in the EU almost double the price..

If you live in Europe you’ll notice that PS Vita games are around the 50 euro mark (66-67 US dollars) And not alot of UK and EU users will know that the PSN Store for the US the games can be 35-49 dollars. (26 euros to 36 euros) A big difference. So how does a Euro user get on to PSN USA? Sign up for a US PSN account, its as simple as that. However you can’t add a credit card to top up your PSN wallet because the credit card has to be a U.S One. The fix is quite simple, just find online retailers that sell and ship PSN cards online. Ebay is one place. And there a good 20 or some other online stores that sell the PSN top up cards. Normally you only have to pay a small extra like 6 dollars ontop of the cards credit. For example the $50 PSN card I got online cost me $56 dollars and since the games are so much cheaper your still saving!

A perfect example is Shinobi 2. In the store here its  50.49 Euros and on PSN USA = 34.99 which is about 25 Euros. That a 50% saving….

*You can’t change your existing PSN account to other country unfortunately, so you just have to make a new account.

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  2. Kriskombat says:

    Ok, lets say the user buys a £25 UK PSN Card in the UK and then creates a US PSN account on the their PSVita.  Would the code work and convert the £25 to US dollars on the account? Roughly at the moment £25 with the current exchange rates is equal to $39 US Dollars. Would they recieve $39?

    • Anonymous says:

      No you need to buy a US network card for a US account and a UK card for a UK account. The amounts the cards are fixed,10,20,50 and 100 dollars cards….

  3. Marc says:

    If a new US PSN account is created, will the purchased games work once logged back into your regular PSN account? I don’t particularly want to keep switching accounts to play different games..

  4. Xbm says:

    you don´t need an american credit card…my austrian visa works fine

  5. Shadow45 says:

    you can have paypal generate a one time use credit card for the total then you want need a us credit card

  6. Ashton . says:

    this is ridiculous

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  8. Spike The R8 says:

    why is there such a big difference in price?

  9. Google says:

    What about region locks ?
    Can I use an us/uk game on my german (pal) vita then ?

    • DarkChaplain says:

       there are no region locks on the Vita, PSP or PS3. You can “import” whatever games you want. The whole NTSC/PAL stuff got left behind with the PS2. This ain’t Xbox or Nintendo =)

      • Google says:

         Thanks and could I play with euro gamers when I got the us version ?

      • DarkChaplain says:

        Well, that depends on the game for the most part. Normally, no, so make sure you consider this before buying multiplayer titles.

      • GameStoreGuy says:

         The Vita is region locked you moron. This post is gonna be way too late now but this person’s ignorance just made me want to comment. Don’t offer advice that is going to cost people money if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        You CANNOT use US/EU games on the opposite Vita, in order to do so you have to delete all you’re data and use another account for the region you want to use. You can’t mix EU and US games on your vita!

        Region locking isn’t something that got left behind years ago, it’s pretty common as devs can charge more through the exchange rates and get away with it, unforutnately.

        But yeah, very irresponsible post man…

      • DarkChaplain says:

        Reading comprehension.

        The Vita IS NOT region locked. You can import whatever games you like and play them on your device.

        What you CAN NOT do is mix accounts on a single device. If you wish to buy DIGITAL games from multiple Store regions, you’ll have to set the device back to factory settings, which of course wipes your data.
        You can still buy PHYSICAL games from the US, JP or EU and play them regardless of your account’s region.
        You just cannot play games that tie themselves to a specific accounts with a different active account.

        The question I answered there, the answer which you replied to, also was regarding the user PLAYING cross-region with his friends. Can one use the US version of a game he imported to play with/against a friend who got the EU version? No, one generally can’t, if that is not exactly stated or implemented by the developers. And that very, very rarely happens at all.

      • ti4n1 says:

        So, if i have a digital game on a vita i ordered from eBay, with a US acc and US psn cards, can i play multiplayer games with a friend who uses game cards bought at eu?

      • DarkChaplain says:

        that depends on the game, really. generally not, since the game from EU has a different ID than the same game from the US, and matchmaking normally would only look up the same game based on the shared ID. It really would require a test, though, to get a definite answer for a specific game.

        It really isn’t the vita that’d be at fault there, but the game’s own multiplayer code. Some games might support it, others might not. Your best bet would be playing it safe. If you’re in the EU with friends playing EU versions of multiplayer games but you want to use the US PSN for digital stuff, you’d best get the EU retail version of the game, if available. Or have your friends get their games from the US store as well.

  10. Farzad says:

    Thanks for sharing this… but since I’ve personally tried this I know for sure that this doesn’t work on the UK Vita devices…

    Member of my family registered me a US PSN account, he top-up for me and when I tried it on my device it didn’t work…
    And I now have already lost $100, which could bought two games in the UK, at least…

    So guys just go and buy it off eBay, at least you know it works :)

  11. Strife1997 says:

    Or… You could move to America and not worry about any of this stuff. I was so surprised to see that games are so expensive in other places. How much did you pay for your Vita anyway? I got the First edition bundle, so I paid around $350.00

    • Anonymous says:

      I paid 250 euros, which is 334 USD with no games or memory cards :(

      • skylinekid17 says:

        what a ripoff. there isn’t any internal memory on the Vita to make things worse. Sony is all about the $$$$$

      • Roguedevjake says:

         hey atleast you didn’t pay $386 USD which is what they are asking for the BASE wifi version in australia… BASE
        The 3g model is worse though, much worse coming in at $494 USD over here in australia.

        I bought a heap of games, startup kit (which btw is the cheapest pos sony have ever released) and a base wifi with a 32gig memory card and it was $230 cheaper assuming that the 32gig card was going to cost twice that of the 16gig card (although considering pricings of these cards in the rest of the world I doubt it would cost less than that)

  12. bplus says:

    This article is useless if you already have a EU PSN account registered to your Vita, as you’d have to reset your Vita to factory settings and delete all your data in order to be able to login with the US PSN account and buy the games. If you’d want to go back to EU PSN (to get some demos for example), you’d have to reset it again. That is shitty :(

    • Guest says:

      false. chech skyghene22 youtube video. there is no data deleten from memory card. just unlink the vita on Factory settings when asked

  13. pdog says:

    Hold on.. so what’s the point of this solution if we can’t redeem UK’s PSN card into the US PSN account then?

    • DarkChaplain says:

      the point is you save a damn lot of money. Especially you UKers should be glad, you get english games anyway.
      It only takes a few more steps to buy PSN Cards online and get the keys via email. Conversion rates are in your favor as well.

  14. Darkikun says:

    as usual sony does not give a crap about exchange rates … way to go sony …

  15. That is nothing. In Brazil the price is 3x expensive. The PSVita game has the price close to $95 – R$170

  16. ti4n1 says:

    So, if u make a US PSN acc with an eu credit card. can u buy DIGITAL games? and if so, will the multiplayer work?
    If not, can u use an american PSN card that can be ordered from eBay on this US PSN acc?
    please tell me the details, thx.

  17. Muhammedali44 says: sign up through the link on this site and confirm email and then you could start earning rewards by playing games and completing short offers and even earn free ps vita games

  18. Johnfkendy says:

    yooo sony, please fix your shit you fucks!

  19. Andy says:

    Just buy game card at ebluar.