PS Vita eCFW TN-A Port for new Exploited PSN game


Missed Ubanix and the Mad blocker alpha exploits then today is your lucky day! (If its not already removed, but at the time of posting this was in the PSN store) TN-A has been ported over for Gravity Crash Portable.

In order to run TN’s eCFW through Teck4′s exploit, you will need a legit copy of that game, that you need to purchase online for your Vita on Sony’s PSN

So go now and download your copy (47mb) before its removed!

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  1. Guset says:


  2. klbarnes1 says:

    Of course the pos vita is dead and wont turn on until its been charge for ever!  Im gonna run out of time, this SUCKS

  3. Ricardo_hamid says:

    its still in the stores

  4. Asian_surfer54 says:

    Its still there in the us store as of this second! And i finally got an exploitable game!!!!

  5. Darkenmal says:

    I just bought it, I don’t know if its the exploitable version though.

  6. klbarnes1 says:

    My vita finally gained enough power to start back up and I was able to download it so as of right now 6:22 PM EST its still downloadable on USA.

  7. klbarnes1 says:

    Ok now that I got this, what am I suppose to do with it?  Will I be able to play psp iso’s?  Or what is available to use?  

    • Asian_sufer54 says:

      as i replied in the comment above, you have to wait a day or two for them to release the updated file. as of right now the version they have only works with the last two games.  first, at least run the game so that it creates a save file.  then download content manager assistant from sony (used to copy files between pc and vita). then when the files are released by wololo or whomever, you take them, put them in the saved game folder for gravity crash and put the saved game back onto your vita (all via the cma program). then when the game tries to read your save file, the exploit will do it’s thing. from there, you will have to read more about what all you can do. as for playing psp iso’s, i’m still on the fence about whether or not you can. maybe someone else can tell you. CONGRATS on getting the game!

  8. Chadrcheze says:

    Where’s The Download For The Exploit?

  9. Madblocker88 says:

    so sad its been removed again

  10. Hgfkhjojoj says:

    Oh no im too late again,anyway the game sucks.

  11. Rafase282 says:

    Well I just downloaded it from the psn store. 10 bucks, I hope it is worth it cause the game itself is not.

  12. Breath Of Heart says:

    game is still available, disregard missinfo posts …

  13. Virgilio360 says:

    Downloaded it at 10pm Nov. 3
    Hope it isn’t patched…

    • Acid_Snake says:

       I hope you don’t miss mine. Only thing is, I don’t know if it will be released in time for CEF, in the worst case scenario you’ll have to live with vhbl

  14. Breath Of Heart says:

    in theory sony doesnt know what to patch because the modified save hasnt revealed the exact exploitation method, so we should be good

    • Unfortunately, they can still remove it from the store, negating the ability to purchase it.

      • Breath Of Heart says:

        agreed, however it is still currently available to purchase so it is highly unlikely it has been patched, just to clarify to those who thought otherwise

  15. Snake2243 says:

    UPDATE: 2316 over here in the US, and i can see that you can still download the exploit.

    I cant figure out who made this thread but author, fucking sweet update, thanks.

  16. Kltsang1993 says:

    In HONG KONG SERVER ,THIS GAME hasn’t been removed from the store

  17. Asian_surfer54 says:

    game is still up. not sure why sony isn’t jumping to remove this one like the others.  even though the exploited files haven’t been posted there isn’t any reason that i can think of why they still dont remove it.

  18. klbarnes1 says:

     HEY BUDDY, The Early Bird Gets The Worm, Ok Jerky?  HAHAHEHEHOHO

  19. cool says:

    game is still up for grabs in au store 04:30 5/11 hurry up if you want a copy

  20. SilverExia says:

    you’ll upload the save file this time right? not like the MHFU right???

  21. D-seven says:

    had sony patched the game or not ?

  22. Ghostly Guest says:

    my mum when on the store and removed it for bad manners

  23. Wanderingradio says:

    still up when i got it 5 minutes ago.

  24. Awhotune says:

    I’m in Australia, will the version I purchase work?

  25. Melermeler says:

    So i Got the Game …I bought ps vita yesterday :D is there any guide how to do it , to run eCFW ???

  26. Awhotune says:

     Can someone please confirm for me:

    1. I purchased the Gravity Crash (Sony Entertainment Europe) game from the Australian PSN and once installed it became Gravity Crash Portable
    2. I am currently on firmware 1.81

    That my Vita is ready for eCFW?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Breath Of Heart says:

      from what i understand you should be good to go. NZ here so we are in the same boat, i believe we get the EU version of the game which the exploit has been coverted to by frostegator

  27. Nioo George43 says:

    It’s down :(

  28. Bart73 says:

    The sony has removed Gravity Crash Portable PSN Store

  29. cool says:

     if you have an AU account you can still get it