PS Vita Arcade Stick Hack/Mod


A first of its kind for the Vita. Check this out, an unnamed Japanese modder has come up with a hardware arcade style set up for PS Vita Fighting games. There is nothing quite like a true hardware arcade machine style 6 button + joystick set up. It certainly bets playing on the mini 6 axis clone we have on the PS Vita. This  guy came up with an arcade stick dock  which uses an additional logic board which must translates the inputs to the PS Vita. Although he gives no details on how to build this yourself or whats required. :(

Ok so the set up isn’t exactly portable, its about 10 times bigger than the PS Vita. But thats not the point. Its not meant to be portable. The point is this guy managed to hardwire a arcade  stick to the PS vita. That in itself is something. It even has auto fire modes too as demo’ed in the video below.


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