PS VIta 2000 gets good reviews


With PlayStation Vita’s new brother 2000 version being out for a week and 2 days, consumers have got a lot of things to say about this new piece of hardware. With the new Vita spec as far as weight, depth, width and height and having 1 Gigabyte of internal NAND storage and the “rounded” effect (so you can press buttons easier) with It’s LCD screen to make the picture better, makes this new brother a very well done Vita.


As for the reviews?  here’s one by Engadget


The new Vita is better than the last, obviously. We’re glad that Sony didn’t just stop at making its new device thinner and lighter — although these revisions are of course appreciated. For many gamers who already have drawers filled with cables, getting rid of the one-use Vita charging cable is a welcome relief.The new Vita shows more accurate colors, at least while displaying photos and websites.

We don’t need a digital weighing scale nor a measuring tape to feel the difference between this year’s PlayStation Vita and its predecessor. Touted to be 15 per cent lighter, the new Vita is definitely less strenuous, and considering how light its predecessor is, it won’t make you keel over when you carry the unit in your hand or in your inventory bag.

Handling is somewhat similar to the previous model, and you can get a good grip at the sides even after it has been shaved thinner by 20 per cent. It’s the same old story for the controller – the two analog sticks at the sides have the right amount of traction, and you’ll have to stretch those thumbs slightly to reach the directional keys and the signature PlayStation buttons at the top corners. Your index and middle fingers should locate the rear touchpads just as easily, as is the case with the trigger buttons at the top corners.



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  1. some person says:

    Seriously? LCD better the AMOLED? Wat u been smokin bro? Also cant read the USB/battery specs u got em blocked by ur damn logo

  2. Vampirah says:

    To start out, I can about guarantee that the new model is pure junk beside the original (as always with Sony). Need I refer to what was already mentioned above, or do we need to take a poll?

    Who cares about ONE hour of battery time?

    Oh wait; I always forget about the cheap-azz pansies who fail at life..

    A few small rogue-ninja clans still in existence today call it a “Mobile Battery Pack”. Learn to buy one or go lay down some where.

    The reason it probably gets ONE more hour of battery life is probably because of the junkyazz LCD screen.

    A Light Emitting Diode (LED) will ALWAYS be (far) more superior than LCD. Liquid Crystal is 80s style Casio watches, obviously. I’m mean are you kidding me? Go tell Samsung that and you’ll get laughed out of the building.. LCD is JUNK. ..ALL day.

    If otherwise, show me data.

    Some people go by more than just a few screenshots and poor quality videos for the ratings of a product.

    Come back next millennium. You’ll learn son…you’ll learn.