Prometheus Module v0.6. Run 6.20 Games on CFW 5.50 GEN


Its been almost a month, but Liquidzigong is back with an update to his Prometheus module. This lets users play 6.20 games without the need of a plug-in. Works on both Custom Firmware 5.00 M33 & 5.50 GEN. Version 0.6 has more game compatibility and the prometheues.prx is no longer needed in the process.

Prometheus Module v0.6 Changelog:

- Optimized the program: the prometheues.prx is no longer necessary and the patch will be installed automatically
РMigliorata la compatibilità con Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive and Hello Kitty РImproved compatibility with Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive and Hello Kitty

How to work it:

1. back up your UMD game disk to ISO format. (How to here)

2. Use WQSG_UMD (UMDGEN / WinRAR to extract the original PSP_GAME\SYSDIR\EBOOT.BIN into a temp folder, decrypted, then rename to EBOOT.OLD

3. Extract the EBOOT.BIN into above temp dir.

4. Drag the three files and drop into WQSD_UMD. Save the ISO

5. Done, copy the modified ISO to your MS

Source: a9vg

Tools and Applications needed:

Download: UMD Gen 4
(UMD Gen 4 - 1.1 MiB - 148,010 Hits)

Download: Prometheus v0.6
(Prometheus v0.6 - 4.1 KiB - 15,888 Hits)

Prometheus Module v0.6 Update Beta 1

Download: WQSG_UMD SVN R31 (UMD editor tool)
(WQSG_UMD SVN R31 (UMD editor tool) - 160.3 KiB - 18,420 Hits)

Download: PRXdecrypter
(PRXdecrypter - 57.6 KiB - 17,304 Hits)

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  1. Cortand says:

    Great work on the Prometheus. But if it is version ‘5.50 Prometheus’, you’d rather call it ‘6.20 Prometheus’.

  2. Gamble_STARS says:

    He should find a way to combine it with PSNabler, I have too many plugins lol

    • PSPFan says:

      Don’t we all ;) I’m running over 10 at times….

      • Gamble_STARS says:

        yep!Well if sony would get on the ball and give the PSP some more leniency, I would not need all these plugins. Take for example: the plugin for music in a game, SONY know darn well they can implement it, if someone who is not working for them can do it, surely they can, but the excuse is always “about the money”

  3. Smoker1 says:

    I am wondering if there is a plugin or something to make games purchased on PSN work. I got 5.50 Gen and for some reason Pinball Heroes wont work anymore. I download it again and again but it wont start.

  4. TylerDTS says:

    my psp can run any 6.20 games

  5. Scorinitron says:

    this might seem dumb but i was wondering if i should trade a brand new psp 3000 6.20 for a brand new psp 1000 5.50 GEN-D… also is their a way i can replace my psp 3000 with a screen that won’t have a dead pixel???

    • PSP Bricker says:

      i found this on the internet:
      try it.
      it might help you

    • PSP Bricker says:

      i found this on the internet:
      change the (&) to a (.)
      try it.
      it might help you

      • Scorinitron says:

        thanks man, sadly i had that video run for 4 days and my pixel is still dead >_< … dame sony and their cheap ways… Also i am thinking about trading in my psp 3k for a 1k to gamestop… sucks cause if i do trade in i have to add 20.00 man game stop is pure shit… jezz at least it's referbished (lol i think that was a spelling error)

      • Scorinitron says:

        actually I watched the video it really worked ^^ thanks now I wish I can delete that last comment. Thanks for answering my question I’m going to make a forum profile and get more involved with this site your a nice person ^^. BTW I might go with the 2000 but I’m leaning more in for the 1000 cause believe it or not the original ones are much more expensive. That’s really where I’m stuck in now.

      • PSP Bricker says:

        i think the original PSP’s are expensive because there are only a few of them left out there
        in my country they sell used 1000 for 130 $
        but i think that the 2000 is your best choice
        anyway its up to you
        by the way Im really happy that the video worked :)…………

      • Scorinitron says:

        Thanks man I’m going to get a 2K Now i can install prometheus ^^

  6. emanuelrocks1000 says:

    i actually wanted to trade my psp 3000 5.51 for a 2000

  7. Qwerty123 says:

    Scorinitron..Yeah go aheah CFW is the best 3Ks arent GOOD !

  8. Scorinitron says:

    thanks guys, now that i know i’m not keeping this 3k piece of crap, should i get the 1000 or 2000. my whole goal is to run 5.50 gen D on a 1000 or 2000 with out bricking it through install…i also heard theirs a program you can load on to a ms so you can tell what motherboad it has it that true??? cause if it is i’ll just load it and take a walk to gamestop. thanks in advance (i’m using psp to type)

    • PSP Bricker says:

      yes there is such a program its called “PSPIdent” and its available on this site
      but u need a CFW or a HEN to run it u cant run this on the offical FW
      i have PSP 1000 & a TA-85 PSP 2000 i love them both
      the psp 2000 is much comfortable, smaller, lighter and better on the outside play BUT the screen looks better on the 1000 it has cool colours for an example the black looks cool on the 1000 but it looks as a grayish black on the 2000 so i like my 1000 screen better
      Note: i think Screen brightness depends on the motherboard type.
      my friend has a TA-88 v2 and it looks better than the 1000
      anyway if you want to buy a psp 2000 then dont buy a bundle one they might have a v3 motherboard wich is not hackable

  9. viked says:

    wow so much crap……… i have friends with 2000 and i have a 3k with gen-c and any day mine is the best. weather its the screen/ weight or the joy stick and its grip.

    PS: with respect to hacking 2000 is great, as u can unbrick it!
    BUT remember this entire page is useless bcoz sony has rolled out specs for a real psp-2 so most games will be on psp2!!!! lmao even pspgo will be history!

  10. jeffankoe says:

    GUYZ which site du download your games