POPS Loader Patch for 6.39 ME-8


As I noticed already before in the 6.39 ME-8 release thread; Neur0n has released a POPS Loader Patch for 6.39 ME-8 which makes the PRO POPSLoader compatible with his new Custom Firmware!

Note: You need the “New popsloader for PRO” which you can find here!

Developers notes:

popsloader patch for 639ME-8– What is this? —
This is a patch plugin for ME.
It allow to use “New popsloader for PRO” on ME.– How to install? —
1.Install “New popsloader for PRO” in your Memory stick.
2.Copy pops_bridge.prx at memory stick and add plugin path at pops.txt .ex:

ms0:/seplugins/pops_bridge.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/popsloader/popsloader.prx 1




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  • dark_aleks


  • Deadman19

    Can anybody tell me what’s the name of the theme from that screen, please? :)

    • korn36

      It’s called “Sfere Black 3″

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  • PSPnoobz

    whats the theme ???

  • nash

    how do you install the pops loader pro


    i love the theme.. ^_^

    • roger

      could be “Sfere Black 3″

      • Deadman19

        Thanks a lot, dude! :)

  • Tenno

    Anyone else getting an error when they attempt to start up a PSX game using the popsloader? If I don’t hold down R to bring up the popsloader, the game loads, but goes to a black screen immediately after the Squaresoft logo. If I use the popsloader with any of the pops versions, it doesn’t load the game and just goes back to the XMB with the error: The game could not be started. (80010002).
    If anyone has any ideas, or better yet a definite answer, I’d appreciate the help. Thanks.

  • vash32

    Getting the error like Tenno, a answer or help.

  • ЗимнийСоладат

    this so owns dark alex 5.0 m33 fw :)

  • Gunner89

    I have a PSP 1001 and I keep getting error 8001002 when using any of the POPS I have. I have tried 4 different versions of POPS Loader and they all give me that error for any game I try to use it on. None of the games even get to load; they just exit and give that error. Is this something that only happens on PSP 1000’s?

  • Lol farted in armpit

    Lolz itS a lol for my pET lolZ

  • Cymone13

    i get an error 80000004

  • Liam

    it works

  • Chicsdigscars

    i have a question, will this work on 6.20 pro b6?

  • Angel Labsyu

    Do you have any other links for the file Megaupload was taken down :/