Popsdeco’s unofficial popsloader V4E released



updated his poploader, which is now compatible with 6.60 PRO B9 and 6.60 ME. Despite the problems reported on PRO’s official this one seems to work fine. Here is the full changelog :

v4d (24.08.2011) :
  • Forgot to close EBOOT file handle when get_disc_id() failed.
  • Integrated http://code.google.com/p/popsloader/source 54abc82880ed.
  • Now more stable.
  • Actually some of NID wasn’t resolved for 6.60.
v4e (27.08.2011) :
  • Recompiled all modules using -O2.
  • Suspend recover bug fixed for 3.7x if you use PRO

Before installation let’s clear all possible questions :

  • What is popsloader? Popsloader is a plugin that enables you to use PS1 emulator from older firmware version.
  • Why do I need to use one? Sometimes the newer firmwares do not support some PS1 games that can be used on older ones so if you have some problems with some PS1 games this might be the solution.
  • What PSPs are supported ? All PSP models are supported.
  • What firmwares are supported ? 6.20/6.35/6.39/6.60 PRO B9 and latest 6.60/6.39 ME .
  • Where to find the pops I need for my game? Click here.

How to install (I have included all POPS versions as you don’t need to.):

  • Copy the popsloader folder into the SEPLUGINS folder. If you don’t have one please create new folder in the root of the PSP and name it SEPLUGINS.
  • Open the POPS.txt. If you don’t have any create new text document in the SEPLUGINS folder and name it POPS.
  • Add the following line in it if you have placed the files in the memory stick  “ms0: / seplugins / popsloader / popsloader.prx 1” or “ef0: / seplugins / popsloader / popsloader.prx 1” if it’s in the internal memory of PSP GO. Don’t forget to check if POPS.txt has a blank line at the end – if no add one.
  • Hit the select button on your PSP and choose “Reset VSH” option.

How to use :

  • Run the PS1 game converted for PSP.
  • Hit the R button as soon as you see the PSX gameboot
  • Choose the POPS you want

Source : [wololo’s forums]

DOWNLOAD UNOFFICIAL POPSLOADER V4eDownload Unofficial Popsloader v4e


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