Pokemon Obsidian & Jade: We Need Your Help!!


That’s right you read that correctly,


I am after your help in creating your wildest Pokemon adventure yet!!


I want your help the create maps for our game, and here are the maps we need!


  • Towns
  • Routes
  • Cities
  • Beaches
  • Forests

To build these maps you will need to download a program called “Tiled

Tilesets must be 16×16

With this program and a few tilesets you will be helping to add to the game and experience of Pokemon on Psp.


To successfully create a map using Tiled you must export your creations as a Lua txt document, upon doing this if you deem your work upto standard you can then put your creations along with the tileset you used, in a Rar file and send them to myself.

(If you could also save the file as a “.tmx” or other default file and include that in the Rar as well would be much appreciated)

Example map

Tiled Download


The first 5 maps  I receive that I deem suitable will have their creators credited in the games and find themselves in the next teaser preview of the games.


On another note, the Tileset to be used must not be larger that the Psp screen resolution, as this causes problems with the game code and will result in an error.

Working Tileset

Rules are to be seen below:

  • Maps must be original (No stealing other peoples hard work)
  • Maps can be co-created by a group
  • Must not have obscene images

One final point, if you would like your building’s or routes’ etc to have certain names then please include a txt file in the Rar folder detailing these features.

If you are interested in creating people to walk your towns or routes then they must be arranged in the format seen below:

People Format

People Format

Thank you again for your amazing support and Idea’s, for continued support I would appreciate it if you were to click adverts in the video’s and on this site.

Pokemon Obsidian

Thanks again!!


Please send your creations to the following:


[email protected]

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  1. Acid_Snake says:

    is missingno in this game? lol

    • IxIeUaNxI says:

      Not currently, but I will not rule anything out…

      • Acid_Snake says:

        you definately gotta put missingno in this one, it’ll be a nice easter egg

      • IxIeUaNxI says:

        There will be many easter eggs throughout the game, with many link to the Nintendo series and others as well.

        Have you had a go at making a Map?

        I really looking forward to seeing what the guys and gals here can come up with :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will you have the whole sequence with the professor? That’s like half the game right there.

  3. Benjamim Silva says:

    is it very hard to make a pokemon game for psp whit the ds graphics ? im looking forward to the release of this game

    • IxIeUaNxI says:

      Erm, well we are too far down the line in terms of Map production to really change how we do the graphics currently, however if there is region changes in the game then maybe this could be a possibility

  4. Oslo says:

    Is it too late for a suggestion? Like not putting your chosen Starter
    Pokemon or one of your Pokemons to a Pokeball and follows you around
    like in Pokemon Yellow?

    • IxIeUaNxI says:

      This may be a little complex but we are looking in to possibilties

      • Father Time says:

        Fantastic progress, really. i think that the idea for a starting pokemon to follow you would be a great idea. not putting to much pressure because the game is looking great. but have you considered adding homebrew pokemon and pokeballs, also placing more than one region in the game? all is alot to ask for but all would be worth the while keep up the very great work :)