*Updated* Pokemon Jade Psp: Maps Tutorial (Added Tileset download!)




So this has been a little bit longer than I first stated due to various factors that I’m not going to go into that much detail in,, (Glastonbury Festival was Epic btw!)

This post is all about explaining to you guys how you can help us build Maps for our Pokemon Game.

As many of you have been wanting to get involve yet were unsure where or how to start I am putting together this tutorial.

First of all you will need to grab yourself a copy of “Tiled”. This program is a simple Tile based map maker/editor, perfect for making our game maps.

Next up you will need to find yourself a tileset, now this is where it can a little bit tricky. Due to the way the code of the game is written the size of the tileset must be below that of the Psp screen size (470 x 272).

To make things a little easier for you I have added one of my Tilesets to this post and the download link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Now upon opening Tiled you will be greeted with the following window:


Next click on the icon at the top to make a new map.


The popup shown above shows you the setting you must be on for the map to work correctly. The map size setting is obviously adjustable but should not exceed 150×150 tiles.

Next up we are greeted with the following screen:


From the above screen we must now add our Tileset. To do this we simply drag, our image on to the tilesets toolbar on the right hand side like shown below:


Click “Ok” on the popup above, and then the Tilset will be displayed on the right hand toolbar.

From here we just click on a tile we want, then click it down on the map where we would like it be place like below:


After a short while of clicking away placing tiles where you want them, you soon find yourself building maps like the one I have built below, which only took about 20mins from scratch.


Some of you may find the above town somewhat familiar, and you would not be wrong. This is now coming up to the important bit.

In order for the map we have built here to work with the game we must do two things, first of all we must save the map by going to “Save As” in this case we have called the Map “Town(mountain)” as you can see from the image below we are saving this as a [.tmx] file.


Next up we need to go to the “Export As” option from the drop down file list and as you can see from the image below we have selected “Lua files (*.lua)”


Now you have successfully built a map for Pokemon on Psp, all you have to do now is put the files you created, and the tilset you used into a zip/rar folder and send them to us so that we can put your marvelous creations into the game!


Tilesets Download
Tiled Download
Looking forward to seeing some of you skills and work come together!


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  1. D-TeK-DeV says:

    Looks interesting. Might give it a try. I always wanted to put my own creations into a game. So which pokemon game are you guys editing?

  2. Cole Wagner says:

    i know i posted this in Pokemon Obsidian, i just want to make sure it gets read so my apologies

    i am VERY interested in this game!
    it may be to late to say, but you should add all of the Generations of
    Pokemon EXCEPT the newest generation (black and white) the Pokemon on
    that series were kind of a disgrace and recycling old ideas with new
    names also some homebrewed legendary Pokemon would be AMAZING make like 3
    of them, but make them your own.. that would be amazing! OR 3
    homebrewed starters! that would change the entire Pokemon! i’m sure a
    lot of people would love 3 homebrewed starters!!

    as someone below mentioned, make it Wifi NOT Adhoc because then we
    can battle or trade across states, or even across the world. add some
    easter eggs in the game if you’d like, it’d make it interesting!

    Also if you could like… when you start the game, select a vulgar
    version (if wanted) of speechs the battlers say after you defeat them,
    the old “aw i lost” is kinda of outdated xD

    last thing is Obsidian and Jade different, or similar with twists such as Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby?

  3. Casavult says:

    This looks awesome! Good luck, guys!

  4. Shunley Olf says:

    Question: Several Pokémon Games in the past had events that triggered some other events in random houses or cities, like, in one city there is this sprite blocking a secret passage in a house, (it’s totally random but it has caught your interest) and you’ll have to beat someone or get an item to gain passage. How will you guys do that? Because I really want to help with creating the maps and I was just wondering…

  5. RedThePokemonMaster says:

    Sir, I would like to suggest what I am thinking about to make the game better.

    1. Pokemons from Generation 1-4 can be captured from wild but different places. i dont like G5 XD
    2. 1st Pokemon in party can be seen following you at your back like in HG/SS.
    3. Other pokemon can evolve without trading.
    4. Lots of Legendaries
    5. Side Stories