PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15. Fixes videos not playing in 6.xx


Cooleyes has released PMPlayer Advance 3.15, this version fixes the problem with some videos not playing under firmware 6.xx. PPA is a media player that can play MKV, MP4, PMP, FLV formats.

PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15 changelog:

– fixed some videos can not play in FW6xx

[ Control ]

    browse view:

    LTRIGGER + UP : select top entry
    LTRIGGER + DOWN : select bottom entry
    LTRIGGER + SQUARE : turn on/off movie information preview
    LTRIGGER + SELECT : open skin select dialog
    LTRIGGER + TRIANGLE : open version dialog
    LTRIGGER + START : open quit dialog
    TRIANGLE : open help dialog
    SQUARE : open configuration view
    SELECT : if current selected entry is a movie file, open delete dialog
    START : go to the root directory
    UP : select last entry
    DOWN : select next entry
    CIRCLE : if current selected entry is a directory, enter this directory; if current selected entry is a movie file, play it
    CROSS : if current selected entry is a movie file, resume play it

    playing movie:

    TRIANGLE : play stop
    SQUARE : play pause/resume
    CIRCLE : if playing, turn on/off status bar; if pause, capture current video picture, save in ms0:/PICTURE/PPA directory
    RIGHT : forward
    LEFT : backward
    SELECT : select next audio stream
    UP : amplify(+)
    DOWN : amplify(-)
    RTRIGGER : luminosity boost(+)
    LTRIGGER : luminosity boost(-)
    START : select next aspect ratio
    CROSS + RIGHT : fast forward
    CROSS + LEFT : fast backward
    CROSS + RTRIGGER : turn on/off play loop
    CROSS + LTRIGGER : select next subtitle
    CROSS + SQUARE : select next subtitle font color
    CROSS + CIRCLE : select next subtitle font border color
    CROSS + SELECT : select stereo, left, right
    CROSS + START : select display normal or inversion on PSP LCD

Source: cooleyes

Download: PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15
(PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15 - 772.1 KiB - 46,467 Hits)

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  1. sigmus26 says:

    i wish the .avi format was supported

    • HaloFreak says:

      It’s not hard to find converters though… Yeah, it’s a little more work, but it still gets the job done so you can watch it.

      • stormwyrm says:

        Sheesh, the reason why this interests me is that I potentially shouldn’t have to keep converting all my stuff. If I still have to do that, then it’s pointless. I might as well convert to native PSP MP4 format and use the built-in player instead, which actually has a pretty good interface. I suppose this could be useful for 480p Matroska videos and the like though.

    • ziyad says:

      hey there are psp apps which play .avi files.i am using them for a long doesnt have a good interface but still it saves u converting time and effort.

  2. Samir says:

    hey sigmus26. have you tried it cause the previous versions did? If you did then this is very sad news…

  3. randell1993 says:

    I just wish this can play 720p it only plays the vids with the same screen size as psp T_T

  4. Samir says:

    EVERYONE: the files in the .rar have not been folded.


    Then please drag the contents of the rar into that folder.

    If you have any problems feel free to ask.

  5. madara says:

    init failed, press x to exit..pls help

  6. DarkChaplain says:

    I hope they can implement subtitle support in some future version… audio stream switching is a cool thing, but without subtitle support you could as well hardcode the video into mp4 all over again..

  7. Newguy says:


  8. Asim says:

    Hey people! View this website i founD! Its really cool- there are any soft and game downloads for psp!

  9. Deepak Vishnu says:

    Ok Boys And girls i will tell you how to make this wonderful homebrew work in all firmware.

    FIRST: It works in all CFW,LCFW,HEN(Anything that allows homebrews to run on psp),
    IT WORK ON ALL 1G,2G,3G,4G,5G,6G,7G,8G,9G PSP MODELS(1000,2000,3000,PSPGO)So dont ask if it works in your psp etc.IT WILL NOT RUN IN OFW(Sony’s Official Firware).

    SECOND:THIS Download provided in PSH in only an update.(Which must be copied to the base software in order for this to work)THIS IS WHY YOU GET INIT FAIL ERROR

    THIRD:You need PPA base homebrew(software) its name is PPA(fw3.xx).

    FOURTH:Download The Base homebrew.GIVEN IN 3rd STEP.
    copy the whole ppa folder inside the rar/zip to the game folder of your psp(ms0:\psp\game\)
    Now the Memstick show look similarly like this
    or like
    ef0:\psp\game\PPA3.xx on the pspgo

    FIFTH:Download the new update given in PSH and copy and replace the contents into the PPA3.xx folder on your psp



  10. Deepak Vishnu says:


    • AskMan says:

      Hey dude, i got a problem here, i managed to get the homebrew work, but every time i select the video, and says “Loading…” it just goes back to the browse window. i hope you can help me. thanks. :D

  11. Asim says:

    Hey thanx man! Now every one if you need movies, soft or games(iso, cso), Cfw,Hen then go to

  12. PSP4ever says:

    Thanks for new update and great work guys=D

  13. FUCKING PMPlayer says:

    this damage my left speaker when i my boost.prx is on and then try this then put the volume up then i play a move my left psp speaker just damage fuck.

  14. madara says:

    why is it keeps on going back on file selection window? movies doesnt there any conversion for this?

  15. se7en says:

    Good thing about this player is you can hide your secret videos into a random folder which will not appear on the built in video player, and using this player you can just browse and watch it. I dont know why some users cannot get this to work when all you need to do is put the PPA folder inside PSP?GAME.

  16. Random User says:

    And here I was thinking that I was just too stupid to get it to work all this time.

  17. shinja says:

    does the 6.35 prob5 supports this?

  18. madara says:

    i made the program to run..just dont know why the movie is not there any problem with the type of file? it said it supports flv, mp4 and mkv, i have these files but it doesnt play..any advice?

    • madara says:

      hah i manage to play a flv file, does it require 2mb only files?

      • Deepak Vishnu says:

        it supports only the resolution 480X272 and below

        it supports the following

        PMP Format V2( *.pmp ):
        AVC, main profile, level 2.1, <=480*272
        MPEG-4 Part2, <=480*272


        MP4 Format( *.mp4 ):
        AVC, baseline profile, level 1.3, <=480*272
        AVC, main profile, level 2.1 or 3.0, <=720*480
        MPEG-4 Part2, <=480*272


        MKV Format( *.mkv ):
        AVC, baseline profile, level 1.3, <=480*272
        AVC, main profile, level 2.1 or 3.0, <=720*480

        FLV1 Format( *.flv ):
        AVC, baseline profile, level 1.3, <=480*272
        AVC, main profile, level 2.1 or 3.0, <=720*480
        Sorenson H.263, <=480*272


  19. sanyam singh says:

    corrupted data written….i put the folder in psp game then also corrupted data cmg

  20. ziyad says:

    hey guys why all of you go behind pmplayer?try PSPLAYERMT it supports almost all formats .one problem is it lack a good interface but it get the job done.try it.

  21. Th3G2x says:

    init failed, press x to exit

  22. Dread_Kill says:

    Im having a problem. Im trying to play a MKV file with this program. It has 2 audio tracks and 1 subtitles. When i press it to play it says loading then quickly goes into a blank screen. after a couple of seconds it goes back to the file selection screen. Whats wronge? :/

  23. gabriel says:

    hmn i am using psp 6.20 TN-E but its not playing

  24. reptar456 says:

    init failed, press x to exit

    • pink-princess says:

      same init failed, press x to exit i downloaded the link Deepak Vishnu gave and i still get the error? has somebody plz got a sat nav im like …. lost

  25. pink-princess says:

    i just cant get this to work i have a psp 3000 4g 6.37 pro B5 ive tried lots of diffo versions and its not having it :(

  26. Baka Sensei says:

    Well i just did like they said.
    i went to:
    downloaded bout the PPA 3.0.6 and then unrar on e:\psp\game
    they download the FIX and unrar on the same folder (you have to overwrite some files but its ok)
    and done…. (or so i thought)
    well the player runs and play videos under those settings
    but if you try to open a .mp4 file that’s bigger it appears the “Loading..” and the it goes back to the main player screen
    to bad i cant open my anime files
    60mb file, 23min, 640:480 aspect, 23.976 frames, NO SUBTITLES (its already on the video
    some ideas?!?!

  27. jay says:

    where to copy ??

  28. jay says:

    psp hangs n shuts down !!!!

  29. terry says:

    hey in my psp i cant find video when i put them in video folder alsoo…:S..can anyone help me?????

  30. Nishanpudasaini says:

    hey it says ‘init fails, press X to exit” and closes
    i’m using PSP 3000 brite

  31. Modelnumber00-00-00-00-01 says:

    The same. It fails.

  32. Gtr says:

    it sucks

  33. Ione Dey says:

    me tooo init error…. psp 3000

  34. its working fine to me im using psp 2006 ver 6.20 pro nightly

  35. Gonzalo5002 says:

    Compatible en 6.XX    YES 

  36. Bozaiths says:

    how to install this to psp?

  37. Raheem RK says:

    all same initializing failed

  38. thedude321 says:

    For those who are getting the “init failed” dialog. Please do the following:

    1 – Go to this site –
    2 – Press “Ctrl” + “F”  and then type in “all”
    3 – Download the latest version of the link that is highlighted. In my case it was “Download ppa.all.en.fw3xx.3.0.6(20091001)” or just go to this link –
    4 – Then download the latest EBOOT file – something like “Download ppa.eboot.en.fw3xx.3.1.5(20110421)”
    5 – Extract all the files from the all rar file, and you should see a folder called PPA3xx.
    6 – Now extract the eboot folder.
    7 – Copy and paste all the contents of the eboot folder into the PPA3xx folder.
    8 – Copy and paste the PPA3xx folder into PSP/GAMES
    9 – Go to your memory stick option in the games section and you should see PMPlayer Advance somewhere in there.

  39. Marina says:

    Is there any plug and play program like this that easy to use and install?

  40. Mandrake_mrcjr says:

    Hi .. just want to help .. for everybody who want to use this homebrew … it can make it only for max 620×480 .. i’ve ready succes for flv file .. tnx for the great app … ^__^ 

  41. Thanaboyz says:

    insstall fail ? press x for exit ?????????????

  42. burnbabyburn says:

    i have psp 1k then my version is 6.60..this program was run on my psp but, the problem is when i play a movie, (which is “3 idiots” and it was 900+ mb an FLV format…) my screen turns to black..and i wait 30 mins, but nothing happens..what do u think is the problem?can anyone can help me please

  43. Ins|der says:

    scheme below is not working

  44. Reese Matthews says:

    My videos dont even show up 

  45. Si vas a usar el PMP Player en 6.XX debes copiar el archivo

    “cooleyesBridge.prx” en la carpeta del homebrew, que es:


    Y sustituir el archivo existente.

    El mejor convertidor para el PMPPlayer el ((XviD4PSP)) convertir en formato pmp
    ya que queda mas comprimido con excelente calidad de audio y video.
    El cual estoy suviendo y se encuentra en la misma pagina de descarga..

  46. noel says:

    what’s the password

  47. jm.24 says:

    Corrupted file x.x ive never been able to play a moviee on my psp!