PMF Player v1.4



Homebrew coder DJGodman has updated his handy App PMF Player to Version 1.4, which allows you to load intros, cintros and gameboots .pmf files straight from your PSPs.

version 1.4
Bug Fixed And Added More Info
version 1.3
First PMF Loade


Install :

1)Here you can put your pmf file (intros/cintros/gameboots), rename your pmf file to ( cintro.pmf )

2)Intall The Program
ms0:/PSP/GAME/PMF Player/eboot.pbp /pmfPlayer.prx



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  • darkzero

    Cool Thanks man. Been wanting a update to load cintros on the new 6.39 me firmwares.

  • Rv

    what is this

  • MarvelouzX3

    sssosoooo….this does what now…I read what it do but what is that suppose to mean….???

  • clouddecim

    You can put custom gameboot on your psp without flashing into flash0. Just like ZeroRCO patcher but this one is for gameboots and cintro. Cintro is when you start the psp.

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  • cyberangel22k

    I thought it was like PMPlayer… But it’s not… its like loading a custom gameboot…
    I preffer to use the PMF player that Xplora has… It’s better..
    But still, thanks for this release..^^

  • thowersome

    Works on 6.20 Pro-8?

  • Spark2500

    All this does is play a cintro when you run PMF Player. You can’t set it to your gameboot. Apparrently
    you shouldnt change your gameboot the ‘Flash0 way’ with a PSP 3000 or with PRO 6.35/6.39 cos it may Brick.

  • John.

    DJGodman is a liar and a thief, and should be banned from this site. He has stolen many of my works before. Do not take uploads from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!