PicoDrive v1.35b Genesis – Sega CD Emulator


Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer notaz has just released another bugfix for he’s PicoDrive Sega Genesis / Megadrive and Sega CD/Mega CD. Emulator. Here is the changelog:

  • mp3 code should no longer fail on 1.5 firmware.
  • added gamma adjustment option.
  • added .cso ISO format support. Useful for non-FMV games.
  • it is now possile to force a region after the ROM is loaded.
  • fixed a sram bug in memhandlers (fixes Shining in the Darkness saves).
  • fixed another bug in memhanlers, which crashed the emu for some games (like NBA Jam and NHL 9x).
  • added suspend/resume handling for Sega CD games.
  • some other small tweaks I forgot about.

Download: PicoDrive 1.35b
Source: DCEmu

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One Comment

  1. steven says:

    works good

    works on psp slims without the 1.5 kernel =) thnx for making this you rock