PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1191

PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1191

PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1191

Another jump in builds for JPCSP, the PC java based PSP emulator. So more tweaks and adjustments have been applied to further improve the emulators speed. If you want to try running a few of your PSP games on your PC then this is really the only application to use.

JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1191 Changelog:

  • Revision 1191: Fix for PlayChapas: texture_buffer_width can be smaller than texture_width: avoi
  • Revision 1190: refixed base ge command. (please see line 3986 if it doesn’t break games, fix li

Instructions on how to use JPCSP:

1) Install last java version download http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp

2) Extract package the program http://www.7-zip.org/ – compilations upload for me rev.7z ( includes the libraries x86 .dll needed to execute on .7z pack )
3) Double-click on jpcsp0.3 .bat files you configuration adecuade 256m (512m) Ejemplar. ** Note Windows x64 Requered JOGL x64 downloaded the link http://download.java.net/media/jogl/bui … -amd64.zip remplace JOGL .dll on the folder
4) to run the games is as follows Ejemplar :

UMD games are if you copy the folder umdimages (the Interface Load -> UMD -> Select UMD Image detect :P and Load )

emulation of such a memory stick PSP ms0\PSP\GAME\folder name\ XXX.PBP File Ejemplar (The interface Load -> memstick -> Selec file detect and load :P )

Items stored in the memory stick are located in the following path ms0\PSP\SAVEDATA\folder ULES GAME\ files .bin and .sfo a.k.a :P

5) if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask thanks

Build’s lasted compiled

HDD Virtual Link


Source: JPCSP.org

Download: PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1191
(PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1191 - 6.1 MiB - 8,453 Hits)

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  • Jpoel

    good stuff

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    bom mesmo

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  • C@ptn

    anyone know where to get decent english instructions for how to use this, its mostly gibberish up there

  • Kagemaru

    I would totally use this,is my computer wasnt a complete piece of shite

  • RaversFantasy

    if i try to play a game like need for speed undercover (iso) will it let me play that game?

    • Jpoel

      no. i think so far it only supports 2D games

  • microberry1

    Does anybody have this problem? Whenever I double click on any of the ms-dos batch files, I see jcpsp flash up for about a hundreth of a second, then it just goes away. Any help?

    • wdfowty

      you might need a dll? i have no idea, i’ve got a mac, so this won’t work unless i’m on bootcamp. bootcamp=fail

      • Yellowhound

        macs blow for any freeware PERIOD. almost all freeware main releases, aka emus in this case, are written for windows any emu written for a mac/Linux OS is only a side release or an old version of it ported over to mac/Linux OS (the only reason i paired mac and Linux because mac originated from Linux kernel

      • N@T3

        I know what you mean dude. im running a mac to and it sucks that i have to swich over all the time just for my psp stuff

  • pspadik

    Just wondering… Will it run Game Decrypter on this emulator?

  • Hani

    well this is not good they have to get more boost for the speed until then I prefer to use Remotejoy lit

  • Yellowhound

    If any one follows ps2 emulation then i think that the Monster Hunter series will be the first 3-D game to be emulated at a somewhat playable framerate

  • Cortand

    OMG all these programs like this i cant understand. Tell me in proper writing what i have to do to put Java on my PSP. Please tell me. : (

  • AHSAN4277


  • Andrew Thomas

    Ahsan just shut the hell up, you cant blame this single person for this when there are are millions of others who do it also. besides there nothing you can do about it anyway so shut the fuck up and stop complaining