PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1183

PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1183

PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1183

The JPCSP Team has updated their PC Java based PSP Emulator. So if you feel like trying a few PSP games on your PC, then this is the program for it. This new update – JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1183 features new bug fixes and added features.

PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1183 Changelog:

  • Revision 1182: VI2C.Q and VI2UC.Q as they should be
  • Revision 1181: tiny fix for IADDR and VADDR(can fix few 3D bugs).
  • Revision 1180: sceAudioSRCChReserve: Setting the sample count only for the first free channel.
  • Revision 1179: First experimental implementation of sceAudioOutput2xxx and sceAudioSRCxxx funct

Source: JPCSP

Download: PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1183
(PC PSP Emulator: JPCSP v0.3 Revision 1183 - 7.6 MiB - 7,442 Hits)

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  1. Aerrow says:

    Will this one run any isos??

  2. Hani says:

    not interested in this since it runs like hell after some fixes I will try this out and
    lol second

  3. r88ney says:

    unbearable speed lol
    please work on the speed plzzz
    its going at 1fsp-2fsp per second
    normal fsp is 100 so its going 100x slower than its meant to lol so dont improve any more game fixes just imporve the speed 100-50x more lol
    soz guys but not even worth a try lol

  4. Yellowhound says:

    your an idiot it does not go 100fps faster the psp runs at either 32 or 60 I’m not sure but it’s one of them

    But i do agree that the speed needs improvement

    • Grilljohan says:

      The psp:s graphics card transmits about 60 fps, the psp-screen however can only display about 32.
      You’ll need a tv-out cable to use it to use its full potential.
      If you play a game on a stationary console or a computer 60 fps is what you should be aming at.

      Oh and anything above 60 fps is kinda unusable, since the human eye is only capable of seeing about 55-65 fps.

  5. erique555 says:

    Here’s a good idea and thought that the JPCSP crew can try out. They can try and get all the 5.55+ games to work on their emulator. Then just port it to the psp. Then that will end the cry of a new psp cfw hunger. We will no longer wait on Gen or Dark Alex cfws, unless this emulator ported to psp is incredible slow. PSPFAN or whoever is the admin of this site, you should tell the JPCSP team to consider on working on 5.55+ games to work for the emulator, then get a psp coder to port the emulator to an actual psp

  6. psp haker97 says:

    so youre saying that all the new games work on this or what????