*UPDATE* PS Vita 3.15 FW incoming! adds PS4 support for PS VitaTV   PS1/PSP Games for PS Vita pulled, PSN Glitch blamed   PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita  
  • *UPDATE* PS Vita 3.15 FW incoming! adds PS4 support for PS VitaTV *UPDATE* PS Vita 3.15 FW incoming! adds PS4 support for PS VitaTV

    *UPDATE* Its official. The PS Vita 3.15 System Software update will land tomorrow and add better compatibility and support for [...]

  • PS1/PSP Games for PS Vita pulled, PSN Glitch blamed PS1/PSP Games for PS Vita pulled, PSN Glitch blamed

    Consider yourself really lucky if you read our article about PS1/PSP demos and classics (here) and bought some of your [...]

  • PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita

    If you are a fan of PlayStation Classics then you’re in for a really pleasant surprise. It seems that PSP [...]


Gameplay Trailer Revealed for Upcoming PS4 FPS VizionEck

As we stand in the early dawn of a new generation of gaming consoles, we’re seeing a lot of new and exciting things coming out of the gaming industry, as we did previously with the advancements of each new console throughout the years. What are we [...]


New Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire announcements

Today we got some more information on the new Pokemon games, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, remakes of the popular Hoenn based games, Ruby and Sapphire. The video detailed some new information, as well as confirming some recent leaks. The scans of these leaks, found [...]


Details leaked on the upcoming Destiny beta

A plethora of leaked information has given gamers new wind of what to expect in upcoming FPS Destiny’s beta period. Co-developed by publishers Bungie and Activision, the game is set to be a multiplayer orientated “role playing shooter”, in which the universe is dynamic and [...]


Amazon Japan lists iPhone 6 specs

Amazon Japan lists iPhone 6 specs Amazon Japan has listed the specifications to the soon releasing iPhone 6 on its website. These specifications clear and confirm some things that have been speculated over from the recent months. As you can see from the screenshot the [...]


Naughty Dog to reboot Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter

What was once known as Jam Software back in 1989, is now the infamous Naughty Dog, Inc. Made even more popular from the recent successes of The Last of Us and Uncharted series, are now considering digging back into the roots of their earliest masterpieces and rekindling the spark that [...]


LEAKED: IGN News Talks About Tekken 7 Using Unreal Engine 4

Looks like fighting games are having a come-back on next-gen consoles with the already released Killer Instinct Game on Xbox One and the Mortal Kombat X announcement earlier during E3 it looks like all the “old-school” fighters will be breathing life again with high-definition bloodied [...]


Firefall is Almost Here … Finally

Let’s just start with excuses: MMO shooters aren’t easy to make. There’s the engine to create, the weapons to make diverse, the need to make a definitive style, there’s a whole new world to create — one that’s simultaneously new and worth exploring, and familiar [...]


Release your indie gamer with the Gamepedia Humble Bundle

It’s time for indie games to shine with this weeks Gamepedia Humble Bundle As gamers we’re all well aware that gaming can be a very expensive hobby and there are plenty of charities and overlooked websites out there in need of funding. Gamepedia is one [...]


No clutch support for Driveclub

When the PS4 exclusive Driveclub arrives later this year the game will not launch with clutch support as tweeted by Game Director Paul Rustchynsky. @JollyPerpend No clutch support currently, but I'll have to check-up on the TH8RS for you. — Paul Rustchynsky (@Rushy33) July 11, [...]


Dragon’s Teeth DLC: new content, big changes, and a month of rewards free to the community

Battlefield 4 DLC’s always come with four new maps, five new weapons, a new game mode or two, and new challenges and assignments. What makes Dragon’s Teeth different from the previous three DLC’s? In short: a lot. The DLC itself is breaking tradition with all [...]


Will Dragon’s Teeth have enough bite? Battlefield depends upon it

When Battlefield 4 was released last fall many fans, hardcore and casual, were disappointed and even driven away by its dismal launch. Netcode issued made the game nearly unplayable and key design flaws in game modes such as the beloved Rush made the modes nearly [...]


Crytek is Still Having Trouble

It seems as though Crytek is still having some troubles, as the director of Homefront has quit the studio. As some of you may know by now, Crytek, the studio behind the Crysis series and Cryengine, has been having a lot of troubles, financial and [...]


Watching four minutes of Cloudbuilt: Through the Fog DLC

Tired of seeing sequels being shoved on store’s shelves and popular industries reaping money from fans, a small Swedish team formed from six members and collaborated to create a new product, which focuses on the player’s finger dexterity and more for the personal computer (PC). [...]


‘The Last of Us’ Announcement Coming Next Week

Yesterday afternoon, the Playstation AU Twitter used this image to tease a brand new announcement for The Last of Us. The tweet, posted on July 11th, urged followers to stay tuned for an upcoming reveal expected next week. Similarly, PlaystationAU’s Facebook page posted, “20 days to go, [...]